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V.E. Radzinsky

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RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):7-9
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Programmed labor in women with a operated uterus

Radzinsky V.E., Kuznetsova O.A., Luybeshkina V.A., Oleneva M.A., Esipova L.N.


The paper deals with the problems of programmed delivery in women with a uterine scar. The study included 144 pregnant women with a uterus operated who started to give birth vaginally (per vias naturales). The conditions for induction, analyze the clinical efficacy of different methods of induction were assessed. 134 women given birth successfully, programmed delivery were conducted in 84 patients. There were 3 ruptures of the uterus.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):10-14
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Prediction and early diagnosis of preeclampsia

Zaripova L.R., Galina T.V., Golikova T.P., Gondarenko A.S.


The relevance of prediction and early diagnosis of preeclampsia is due to the fact that the current preeclampsia continues to be the most complicated section of obstetrics, being one of the leading causes of high maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. This article provides an overview of the literature on combined prenatal screening of preeclampsia.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):15-22
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Genetic predictors of obstetric complications: intergenetic association

Tretyakova T.B., Bashmakova N.V., Demchenko N.S.


The goal of the research is to analyze the intergenic interaction of the marker-genes of thrombophilia, the disruption of gomocystein cycle and blood pressure control. Two groups of women have been included in the investigation. The under study group consists of 197 women with eclampcy and pregnancy miscarriage in anamnesis. The comparison group consists of 228 women with normal obstetric anamnesis. The molecular-genetic analysis of 21 allelic polymorphisms of MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, FGB, F2, F5, F7, F13, ITGA2, ITGB3, PAI-1, ADD1, AGT, AGTR1, AGTR2, CYP, GNB, NOS3 genes has been carried out. Statistically significant differences haven’t been revealed in the univariate analysis of the alternative genotypes rate between groups. However, we have found out that the frequency of combined genotypes (AGT 704CC, GNB 825CT, NOS3 894GT, MTR 2756AG) in group with eclampcy and pregnancy miscarriage in anamnesis is statistically higher.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):23-28
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Fetal extraction in intact amniotic sac in twins

Akhmadeyev N.R., Fatkullin I.F.


The results of operations of cesarean section in twin gestations with the extraction of fetuses in the intact amniotic sac and the condition of newborns were analyzed. Main (experimental) and control study groups of abdominally delivered twin pregnant have been formed, and also two groups of the children delivered by these operations. Analysis of efficacy of the extraction in the intact amniotic sac method on the newborns’ showed that the Apgar score in the experimental group was higher, artificial lung ventilation duration, duration of hospital stay was less, and prevalence and severity of neurological disorders was less. Duration of operations increased by less than 5%. Hence condition of multifetal newborns improvement expected while using this method.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):29-36
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The effectiveness of treatment-and-prophylactic sanitization measures for improvement outcomes of preterm labor

Tamarkin M.B., Zavadina E.V., Kostin I.N., Lukaev A.A., Shishkin E.A., Bolibok N.V.


In current article it is demonstrated that modernization tactics of preterm birth will assess potential infectious pregnant with the threat of premature birth, recovery eubioz by treatment-and-prophylactic sanitization measures. It is shown, that lowering the contamination of the birth canal during the threat of premature delivering and early discharge of amniotic fluid — is reached by lengthening of the latent period by rationalization of obstetrics strategy, combined tocolysis, prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):37-42
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Results of modernization of approaches during puerperium with preterm labor

Tamarkin M.B., Leonidze L.D., Trifonova O.S., Lukaev A.A., Shishkin E.A.


The information on alternative tactics in puerperium with the using of modern perinatal technologies (MPT) accumulated only for urgent delivery. Nevertheless, the experience of local researchers is confirming the effectiveness of the reorganization tactics in postpartum period and reducing maternal and neonatal ID (inflammatory disease) on the basis of priority, it would seem natural to human nature, is very optimistic. In this regard, our objectives is: to improve the outcomes of preterm delivery through the introduction of modern perinatal technologies. The contingent of the study were four groups formed according to the gestational age at the time of preterm delivery and adherence to policies MPT in the postpartum period. Couples are selected on the basis of — mother — newborn (101 pair). Criteria for inclusion in the group: singleton pregnancy, preterm delivery in 28—36 weeks of pregnancy. Implementation of MPT provided the reduction in reporting cases of mothers in the ID one and a half times ( p < 0,05), neonates (with hospital infection) — nearly seven times ( p < 0,05). We believe it possible to reduce episodes of neonatal ID associated with a positive effect of continuous skin contact of mother with a newborn. The basis for this conclusion is the meta-analysis demonstrating a significant reduction in mortality in preterm infants weighing less than 2000 g, and their severe morbidity, especially from infections.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):43-50
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The efficiency of modern technologies in preterm labor

