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The article considers the always-actual issue of charity. The author notes that in Russia the charity has not reached its mature forms, therefore, for the realization of its socially significant goals the charity organizations need to improve the system of their marketing communications. The article con-siders the forms of marketing depending on the marketing context; shows the importance of volunteer activities; summarizes all components of marketing; explains the need to use the whole complex of inte-grated marketing communications by charity organizations; points to the specific economic and social goals of charity organizations and the non-price essence of charity; reveals the close connection of charity with the institutional context of society and the need to develop new formal and informal institutions to regulate charity activities and contribute to the development of a new system of values in the mass con-sciousness. Throughout the article, the author repeatedly emphasizes that the marketing of charity organiza-tions is a set of interrelated measures and methods aimed at both meeting the needs of consumers and receiving external support. All directions and subsystems of marketing of charity organizations are not only closely interrelated but also interdependent. For example, close cooperation with the media contributes to the formation of a positive image of a charity organization, which is necessary not only to improve its social reputation but also to get financial support of the state and commercial organizations including different corporations.

About the authors

T V Naumenko

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Author for correspondence.
Email: t-naumenko@yandex.ru
Leninskiye Gory, GSP-1, Moscow, 119991, Russia


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