No 1 (2013)


N.V. Gogol’s dramatic art and traditions of classicism

Gafarov R.M.


The articles of the 1830s, on the problems of drama, NV Gogol spoke about the current crisis in the theatrical life. Author attributes this to the spread of Romanticism. Extremes of a new literary direction of might, in his view, be overcome only by relying on the achievements klassitsi-acoustic theater. Connection with romantic intentions achievements sitsizma drama classes in poetry would help reflect the true theater of life in its national forms. In the 40 years, Gogol, explaining his dramatic works, is based on a metaphorical perception of dramatic action, which was the basis of the classic poetics of theater.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Vladimir Voinovich’s satirical novel

Alisova E.Y.


The subject of this article is genre peculiarity of Vladimir Voinovich’s satirical novels. Liberty of genre forms is characteristic for the author´s works: «a novel-anecdote» (in the trilogy about the soldier Chonkin), combination of several utopias (in “Moscow 2042”), creation of « the book of the whole life» (“The Design”).
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):12-18
pages 12-18 views

The Interpretation of the title of Liu Xie’s treatise Wen Xin Diao Long

Stezhenskaya L.V.


The paper deals with the problem of translation rendering for the title of the medieval Chinese treatise on theory of literature Wen Xin Diao Long (V—VI A.D.) by Liu Xie (C. 465—622). The title has been rendered in many different ways by different scholars, but these interpretations either do not comply with the grammatical system of Ancient Chinese and Russian (or any other target European language), or fail to reflect the philosophical ideas of the treatise author correctly.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):19-26
pages 19-26 views

System of the heroes in Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”: principles of polyvalence and antinomy

Abdourahmane Diallo -.


This article attempts to justify the system of image in the novel “Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov’s by establishing his artistic identity of conflict. Systematic set by defining complex interrelations of characters, in which an important place is occupied by the principles of mutual attraction and repulsion. In addition, system and associated with a particular pro-theistic (many-valued) nature of the novel.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):27-33
pages 27-33 views

Sufi Images and motives in high lak russian literature

Ilyasov K.I.


Аrticle discloses the presence of Sufi images and motives in the latest poetry of Lacks. As the example the works of three authors have been analyzed: Ibraghim Chayatshinsky, Kosmina Israpilova and Suleiman Musaev. Thus, the “fana” founded in Ibraghim Chayatshinsky’s poetry means the presence of the Sufi theme there. “Fana” is a specific psycophysical state imitating death. And there’s a vast territory for fantasy: Life and Death, Good and Evil, the meaning of Existence, Moral Code, Purification, Repentance, Awakening, etc.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):34-39
pages 34-39 views

The image of Eugene in the poem by A. Pushkin “The Bronze Horseman” and its comprehension in the national science

Karim B.M.


The article studies the image of Eugene in the poem by A. Pushkin “The Bronze Horseman” in the light of the various points of view of researchers and critics of XIX—XX centuries.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):40-47
pages 40-47 views

«Landowner’s morning» by L.N. Tolstoy and «Landowner’s morning» by V.A. Pyetsukh: to the problem of intertextual space in literature

Pykhtina Y.G.


In the article various approaches to concept definition «intertextual space» are considered. Semantic links in structure of art space of stories of L.N. Tolstoy «LANDOWNER’S MORNING» and V.A. Pyetsukh «LANDOWNER’S MORNING» come to light. Techniques of modeling of intertextual space in modern fiction are analyzed.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):48-55
pages 48-55 views

The Concept of “the other” and self-perspective in literature works of G. García Márquez in the 1990s

Pluzhnikova K.N.


The article analyses the concept of “the other” and the evolution of latinoamerican self-perspective through the works of columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez published in 1990s.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):56-63
pages 56-63 views

The utopia of the millennial kingdom in the novel of R. Musel “The man without properties”

Shervashidze V.V.


R. Musel created a novel in which aesthetics of analogues and similarities defines the synthesis of different stylistics. The multi-layered characters of the art world realized the main idea of the novel: “all we have to do only the similarity”.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):64-70
pages 64-70 views

Becoming publishing ideas editor and journalist MN Katkov in the pre-reform period of the 50-s. nineteenth century

Mitrokhina S.A.