Tazhetdinov E.H., Gagaev C.G., Apresyan S.V., Trifonova O.S.


The article presents data on the effectiveness of various modern perinatal technologies in spontaneus preterm labor at 28—36 weeks of gestation. Combination of modern perinatal technology: ante- and intranatal tocolysis, antenatal corticosteroidtherapy, epidural anesthesia, exlusive breast feeding, Kangaroo Mother Care were improved perinatal outcomes.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):51-56
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Medical and social characteristics of women with threatened miscarriage in the first trimester

Dzhabieva A.A., Dzhabiev A.V., Ordiyants I.M.


The article indicated the relevance of the problem of miscarriage as a social and a medical point of view. The analysis not only obstetrics and gynecology, but also the social-hygiene, household factors that influence the course of pregnancy in the I trimester. The study identified characteristics of somatic and reproductive health and is composed of medical-social characteristics of women with threatened miscarriage in the I trimester at this stage.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):57-65
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Outcomes of pregnancy and delivery in women with threated miscarriage in the first trimester

Dzhabieva A.A., Dzhabiev A.V., Ordiyants I.M.


An analysis of pregnancy in women who have had a threatened miscarriage in the I trimester. Also analyzed the course and outcome of births to these women. Denotes the importance of timely registration with the pregnancy and correction of complications of gestation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):66-77
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Regional features of health of the pregnant women living in the Karachaevo-Circassian Republic and Primorsky Krai

Tulupova M.S., Chotchayeva A.I., Hamoshina M.B., Kaygorodova L.A., Nesvyacheny L.A., Streltsova V.L.


Due to the adverse demographic situation in the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) keep the urgency questions of protection of reproductive health of women. Its regional features are necessary for considering when developing regional programs on optimization of the specialized help to pregnant women. In article the comparative analysis of the main indicators of the statistical reporting of the Russian Federation, the Karachaevo-Circassian republic (KChR) and Primorsky Krai (personal computer), pregnant women characterizing health (The Russian Federal Service of State Statistics, in dynamics for 2005—2010 gg is presented.) It is revealed that, despite improvement of the majority of indicators, level of their population health in the Russian Federation remains low — at every third anemia, at everyone a heel — diseases of urinogenital system, at every tenth — diseases of system of blood circulation is registered. Feature of KChR is higher frequency of diseases of a thyroid gland and the venous complications tending to growth, low level of diseases of urinogenital system, and also growth of incidence by a preeklampsiya, eklampsiy at lower general frequency of complications of pregnancy hypostases, a proteinuria and gipertenzivny frustration. Regional indicators of the personal computer which distinguish lower frequency of diseases of system of blood circulation, venous complications and stably low level of complications of pregnancy a preeklampsiya, eklampsiy, as a whole more reflect the all-Russian tendencies. The problems demanding adoption of organizational decisions, threat of interruption of the pregnancy, which half of cases, irrespective of the region are, it is the share of terms of 22—37 weeks, and the diabetes complicating a current of a gestatsiya, incidence which in the Russian Federation and in the personal computer steadily grows, and in KChR, despite decrease, disorder of an indicator still corresponds to the all-Russian.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):78-85
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Correction of microbiocenosis of female reproductive tract during the late stage of pregnancy

Lebedeva O.P., Samborskaya N.I., Pakhomov S.P., Ivashova O.N., Sklyarova Y.A., Kalutsky P.V., Sukhikh N.V., Rudich N.A., Polyakova I.S.


