Sufi Images and motives in high lak russian literature

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Аrticle discloses the presence of Sufi images and motives in the latest poetry of Lacks. As the example the works of three authors have been analyzed: Ibraghim Chayatshinsky, Kosmina Israpilova and Suleiman Musaev. Thus, the “fana” founded in Ibraghim Chayatshinsky’s poetry means the presence of the Sufi theme there. “Fana” is a specific psycophysical state imitating death. And there’s a vast territory for fantasy: Life and Death, Good and Evil, the meaning of Existence, Moral Code, Purification, Repentance, Awakening, etc.

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Kh I Ilyasov

Dagestan regional branch of the “Federation of Peace and Harmony”



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