Vocational education and training system in Russia: key statistical indicators on the results of automated data collection

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The main goals, objectives and results of the ongoing project fulfillment on development and implementation of the automatized system on the collection, analysis and representation of the information about functioning of the structure of the vocational education and training (VTE) system in the Federal subjects of Russia are presented. The features and capabilities of the automatized system for different types of users, methodological and technological aspects of the interaction with users are discussed, some global statistical indicators of education on the VTE programs in the country for 2011—2012, calculated on the base of the data loaded, are given.

About the authors

A G Abramov

State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University Polytechnicheskaya, 29, St. Petersburg, Russia, 195251

M B Bulakina

Higher School of Economics National Research University

Email: bulakina@informika.ru

A D Ivannikov

Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Sciences

Email: adi@informika.ru

A O Krivosheev

State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications

Email: aok@informika.ru

L V Shmelkova

of Working Staff and VET of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

Email: shmelkova@mon.gov.ru
Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Training


Copyright (c) 2014 Абрамов А.Г., Булакина М.Б., Иванников А.Д., Кривошеев А.О., Шмелькова Л.В.

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