Thesaurus of Fairy-Tale Genre (the Study of A.S. Pushkin’s “The Tale of The Fisherman and the Golden Fish” and its Translations into English and Armenian)

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The article is devoted to the construction of the thesaurus of fairy-tale genre within the framework of fiction of A.S. Pushkin “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish”. In this connection texts’ corpus (in Russian, English and Armenian) is studied. The researcher justifies the thesis that thesaurus way of knowledge systematization is given in thesauruses of different branches. They are important for specific information-searching systems where the knowledge representation is equivalent to terminological systematization in the definite subject area. In the research work hyponym-hyperonym relationship is presented as the leading factor of the thesaurus construction of the studied genre.

About the authors

Sofia Novikovna Semenova

Kuban State University

Author for correspondence.
149, Stavropolskaya str., Krasnodar, Russia, 350040


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