Concept of semantic universalia: resurrection of the onomatopoeic theory of the origin of language?

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Concept of semantic universalia is the author's version of onomatopoeic theory of the origin of language, formulated by the author in the book «Language and space technology». Determining role in the genesis and evolution of language belongs to: natural preconception figurative logic of perception and understanding of the universe as Consciousness mega system of interacting multi-level classes toposistem peers. Sound elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and private forms of their existence, as well as other living objects of nature, as was the basis for the formal aspects of the language and the basis of its semantic structure. Onomatopoeia is primordially free and multivariate.

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G -DzhM Ganapiyeva

Dagestan State University

Research Institute of Folklore, Literature and Journalism


Copyright (c) 2016 Theory of Language. Semiotics. Semantics

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