Foolishness, Darkened Icons and the Mechanism of Oblivion in the Context of the Semiotic System of Culture

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Foolishness is understood in the context of a cultural semiotic system, where the proportional relation of the whole to the part reflecting the universal principles of the whole contains such phenomena and symbols as, on the one hand, a cosmic night, and on the other, oblivion, soviet theomachism darkened icon, foolishness. For the analysis of these categories, examples are given from the works of writers belonging to the golden chain of the Russian spiritual tradition.

About the authors

Svetlana V. Gerasimova

Moscow Polytechnic University

Author for correspondence.

Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor, Department of Russian Language and Literature History of the Higher School of Press and Media Industry

st. Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 38, Moscow, Russian Federation, 107 023


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