The Perception of F.D. E. Schleiermacher’s Concept in the Russian Philosophy of the First Half of the XIX century

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The article deals with the perception of a personality and the concept of the German philosopher and theologian Fr. Schleiermacher in the Russian philosophy of the first half of the XIX th century. There is evidence of P.J. Chaadayev and I.V. Kireyevsky being aware of the texts by Fr. Schleiermacher as well as their evaluation of his personality and world view. Proceeding from the evidence, the author of this article reveals the main features of the first period of perceiving Fr. Schleiermacher’s ideas in Russia, and a conclusion follows that on the whole the novelty of his views was not understood and stayed underestimated.

About the authors

O K Avdeev

Moscow State University n. a. M.V. Lomonosov

The Department of the Russian Philosophy History Faculty of Philosophy


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