Mahmud Kashgari - the founder of areal linguistics

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Mahmud Kashgaria’s work - “The dictionary of Turkic languages” (“Divan lugat at-tyurk”) is the complex work of comparative-historical linguistics, a lexicography, anthropological linguistics, areal linguistics, a linguistic culture, dialectology. In article the historical questions are considered and its communication with “The map of the Turkic world of the XI century”, the content of “Divanu lugat at-tyurk” in its close coorelation with the “Map” is discovered which is the annex to dictionary reveals. The author of article notes that Mahmud Kashgaria has revealed interrelation of dialectic features of Turkic tribes with their geographical habitat and also language similarity of Turkic tribes. In the conclusion are told that in the history of world linguistics “Divanu lugat at-tyurk” is the first work on areal linguistics.

About the authors

Uldar Keldibekovna Isabekova

Moscow State University

Author for correspondence.

Department of Turkic philology of ICAA

125009, Mohovaya Str., 11, Moscow, Russia


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