Dynamics of Evaluation Parameter of Nuclear Units of Russian Language Consciousness

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The article analyzes dynamics of the evaluative relationships of nuclear units of associative-verbal network, which is the model of Russian language consciousness. We classify the evaluation parameter of nuclear units using quantitative indexes and qualitative assessments. Indexing and scaling allow to compare metrics severity of evaluation parameter of units belonging to the linguistic consciousness core of native Russian speaker in the last two decades. We notice some negative dynamics despite of overall stability of evaluative parameters. During the study time period 10% of the investigated core units we have observed there is a decrease in the frequency of evaluative relations, as well as the reduction of evaluative peripheral reactions.

About the authors

E B Chernishova

Borisoglebsk branch of Voronezh State University

Author for correspondence.
Email: elena-chernishova@yandex.ru
43, Narodnaya str., Borisoglebsk, Russia, 397160


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Copyright (c) 2017 Chernishova E.B.

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