The verbal conflict in Russian fairy tales

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Deep understanding of folklore is necessary for representation of a language world picture, properly, the language picture of the Russian world. The article is devoted to the analysis of Russian folklore tradition by the example of magic fairy tales from positions of ‘hate speech’ research. Studying of ‘hate speech’ has resulted, on the one hand, from researches within the framework of the linguistic analysis of various kinds of expressive lexicon, on the other - development of the general conflict theory. In the article the lexical component of the conflict is examined, semantic relations inside a conflictogenous situation, role of different parts of speech are described. The analysis is carried out by a method of the quantitative content-analysis. It is revealed, that the lexicon of enmity has a role of a moral substantiation of irreconcilable, antagonistic struggle of the positive character. The understanding of a role of this component allows opening to a great extent people outlook by linguocultural component.

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P N Khromenkov

Moscow State Regional University

Radio str., 10 a, Moscow, Russia, 105005


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