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This article deals with hydronyms of northern regions of Republic of Karakalpakstan: Shumanai, Kanlikul, Xodjeli, Kungrad, Muinak, Karauzyak, Takhtakupir, Kegeli, Nukus and Chimbai dictricts. Hydronyms make up a great and particular group of toponyms. In Turkic languages, specifically in the Karakalpak language hydronyms have a variety of peculiarities on grammatical structure. The article analyzes and proves that hydronyms of northern regions of Karakalpakstan are separate and complex and are formed with the aids of hydronymic affixes - li, li, ma, liq. In the article it’s been ruraled linguistic role of word formation affixes in forming hydronymic names. In the article it is stated on grammatical peculiarities, destructions of word affixes, participating in formation of hydronyms, linguistic units related to national peculiarities of karakalpak people, customs, rituals, wildlife, living in water, names of plants). Particularly the affixes -li/-li affect in explaining zoohydronyms, phytohydronyms and hydronyms that mean the relief features of water bodies. It is proved that appellative hydronyms can alone act as separate hydronyms, and also in the Karakalpak language complex hydronyms are more common than individual hydronyms. There are forms of complex hydronyms formed from two, three, four components, individual hydronyms forming complex and united hydronyms are subject to the grammatical structure of our language. Hydronyms of the northern regions of Karakalpakstan are not formed in all forms of word formation. Hydronyms are formed by the method of affixing complex hydronyms (addition of words, addition of words + affixation) and lexicon-syntactically. The formation of hydronyms in other ways is insignificant.

About the authors

Gulnaz J Mambetova

Karakalpak language department of the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Azhiniyaz

Author for correspondence.

Senior Scientific Researcher of the Karakalpak Language Department of the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute Named After Azhiniyaz; Interests: lexicology, terminology, onomastics, toponymics, gidronimika

Khudaybergenov 14, Nukus, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan, 230100


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Copyright (c) 2018 Mambetova G.J.

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