Argumentation of the Etiological Text Typology: Defining the problem and the ways to solve it

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The article deals with methodological argumentation of the theory of historical text typology developed by prof. O.I. Valentinova. For the first time in the philological studies the author puts forward the idea to realize the etiological text typology through creating basic historical models for denoting form-and content correlation which reflect changes in mentality and perception - mythological, mediaeval, secular. Stating the need to differentiate historic periods aiming at multiple procreation of sense-differentiating contexts, and those historic periods aiming to forming sense-changing contexts, the author works out the criterion to specify model texts for each period which are due to reflect or radically change historically approved form-and-content correlation thus raising point of reconstructing the dynamic model of semantic structure of Old Russian and Russian literary language and propones solutions.

About the authors

O I Valentinova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia



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