Pobedi str., 85, Belgorod, Russia, 308024 Bacteriological examination of cervical canal at 34 women in 38—40 weeks of gestation has been made before and after intravaginal usage of Gynoflor (“Medinova”, Switzerland), containing 50 mg of Lactobacillus acidophilius and 0,03 mg of estriol. It is established, that after usage of Gynoflor significant decrease of number of patients with Staphylococcus epidermidis and Peptococcus has been observed. Furthermore, lowering of number of women with other opportunistic bacteria and yeasts ( Staphylococcus aureus , Klebsiella pneumonia , Enterococcus , Enterobacter , Streptococcus , Bacteroides , Candida albicans ) has been appeared. It was accompanied with decrease of colony forming units number among all opportunistic species.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):86-89
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Perinatal outcomes at first labor after surgical and medical abortions

Kolesnikova O.M., Orazmuradov A.A., Kibardina N.V., Startseva N.M., Zlatovratskaia T.V.


On the basis of studying of perinatal outcomes at 183 pregnant women, and also data of ultrasonic, kardiotokografic researches, dopler in system vessels mother placenta a fetus, histologic research of a placenta, were drawn conclusions that in group of the patients having surgical abortion in the anamnesis, manifestation of placentary insufficiency and failures of childbirth, are much more expressed, in comparison with group of patients at which medical abortion was earlier made.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):90-94
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Clinical value of laser conversion testing in diagnostics and treatment of a chronic endometritis

Zuyev V.M., Aleksandrov M.T., Khomeriki T.A., Tchernyshov G., Metreveli B.G., Popov S.N., Iboyan I.I., Kalinina E.A.


In article presents the identified characteristics of spectral characteristics of endometrium in normal and chronic adnexitis. Identifies opportunities and prospects of laser conversion diagnostics monitoring, efficiency treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic èndometritom.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):95-101
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Polymorphic variants of IL2 and IL4 genes as markers of infertility in case of genital endometriosis

Kublinsky K.S., Evtushenko I.D., Naslednikova I.O., Agarkova T.A.


92 patients with genital endometriosis and diagnosed infertility were clinically examined and went through molecular-genetical testing and therapy. Complex therapy included laparoscopic surgery and the course of hormonal therapy (gonadotrophin releasing hormone agonists, combined oral contraceptives). The effect of the therapy increases as increases the possibility of pregnancy in the presence of IL2 gene T-330G TT polymorphism variant and IL4 gene C-590T CC polymorphism variant in the genotype of a woman. The decreased effect of infertility treatment with the diagnosed endometriosis is associated with the presence of the hazardous genotype combination: IL2 gene T-330G GG polymorphism and IL4 gene C-590T TT polymorphism.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):102-109
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Reproductive function in women with sarcoidisis

Milova I.A., Fatkullin I.F., Vizel A.A.


Reproductive function of female patients with sarcoidosis was studied. Clinical survey and analysis of patient cards, medical cards and labor cases were conducted to assess their fertility and gynecological status. It was found that female reproductive potential did not depend on lung and intrathoracic lymph nodes sarcoidosis presence. Implementation of some practical recomendations in active sarcoidosis lets to avoid pregnancy and postpartum complications.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):110-114
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Ovarian reserve in the dynamics of the girls-teenagers and young women after surgical treatment for benign ovarian disease

Zulumyan T.N., Khamoshina M.B., Petrova V.D., Plaksina N.D., Sochova Z.M., Semyatov S.D.


It was done estimation the condition of ovarian reserve of 51 women 15—25 years old in dynamic after surgery and conservative treatment for benign non-inflammatory ovarian diseases, by identification of AMG level, ovarian volume and count of antral follicles in each ovarian immediately and after 6 month after treatment. Complemented the existing ideas about the negative effects on the state of ovarian reserve intervention and specific nosology.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):115-120
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State ovarian reserve in girls with dysfunction of the hypothalamus in puberty

Zhukovets I.V.


One measure of ovarian reserve is inhibin B, which reflects the basal secretion of FSH and the hormone is produced only in the sensitive phase of growth of the follicle. A survey of 122 girls with hypothalamic dysfunction, showed a reduction in ovarian reserve in girls with DW, based on the reduction of inhibin B in the calculation of the number of antral follicles, due to high levels of FSH. Lower levels of inhibin B in girls with DG is probably the result of dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):121-124
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Clinical and microbiological characteristic permanent urinary tract infections among people of giving age in the conditions of north

Plekhanov V.N.


