Towards the Definition of Syntactic Nature and Principles of Differentiation of Limiting, Expository and Conjunctive Constructions within the Simple Sentence of Expanded Structure

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This study is dedicated to one of the most debatable issues of modern Russian grammar - determination of syntactic nature of limiting, expository and conjunctive constructions. Scientific novelty of the study involves comparative analysis of the above mentioned constructions carried out by the authors in order to find out determination principles, their role and place in the structure of simple expanded sentence. Having determined the nature of limiting, expository and conjunctive constructions, the authors of the study have developed principles to analyze them: determine semantic function of a complicating component; distinguish semantics of isolated component; specify morphologic expression of isolated component; describe support part of the sentence (syntactic function, morphological expression); determine relation between isolated component and support part of the sentence; specify position of isolated component and its isolation conditions.

About the authors

M A Dubova

Moscow Region State Socio-Humanities Institute


L A Chernova

Moscow Region State Socio-Humanities Institute



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