No 3 (2008)


Express-determination of zinc and ferrous contents in human hair by x-ray-fluoremetry method

Maximova T.V., Pleteneva T.V., Popov P.I., Luzanova I.S., Popel A.P., Syroeshkin A.V.


There are deseases («microelementoses») determined by deficiency or abundance of essential elements in human body. Human hair is biological substratum that can reflect organism processes connected with essential micro- and macroelements. The results present the dependences on gender and oncodesease. The authors worked out the method of X-ray-fluoremetry analysis without mineralization of biomaterial.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):5-9
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Biokinetic parameters of markers of toxicity of methotrexate high dozes

Pleteneva T.V., Stepanova N.A., Baykova V.N., Koshechkin K.A.


Methotrexate is one of the most effective and widely used cytostatic drugs. However as all antineoplastic drugs it has very low therapeutic index and high toxicity. Kinetic parameters (rate constants, half-times of restoration and extreme values of concentrations at the beginning of methotrexate infusion) were estimated for biochemical markers It is the method of the quantitative assessment of the drug toxicity. The biokinetic findings allow to set an optimum time interval between infusions of methotrexate for minimization of toxicity at therapeutic efficacy keeping of the antineoplastic drug.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):10-13
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About biological activity and the water structure of supra molecular level of sea and fresh waters: the problems of structure of natural waters for pharmaceutical preparations

Uspenskaya E.V., Balyshev A.V., Syroeshkin A.V.


Modern approaches to definition of properties and qualities of the natural water intended for manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations are considered. It is shown, that waters of the internal seas render toxic influence on a cellular biosensor control that is connected with significant anthropogenous loading on them. The analysis of water supramolecular structure can serve the express train-estimation of quality of suitability of water for application in the medical purposes.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):14-18
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Standartization techniques of the homeopathic matrix fermented tinctures on example of bryophyllum e foliis ferm 33B

Volzhanova M.I., Suslina S.N., Beilmann R.A.


The purpose of this research is the development of approaches to standartization procedure of matrix tincture Bryophyllum e foliis ferm 33b. Particularly, an optimal technique for detecting biologically active substances in Bryophyllum e foliis ferm 33b using thin layer chromatography is obtained. Most parts of pharmacopoeia clause of Russian homeopathic pharmacopoeia for matrix fermented tincture Bryophyllum e foliis ferm 33b are written on the basis of research conducted.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):19-25
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Development of structure and methods of standardization of capsules indapamide

Mashutin A.B., Blynskaja E.V., Suslina S.N., Alexeev K.V.


There are established optimum parameters of technological process of reception and structure capsule weights indapamide. Normative parameters of quality of capsules indapamide 2,5 mg are proved. Techniques of acknowledgement of authenticity indapamide, definition of extraneous impurity, an establishment of the quantitative maintenance, definition of quantity of substance in the environment of dissolution and uniformity of batching indapamide in capsules are developed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):26-30
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The planning size of the drugstore chain as per transaction costs

Stepanova M.Y., Kosova I.V.


The optimum size of pharmacies network is the basic factor of effective activities. The quantity index of sales units was taken as a measure of its size. The optimum size of drugstore chain was estimated on the basis of the neoinstitutional approach according to which external and internal transaction costs affect the size of pharmacies network. The proposed method makes it possible to correct the structure of the pharmacies network taking into consideration economies scale, advantages and disadvantages of each unique pharmacies network in a particular period of time regarding its strategic targets.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):31-34
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The development of the drugstore chains in Russia as consolidation process

Stepanova M.Y., Kosova I.V.


Nowadays the world trend of the consumer goods market development, as compared with other forms of the organization of business manifests itself in increase of the networked pharmacy retail companies number. The authors of the article describe the process of drugstore network formations in Russia as for curved consolidation growth. The temporal phases of their development are determined. The main process, typical both for the development of the retail segment and for the pharmaceutical field, is revealed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):35-38
pages 35-38 views

Perspective directions of preparation of pharmacists for management of the medicinal help in system of public health services

Fomina A.V., Moshkova L.V.


In clause the basic directions of perfection of vocational training and retraining of the pharmaceutical staff in modern conditions are considered and ways of optimization of a professional orientation of training of heads of the pharmaceutical organizations in the field of economy and managements are certain.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):39-45
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Efficiency of phencarol in combination with standard antiarrhythmic drugs in extrasystoles in children

Soldatova O.N., Balykova L.A., Makarov L.M., Komolyatova V.N., Chuprova S.N., Soldatov O.M., Kornilova T.I.


The efficiency of multimodality therapy with use standard antiarrhythmic drugs (cordaron and propanorm) in minimum efficient doses and phencarol (1-2 mg/kg) was investigated in 50 children's with extrasistoles, class II-IV by Lown, as compared with efficiency of separate component to combinations in full doses. Accompaniment of phencarol to standard antiarrhythmic therapy allows to reach the effect in 70% of patient (it is comparable with effect of monotherapy of antiarrhythmic drugs) and herewith avoid the undesirable effects in absolute majority patients is shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):46-51
pages 46-51 views

New methods for laboratory diagnostics and control of efficiency of therapy of allergic diseases

Ezova O.A., Kylebnikova N.N., Alchinova I.B., Arhipova E.N., Karganov M.Y., Torshin V.I.


