No 3 (2012)


On the factors, having influence on processes of utterance perception and production in general, and in Vietnamese, in particular

Gumnikov I.S.


In the article, according to materials, articles and dissertations, and monographs devoted to the description of the nature of language processes, author offers a description of the factors having influence on the dynamics of these processes, in Vietnamese in particular.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):5-11
pages 5-11 views

The general meaning of semantic field units: Formation and content of the notion

Denissenko V.N.


The article deals with an actual problem of modern linguistic semantics - the structure of semantic field. For analyzing this problem the methods of the theory of sets are used. Interrelations of field units are examined in logic and linguistic aspects.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):12-15
pages 12-15 views

Anaphora as a component of pragmatic correlation of genre of autobiography

Savelyeva E.B.


The article is devoted to the analysis of anaphoric expression of pragmatic text correlation of genre of autobiography. The prose by French writer Andre Gide is chosen as a material for this research. The correlation of his works with the genre of autobiography is based on anaphoric links.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):16-24
pages 16-24 views

The faculty of language as the basis of translation activity

Bazhenova I.V.


The faculty of language refers to the integration of native and foreign language cognitive structures that are generated in the course of translation activity. As a result, accident cognitive structures are formed to constitute the basis of translation activity.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):25-30
pages 25-30 views

Morphological means expressing modality opportunities in English, Albanian, and Russian languages

Blerina T.


In this article, are studied morphological means expressing modality opportunities in Albanian, Russian and English languages.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):31-40
pages 31-40 views

Difficulties in demonyms (gentilic) translation from Spanish to Russian

Zhuravleva N.Y.


The article deals with the analysis of Russian and Spanish gentilic correlations and distinguishes the peculiarities that are to be observed while teaching and translating gentilics from Spanish to Russian.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):41-48
pages 41-48 views

Swear words in American communicative culture and the problem of their translation into Russian

Kozyreva M.M.


The article deals with some peculiarities of English swear words used by well-educated representatives of American communicative culture, and the problem of their translation into Russian. The data was taken from the film Just Go with It.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):49-55
pages 49-55 views

Peculiarities of translation of phraseological units in Honoré de Balzac's novel Father Gorio

Nelyubova N.U., Komlach D.S.


In the article we deal with the peculiarities of translation of phraseological units from French to Russian in Honoré de Balzac's novel Father Gorio, and we also compare their literary translation and the translation found in the phraseological dictionaries.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):56-61
pages 56-61 views

General types of idiomatic verbal units in English and Swahili

Semenkova L.A.


The article deals with the comparative analysis of the idiomatic verbal units-word combination of the two typologically different languages - English and Swahili: As a result a number of general syntactic types of their idiomatic verbal units are determined.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):62-67
pages 62-67 views

Pronominality of mutuality's field in Russian language

Radzikhovskaya V.K.


The article presents pronominality as a founding of the functional-semantic mutuality's category. It is here established the displacement of opposite pronoun's paradigm on the plurality's context. Also it is shown forms specific to the semantic structure of this category in Russian language.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):68-87
pages 68-87 views

Methods for fashion terms formation of the women's wardrobe in the English Language (on basis of the novel The Devil Wears Prada by L. Weisberger)

Vorobiev V.V., Polyakova G.M.


The article is dedicated to the analysis of the methods for fashion terms formation of the women's wardrobe in the English Language. 37 fashion terms have been singled out from the novel The Devil Wears Prada by L. Weisberger and were analysed according to 3 methods of terms formation: morphological, morphologo-syntactical and syntactical.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):88-91
pages 88-91 views

English language teaching and the problem of britishness in the new millenium

Zakharova E.V., Ulyanishcheva L.V.


The article deals with the changes brought to the cultural identities of the people living in the British Isles and the problem of the linguistic awareness of these changes for teaching English as a foreign language.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):92-98
pages 92-98 views

On the corpus analysis of Czech directive and hybrid directive-commissive performative verbs

Izotov A.I.


The functioning of 39 directive and hybrid directive + commissive illocutionary verbs in modern Czech according to the Czech National Corpus (namely the contemporary written texts subcorpus SYN - 1,3 billion tokens) is analysed.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):99-107
pages 99-107 views

Realization of hill Mari consonant combinations in native speaker's speech

Utyatina L.N.


Hill Mari and Meadow Mari are official languages in the Republic of Mari El, they function alongside with Russian. The article is devoted to the acoustical analysis of realization of Hill Mari consonant combinations in speech of native speakers.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):108-116
pages 108-116 views
pages 117-119 views

Lexical features of modern French printed advertising trhough lingvocultural analisis

Borissova A.S.


In the article on the basis of lingvocultural analysis of the lexical features in modern French printed advertising, some problems of concept French national character are defined.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):120-125
pages 120-125 views

National and cultural specificity as the standard language and language variation main part

Baghana J., Bondarenko E.V., Chernova О.О.


The article touches upon culture and language inner relation. These semiotic systems are characterized by mutual influence. Language is a part of a nation cultural inheritance. That is why culture affects it. There is a backward process, where a language influences culture.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):126-130
pages 126-130 views

French stereotypes on the basis of belles-lettres

Shipilova O.V.


The article presents the typical national-psychological features peculiar to the French nation. The author analyses ethnic features of Frenchmen, including national, social and individual traits, within the framework of the french belles-lettres.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):131-137
pages 131-137 views

Code switch problem and language contacts

Ebzeeva J.N., Toutova E.V.


The article deals with the questions of the theory of language contacts, bilingualism and code switch. The authors analyze French lexical-semantic units used in English-speaking magazines as the reflection of the code switch process.

Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2012;(3):138-143
pages 138-143 views

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