For the purpose of increasing of the efficiency of antibioticotherapy of urinary tract infections (UTI) among people of giving age in the conditions of High North were analyzed results of permanent checkup and treatment of 1109 patients. Chronic pyelonephritis combined with concomitant urolithiasis prevail among these people in the structure of permanent UTI. Acute and uncomplicated chronic pyelonephritis, acute and chronic cystitis among female prevail more than 2 times. Main agents of permanent UTI among men are S. epidermidis , S. saprophyticus , S. aureus ; main agents with women in uncomplicated UTI are E. coli , S. epidermidis , S. saprophyticus and S. aureus ; main agents of complicated UTI are E. coli , S. saprophyticus , S. epidermidis . Main uropathogens in vitro are more sensitive to gentamicin, ofloxacin, they are less sensitive to cefotaxime, ceftriaxone and ciprofloxacin. The largest share of resistant strains was indentified in vitro to traditionally used antibiotics for treatment of UTI among E. coli , the smallest share was indentified with S. aureus .
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):125-131
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Comparative evaluation of tissue reaction to the implantation of conventional polypropylene meshes end with autofibroblasts

Egiev V.N., Chizhov D.V., Shurygin S.N., Shchogolev A.I., Dubova E.A.


One of the possible ways to solve the problem of improving the integration of polypropylene prostheses in the tissue of the patient in the treatment of hernias of the abdominal wall is the application, making and use of composite polypropylene mesh with a coating of own fibroblasts. In the experiment on the basis of morphometric analysis a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the use of covering of «heavyweight» and «lightweight» polypropylene meshes by autofibroblasts has been conducted. The use of composite mesh, consisting of the «heavyweight» or «lightweight» polypropylene mesh and autofibroblasts in all cases, allows to speak about the more pronounced proliferative process compared with the group, using only the polypropylene mesh. The ability to create a composite polypropylene mesh with fixed autofibroblasts on the basis of «lightweight» and «heavyweight» composite polypropylene meshes has been proved.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):132-140
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Medical-preventiv efficacy of staged postoperative medical rehabilitation of patients with dishormonal diseases of the breast

Gordon K.V., Khudoev E.S.


Mismanagement and lack of rehabilitation results in repeated surgery nodal forms of dishormonal breast diseases in the first 1.5 years after surgery, more than 27% of patients, and many of them carry sectoral resection of breast three times or more. Conducting post-operative medical rehabilitation and personalized comprehensive treatment of patients with breast achieves clinical improvement in 89.4% of patients, to prevent the progression of their diffuse forms of dishormonal breast diseases, a decrease of 64.7% frequency re-formation of foci localized fibroadenomatosis and improve the overall clinical condition of by preventing or reducing the frequency of acute extra-and gynecological diseases in 2.43 times, which significantly improves the quality of life of women and contributes to the secondary prevention of breast cancer.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):141-148
pages 141-148 views

Diagnosis and treatment of metabolic syndrome in health centres

Chernyshev A.V., Sorochinskaya I.N.


We examined 412 patients Sochi sanatoria with the metabolic syndrome. Used for the diagnosis developed complex of functional and clinical laboratory examination. Spa treatment implied a more active and personalized use of non-drug methods to appropriately chosen background medical therapy. Studies have shown that the use of a modified treatment program is effective for the vast majority of patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):149-156
pages 149-156 views

Features of the volemichesky and haemo dynamic status at patients with abdominalny sepsis

Hripun A.I., Salikov A.V., Tiunin I.N., Avdeikin S.N., Saenko L.S., Shurigin S.N., Rautbart S.A.


The retrospective analysis of patient's records of 54 patients with abdominalny sepsis, for the purpose of studying of features of the volemichesky status of dynamics of indicators of sokratitelny ability of a myocardium, preloading, post-loading and extra vascular water of lungs, and as for the purpose of an assessment of pro-gnostic value of these indicators is carried out. By means of technology of the modified termodilyutsiya of PiCCO plus (Pulsiоn Medical Systems», Germany) carried out monitoring of haemo dynamics and the volemichesky status. At implementation of the analysis of measurements, such as the index of extra vascular water of lungs (IEVWL), an index of intra chest volume of blood (IICVB), an index of global final and diastolic volume (IGFDV), an index of function of heart (IFS), an index of system vascular resistance (ISSS), established that negative dynamics of indicators of sokratitelny ability of a myocardium and IEVWL are failure prediktor at patients with abdominalny sepsis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):157-162
pages 157-162 views

About permanent urinary tract infections among women of giving age in the conditions of the north

Plekhanov V.N.


