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The article is devoted to the problem of of poetic licences’ codification in Church Slavic and Russian linguistic works of the 17th-18th centuries. The object of the study is the codified gram-matical and lexical unequal versification variants based on different kinds of word accidence, responsi-bly used by the authors to solve various problems of versification. The subject of the study is the system of poetic licences in the cultural and linguistic context of different historical periods. The purpose of the study: consideration of poetic licences’ types in Church Slavonic and Russian metatexts. The research is focused the study of poetic licences, recorded in the Church Slavonic grammar of M. Smotritsky and in Rus-sian philological tracts of V. Trediakovski, A. Kantemir, Ap. Baibakov, V. Podshivalov. The relevance of the work is determined by a general interest of modern linguistics to research in a history of Russian versification, among which are the problems of the poetry “grammar”, presented in an aspect of diachrony.

About the authors

A Yu Mikhaylenko

Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.
Email: mihaylenko@gmail.com

Mikhailenko Arina Yurievna, Junior Researcher of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Scientific Interests: the history of the Russian standart language, poetic language, the history of standart languages

32А Leninsky Av., Moscow, Russia, 119334


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Copyright (c) 2017 Mikhaylenko A.Y.

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