Semantic Features of Terminology Formation (in Korean Medical Terminology)

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Within the framework of a scientific discourse terminology plays some special role in various sciences, techniques, art area etc., representing, as a matter of fact, a basic element of scientific meta language. In the European tradition terminologies of different spheres of human activity are investigated in detail because there exists both scientific base of terminology science and practical experience of the specialized terminological dictionaries compiling. In the Korean language, on the contrary, both scientific linguistic basis and treminographic practice are absent at all, or are at the initial stage of development. The article represents the first experience of the description of a fragment of medical terminology in the Korean language (a South-Korean variant) with the purpose of finding-out of structural and semantic features of the investigated terminology formation. The special attention is directed for such ways of formation of terminology, as semantic calque and metaphorical transfer.

About the authors

O I Maksimenko

Moscow State Regional University


S V Shuripa

Women's University Sungshin



Copyright (c) 2015 Maksimenko O.I., Shuripa S.V.

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