The results of permanent checkup and treatment of 419 female were studied for optimization of prophylaxis and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI) with women of giving age in the conditions of the North. It was established that uncomplicated aсute pyelonephritis and aсute cystitis prevail with young women, in the half of cases these diseases are associated with inflamed gynaecological pathology. Chronic pyelonephritis combining with concomitant urolithiasis and chronic cystitis, associating with deficit of estrogens, prevail among female of old age. Factors of military service contribute to development aсute UTI and appearing of chronic UTI in earlier age.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):163-168
pages 163-168 views

Maintenance delivery in women with a uterus operated in the aspect of insurance medicine

Knyazev S.A., Orazmuradov A.A., Ermolova N.P., Saschenko A.I., Lukaev A.A., Bolibok N.V., Kirienko A.F., Gasimova S.


In this article questions of tactics of conducting childbirth at women with a hem on a uterus are considered. Results of a number of researches are given when conducting childbirth through natural patrimonial ways after operation Cesarean section, and also conditions for their performance. The analysis of conducting such childbirth from the legal point of view, as in Russia, and abroad.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):169-175
pages 169-175 views

Rupture of a uterus: last, real, future

Knyazev S.A., Orazmuradov A.A., Golikova T.P., Saschenko A.I., Lukaev A.A., Bolibok N.V., Kirienko A.F., Gasimova S.


In this article results research of women with ruptures of a uterus, the main reasons (a hem, the use of narcotic preparations, traumas, etc.), pathogenesis are considered. Legal bases of use of prostaglandins, Kristelera method. Algorithm of maintaining at suspicion of a rupture of a uterus.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):176-186
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“Treatment” pregnancy in captivity dangerous delusion

Zaripova L.R., Galina T.V., Durandin J.M., Zlatovratskaya T.V., Startseva N.M., Startseva T.A.


Availability of pharmaceuticals in this country has caused not only a self-patients, but the “treatment” of pregnancy. The effectiveness of some medications commonly prescribed in pregnancy has not been proved, and the number of drugs taken by pregnant sometimes exceeds all reasonable limits. The only possibility that avoids undesirable effects of medicines during pregnancy is to minimize their number by an informed, responsible and impartial approach to the appointment of each drug.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):187-192
pages 187-192 views

Especially the second invasion waves cytotrophoblast in pregnant women with complications and normal pregnancy

Ordiyants I.M., Dzhabiev A.V., Dzhabieva A.A., Smirnova T.V.


In the present article the current views on the utero-placental relationship in the second trimester, pregnant women with uncomplicated and normal pregnancy. Describes the role of the usefulness of the second wave of invasion cytotrophoblast, in a relevant uteroplacental blood flow.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):193-197
pages 193-197 views

Mammary gland and teenager: look of the gynecologist

Hamoshina M.B., Rudnev O.D., Lebedev M.G., Lichak N.V., Arhipov's L.S.


In article the review of the literature devoted to a problem of diseases of a mammary gland at teenage age is presented, to possibilities of their treatment and prevention.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):198-204
pages 198-204 views

Analysis of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and fetal development in women with obesity and metabolic syndrome

Muradyan E.M., Orazmuradov A.A., Zlatovratskaya T.V., Saschenko A.I., Saiunov M.A.


This overview presents the various aspects matabolic syndrome, modern approaches to the problem of obesity. The comparative data of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period in women with obesity and metabolic syndrome.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):205-210
pages 205-210 views

Controversial questions of the modern surgical treatment of obstetric peritonitis

Lokteva T.S., Podtetenev A.D.


This article is about modern surgical tactics of treatment of puerperants with obstetric peritonitis after caesarian section. The most controversial questions of carrying out operation and the postoperative period are designated.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(S6):211-216
pages 211-216 views

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