This article examines the process of becoming ideological conceptions editor MN Katkov The search of the publishing platform to MN Katkov were coupled with his scientific work, the study of philosophy, author of publications, discussions and debates.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):71-77
pages 71-77 views

Principles of creative advertisement on commercial radio station “Radio 7”

Stupakova E.V.


The article describes the principles of creating advertisement on a commercial radio station “Radio 7”. Analyzes the effectiveness and impact on the listener, the potential consumer, the different means of expression language in spots. The radio uses all forms of advertising: information, games, music, fashion. Tendency failure of the telephone number. Instead, use the Internet sites, company name consonant advertiser. Commercial radio mobile and diverse in its advertising policy.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Tactics of conducting information war in mass media on Kosovo conflict example. The comparative analysis of publications from «The Russian newspaper» and «Washington Post»

Ulianova N.N.


Receptions of conducting information war in mass media are analyzing in the article. Kosovo conflict example (the separation of Kosovo from Serbia unilaterally occurred in 2008) is chosen. Publications on this subject from “The Russian newspaper” and “Washington Post” are comparing. Criteria of facts selection and the general style of materials giving are estimating.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):85-90
pages 85-90 views

Children’s audience in the discourse of advertising communication: New Realities

Muzikant V.L.


Article focuses on the child’s perception of advertising and arising in connection with involvement in the communication process, an audience of children, professional and social responsibility of advertisers and journalists.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):91-96
pages 91-96 views

The journalist’s way of Albert Camus

Vakhidova R.A.


The article is dedicated to the journalistic work of Albert Camus, the French writer and essayist, who was also an outstanding journalist and whose example of a tireless fight for the truth and human dignity is especially important nowadays.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):97-107
pages 97-107 views

New Media and advertising support of Media in the Internet age

Muzikant P.V.


This work is devoted to the convergence of online media and advertising on the Internet in the modern media systems and transformation of information content offline media in the virtual space of the Internet, called the new media.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):108-112
pages 108-112 views

Information war in the political crisis in the middle east (for example the satellite channel Al-Jazeera)

Amer Maan -.


Information war in the Middle East is connected with one of the most significant threats — possibility of transformation of local events in the world “sensations” duplicated by mass media worldwide with difficult predicted consequences. The satellite channel Al Jazzier acts as the mechanism of transformation of information in sensational messages.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):113-118
pages 113-118 views

Advertising as subculture of global communicative space

Ulyanova M.U.


The present research is dedicated to the issue of advertising as one of significant systems of culture’s semiotics. In the given piece of work is examined the issue of Chinese advertising content (period of 2007—2008) which on top of everything is directed at giving favorable effect on physical and spiritual health of the nation, as well as at defending dignity and interests of the nation. For which reason advertising is considered as an instrument of transmission of the national culture of PRC. Advertising carries out a task of introducing goods and services, participates in the process of civilization development and succession of the traditional culture and thereby makes the environment for perception of national heritage in the frame of mass media, which we call “subculture of advertising” in the context of the given research.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):119-128
pages 119-128 views

French feminine press: two hundred years of history

Terebilina M.V.


The article deals with genesis and evolution of French press for female reader. The author investigates the process of development of feminine publications within the context of French history: from the first titles for female reader of the mid–18 th century devoted to fashion and literature, till the women’s magazines in the modern interpretation come out after the Second World War. This article encompasses evolution of women’s image in this section of press in the light of social changes which took place in French society over a period of two hundred years. Special attention is given to the history of feminist journalism and its role in the change of woman’s social status in France.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):129-135
pages 129-135 views

Television advertising as the most efficient form of political advertising. Examples of best technologies in the political TV advertisement

Jorjikia M.V.


The scientific work concentrates upon the development of the political advertisement. Based on fundamental researches of different scientists in this field, author investigates in detail the concept of influence of political advertisement on the audience. Upon the whole the subject of political television advertisement is disclosed broadly. Particular attention is paid to the political television advertising based on the examples.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):136-143
pages 136-143 views


- -.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2013;(1):144-145
pages 144-145 views

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