Systematic approach to the research of the associative-cultural background of onyms: from regional to nationwide level

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The article is related to the research of systematic semantics features of onyms by outcrop and description of their associative-cultural background within regional and nationwide background knowledge (e.g., onym Y.A. Gagarin ). The relevance of the work is conditioned by the research of a name as a “cultural sign”/ which is important due to globalization processes whose reverse side is enhancement of the ethnic identity and the national self-identification beginning of the XXI century. The novelty of the article is determined by systematic research of the features of the outcrop and description of the associative-cultural background of onyms: the broad experiment, conducted at first at the regional level (the Smolensk citizens) and then at the nationwide level (citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg), became the main method of the research. As a result of the research was clarified that the name Y.A. Gagarin is organic to the background knowledge of the heritage of language personality of the beginning of the XXI century. And the informational reactions achieved by the experiment allows us explicate a huge amount of the historical and cultural information in the content of the researched name. The information can be reflected in the various anthropological dictionaries. The scientific value of the present work is determined by the approach to the outcrop and analysis of the associative-cultural background of the regional onyms transferred to the nationwide level can be employed in studies of other regions.

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N V Bubnova

Military Academy of the Army Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation n.a. A.M. Vasilevsky, Marshal of the Soviet Union

2, Kotovsky str., Smolensk, Russia, 214027


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