About permanent urinary tract infections among women of giving age in the conditions of the north

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The results of permanent checkup and treatment of 419 female were studied for optimization of prophylaxis and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTI) with women of giving age in the conditions of the North. It was established that uncomplicated aсute pyelonephritis and aсute cystitis prevail with young women, in the half of cases these diseases are associated with inflamed gynaecological pathology. Chronic pyelonephritis combining with concomitant urolithiasis and chronic cystitis, associating with deficit of estrogens, prevail among female of old age. Factors of military service contribute to development aсute UTI and appearing of chronic UTI in earlier age.

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V N Plekhanov

FBU “442OVKG” Ministry of Defense of Russia

Email: Plechanov67@mail.ru


Copyright (c) 2012 Плеханов В.Н.

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