Laser correlation spectroscopy (LCS) and analysis of toxicity of patient serum and urine for bovine spermatozoa (AT), new methods for laboratory diagnostics and control of the efficiency of prescribed treatment, were first used in allergological clinical practice. These methods enable screening etiological diagnostics of allergic diseases and evaluation of the severity of the pathological process and state of defense systems of the organism during treatment. Adequate diagnostics makes it possible to realize individual choice of treatment protocol, due to which long-term remission can be expected. We examined 250 patients (mean age 34,4 ± 2 years) with documented allergic disease of medium severity and 145 healthy individuals (mean age 38,1 ± 1 years). Significant differences were revealed in the functional state of the defense systems in these groups. It was found that endogenous intoxication develops in the majority of patients; it is characterized by reduced index of blood toxicity (IBT) and elevated index of urine toxicity (IUT) as well as increased contribution of small particles of blood serum into light scatter. During therapy we observed a decrease in IUT, which attested to correction of the state of humoral defense system of the organism. Alleviation of the pathological state was confirmed by clinical findings. Our results suggest that new methods are highly informative and safe and should be introduced into allergologist's practics.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):52-58
pages 52-58 views

Studying dependence levels of the antibodies to capsular polysaccharides of meningococcus revealing by developed acyw135, ac and a latex diagnostics in the sera of Ethiopia population

Kharitonova А.V., Alliluev А.P., Hart С.А.


A total of 192 samples of serum of Ethiopia population were examined in order to determine the dependence levels of antimeningococcal antibodies detection by ACYW135, AC and A meningococcal latex diagnostics from age. The most high titer was demonstrated in age group 20-24 years. The obtained data confirmed the diagnostic value of latex diagnostics based on groupspecifical polysaccharides and revealed high level of antibodies, that according after epidemical period 2003 year.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):59-64
pages 59-64 views

Role of sphingosine in inducted mechanisms of apoptosis of experimental acute renal tubular injury

Belous Y.A., Komarevtseva I.A., Komarevtsev V.N.


Develop of apoptosis is a specific program. The sphingomielyne metabolites as ceramide and sphingosine, play an important role in programmed cell death. It is known, that sphingosine is initiate as proliferation and apoptosis. The purpose of this work is studies the roles of sphingosine in apoptosis activation due to acute renal tubular injury. Our experimental data confirm supposition of existence sphingomielyne metabolitic way in activation of apoptosis. We are receive the date with contrary maintenance dynamics sphingomielyne and sphingosine in the kidney cells.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):65-68
pages 65-68 views

Metabolism of oxide of nitrogen is in buds

Belous Y.A., Komarevtseva A.A., Komarevtsev V.N.


The purpose of research - to study a level NO both interrelation of nitrites and nitrates in cells of kidney at experimental acute renal failure. The contents nitrite and nitrate of ions was conducted by reaction of diazotization, the reducing agent for nitrates used zinc dust. The resaltes of investigation has shown, that in cells of kidney at experimental acute renal failure the level NO is increased, and the interrelation NO2/NO3 thus is ambiguous.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):69-72
pages 69-72 views

The morphological picture of the mouth liquid of patients with natural sanitation and sanified ones

Razumovа S.N., Bulgakov V.S., Shаtokhina S.N., Shabalin V.N.


The mouth liquid of 84 patients with healthy periodont was studied and its morphological picture was obtained. The mouth liquid was taken at different time spans from the patients with natural sanitation as well as the sanified ones. It was determined that the types of morphological picture depend on the ratio of organic to mineral components.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):73-78
pages 73-78 views

The analysis of efficiency of radical treatment of patients cancer of the left half of thick gut in hospitals surgical and oncological structure

Mizaushev B.A., Kancaliev A.L., Pshukov Z.S.


Parameters of the general and unrecidivating survival rate at 200 thick guts sick by malignant tumours received treatment in specialized oncological establishment and in branches of emergency surgery are analysed. Development of obstructive intestinal impassability met more often at tumours of the left half of thick gut, unlike tumours right-hand localization. Parameters of survival rate at the patients operated in oncology in occasion of tumours of the left half of a thick gut, statistically authentically exceeded parameters of survival rate of the patients operated in the emergency order. A principal cause of death was the complications of postoperative character caused by the initial phenomena of intestinal impassability and peritonitis. Dependence between insufficient volume of a site of a thick gut deleted at operation and high probability of development of relapse of disease within the first 2 years of supervision is revealed. The reason of distinctions in efficiency of treatment sick of a cancer of a thick gut is poor quality of system treatment at the patients operated in branches of emergency surgery, in connection with an incorrect estimation of prevalence of tumoral process and the subsequent underestimation adverse prognostic factors.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):79-86
pages 79-86 views

Expression of intermediate filaments and cell cycle regulators in bladder tumors

Shalavin I.A., Babichenko I.I., Osipov S.A., Samoylov M.V.


Intermediate filament (CK20) and cell cycle regulators (P53, Ki-67) were evaluated by immunohistochemical technique in 32 samples of bladder tumors (Ta - 8, T1-2G1-2 - 20, T1G3 - 3 and T2G3 - 1). Research has shown that intensity of P53 staining allow to defined the grade of tumor cells. Pathological type of CK20 distribution in cells and its high proliferative index (Ki-67) permit to reveal invasive urothelial tumors.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):87-91
pages 87-91 views

The importanse of dialectic and formal logics in the process of diagnostics

Sultanov I.J.


The points of dialectic and formal logic are in a complex ratio in dialectic process. The doctor during the diagnosing uses basically principles of formal logic. Logic mistakes of diagnostics in clinic of internal illnesses are connected in many respects with imperfection of possession of the clinical physician laws of logic thinking.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):92-97
pages 92-97 views

Innovative educational project. Medical Faculty. Problems.Prospects

Frolov V.A., Radzinskiy V.E., Semyatov S.M.


The innovative education system developed by the medical faculty of PFUR for preparation of competitive foreign and domestic doctors on the bases of new forms of continuous post gradual education is presented. The first results of realization of the Innovative educational project, problems and prospects are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(3):98-102
pages 98-102 views

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