THE USING OF FINANCIAL-ECONOMIC TERMS IN SPHERE OF TREASURY (on the Material of the Uzbek, the English, the Russian Languages)

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This article deals with the problem of functioning of financial-economic terms in sphere of treasury on the material of the Uzbek language, which compared with the English and the Russian lan-guages. The archetypal national and borrowed words are analyzed in aspect of equivalence/nonequivalence. An attempt of definition the main and peripheral terms is made in one synonymic row. There is drawn a con-clusion, that in the borrowed terms from the European and the Oriental (the Arabic and the Persian) lan-guages equally function in the modern Uzbek language. The comparative analysis of the material of the Uzbek language and the material of the English and the Russian languages allows to reveal the dominant functioning of borrowed financial-economic terms in sphere of treasury in the Uzbek language. Term “kazna” (treasury, exchequer) is origin of the Arabic language, which was borrowed by the Turkic languages with adoption of Muslim religion. The borrowed term “kazna” (treasury) was used in the same sense as in the Arabic language (treasure, keeper of treasure in government system), but the meaning of that term became wider with time. The notion and term “kazna” were accepted in the European languages from the Turkic languages (or directly from the Arabic language). That term is used in the same senses in all recipient languages. Differences between in senses of recipient languages lie on pronunciation and spelling of that word. Notion and term “kazna” went a long way in formation and development of financial-economic aspect, both Arabic world and countries, which approved that notion and term.

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Shokhida Norkulovna Abdullayeva

Uzbekistan state university of world languages

Author for correspondence.
100138, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Kichik halka yuli str., 21а


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