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The Special Issue of our journal is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Aida Vasilyevna Shirokova, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of General and Russian Linguistics, Faculty of Philology, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (26 September 1928–8 April 2018).

Aida Vasilievna Shirokova is a famous Russian linguist, a graduate from Classical Department of the Faculty of Philology of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1952). She defended a thesis for the academic degree of Candidate of Philological Sciences on the topic Development of the phonological system of Balkan Latin (based on inscriptions) (1963, scientific supervisor Prof. R.G. Piotrovsky); dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philology on the topic Development of dialectal phonological systems of folk Latin (1977).

A.V. Shirokova taught at the University of Chernivtsi, Minsk Pedagogical University, and since 1972 she worked at Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University. A.V. Shirokova was a scientific supervisor and advised 20 candidates of sciences, among them Nadira Ahmed, T.A. Vavickina, V.N. Denisenko, L.I. Dzyubenko, L.M. Naida, N.Yu. Nelyubova, N.V. Novospasskaya, M.A. Rybakov, V.F. Sukhopar and others; she guided numerous masters and bachelors of philology.

The sphere of scientific interests of Aida Vasilievna Shirokova lies in the field of Romance linguistics, linguistic typology, comparative historical and general linguistics. A.V. Shirokova authored over 150 works. Her most famous scientific works are:

1.  Shirokova, A.V. (1967). Latin language in the Balkans (Experience of phonological description): textbook. Minsk. 116 p. (In Russ.).
2.  Shirokova, A.V. (1977). Lectures on comparative grammar of the Russian language. Moscow. 31 p. (In Russ.).
3.  Shirokova, A.V. (1984). Comparative grammar of the Russian language: textbook. Moscow: Peoples’ Friendship University. (In Russ.).
4.  Shirokova, A.V. (1992). Morphological typology of words in languages of different structures: textbook. Moscow: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. 128 p. (In Russ.).
5.  Shirokova, A.V. (2005). From Latin to Romance Languages: A Textbook on the History of Romance Languages. Moscow: Dobrosvet: University. 221 p. (In Russ.).
6.  Shirokova, A.V. (2003). Typological interaction of grammar categories of number and gender in inflectional languages. Russian Journal of Linguistics, 4, 38—45. (In Russ.).
7.  Shirokova, A.V. (2002). Tipological peculiarities of Russian, French and Spanish morphonology. Russian Journal of Linguistics, 3, 56—66. (In Russ.).
8.  Shirokova, A.V. & Novospasskaya, N.V. (2008). To the problem of vocative case category as the peripheral phenomenon of the Balkan Linguistic Union. Russian Journal of Linguistics, 4, 18—23. (In Russ.).

The section Synchronous Paradigms of Linguistic Knowledge offers articles by scientists whose scientific supervisor was A.V. Shirokova and who currently work at the Faculty of Philology of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and remember Aida Vasilievna as an attentive and sincere person, a patient mentor, and an erudite linguist.

In this section of the journal the editorial board also brings forward articles dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the famous linguist Friedrich Max Müller (1823—1900) and the memory of Professor A.V. Shirokova’s colleague — Doctor of Philology, Professor Lyudmila Georgievna Zubkova (1938—2021).


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