No 4 (2008)


Toxicological studying of soft medicinal forms antiviral and antimicrobic actio

Semkina O.A., Dzhavakhian M.A., Krepkova L.V., Bortnikova V.V.


The soft medicinal forms antiviral and antimicrobic action (a cream and liniment of giporamin and evkalimin 0,5% of concentration) had been elaborated. Research of chronic toxicity of a giporamin cream and evkalimin liniment is lead on rabbits of breed Chinchilla with initial weight of a body 3,2-3,7 kg. Medicinal forms of evkalimin and giporamin put on depilate a site of a leather of a back of rabbits in the size 5 × 5 sm in quantity 2,0 gr. on an animal once in day within 8 weeks. Rabbits of control group received applications placebo a cream and liniment. In chronic experiment during longitudinal skin applications the creme and the liniment are good transferred by animals and don't provocate skin irritation. The elaborated drug forms do also not have ivitant action to the eye mucous. Toxicological research, general toxicological and local irritation action, soft medicinal forms, a cream, a liniment, phytopreparations antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory action, giporamin, evkalimin.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):5-9
pages 5-9 views

The development of composition and the elaboration of the analitycal procedures of ladasten tablets

Sul'din A.S., Grushevskaya L.N., Blynskaja E.V., Konochkina M.E., Volkova M.J., Pyatin B.M., Suslina S.N., Alexeev K.V.


Ladasten is original anxiolytic medicine with the psychostimulant action that increases human resistance to unfavorable factors of the environment. As the result of the investigation the optimal composition was found and the methods of analysis were elaborated for the direct compression tablets.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):10-14
pages 10-14 views

The study of indexes of quality and determinatoin of authenticity of the herb of st.-john's wort

Babaeva E.Y., Belush E.Y., Zagumennikov V.B.


The anatomical structure of parts of the herb of the Hypericum perforatum L., which are absent in the normative documentation, is studied. The influence of solutions of urea and CoSO4 upon accumulation of the sum of flavonoids in the raw material with foliar feeding is examined. Leaves and flowers in the structure of the herb of the Hypericum perforatum are characterized by maximum accumulation of the sum of flavonoids at converting into rutin. Its maintenance in 3-4 times above, than in stalks. For increase of accumulation of the given connections both in leaves and flowers, and in stalks most rational was processing of plants of 2% solution of CO(NH2)2 and solutions CoSO4 in a phase of budding. It has allowed to increase the maintenance of the sum of flavonoids in leaves and flowers on the average by 1,5%, in stalks - on 0,9% in comparison with the control. The general gathering of the sum of flavonoids in leaves and flowers increased in 2,3 times, in stalks - in 9,3 times.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):15-19
pages 15-19 views

The development of composition and technology of tablets afobazolа by a method wet granulation

Sizjakov S.A., Grushevskaya L.N., Konochkina M.E., Pyatin B.M., Alexeev K.V.


In clause researches on development of tablets new anxiolytic agents - 2[-2(morpholino)-aethil]-thio-5-aethoxibenzimidazoli dihydrochloride-afobazol are presented. The optimum structure of auxiliary substances, for manufacture of tablets afobazolа by a method wet granulation is picked up and proved.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):20-24
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Process of the choice of the market for the international activity of the pharmaceutical company

Kurashov M.M.


Principles and approaches to a choice by the Russian pharmaceutical companies of the markets for the international activity are considered. Process of a choice of the foreign market includes four stages: 1) factor analysises, 2) determining of criteria of an estimation and actually an estimation by criteria, 3) choice of the most long-range market and an estimation of its potential, 4) estimation of risk.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):25-27
pages 25-27 views

Use of farmacoepidemiologicalresearches for forecasting of expenses for treatment of childern with thiroidgland diseases

Ebzeyeva A.M., Loskutova E.E.


Morbidity rate among children's population of Karachaevo-Cherkesskaya Republic is analyzed in the article. Basic trends of children's diseases development are revealed. Pathologies having highest intensity in structure of diseases are defined. Expenses for thyroid gland diseases treatment are proved.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):28-31
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The analysis of the basic stages of change of organizational structures of pharmacies

Safarov R.B., Loskutova Е.Е.


The article is devoted to problems of organizational designing. Data about organizational structures of pharmacies of Moscow, received by means of questioning are reflected in it. In this article are presented - frequency of occurrence of various divisions of a drugstore, the characteristic of the personnel, problems of coordination of activity on the basis of data about interchangeability of employees of a pharmacy are revealed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):32-35
pages 32-35 views

The principles of the quality management in pharmacy

Lagutkina T.P.


The history of ISO standards' appearance is connected with the Global concept of the legislative support of the quality goods and service, which includes the producer's quality management system, check of products in the experimental labs, the product's certification, use of the quality management system in companies as guarantee of constant quality goods and service. In order to realize this concept the standards ISO 9000 were developed. In according of the international practice of the law only the compulsory requirement was determined by law, but other conditions are specified in the contract. The standards ISO 9000 are defined the international requirements to commerce.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):36-40
pages 36-40 views

Marketing approach to study of users of antacids and anti-ulcer medications

Bazarkina O.V., Ibragimova A.N.


The following have been established through marketing analyses: 1) the share of the product mix of the given group of medications in pharmacy organizations; 3) the basic target categories of physicians who prescribe medications of this group; 4) basic regimens of treatment used as therapy for acid-dependent diseases of the stomach in the group of patients with gastritis and ulcer disease of the stomach; 5) factors that have an effect on physician prescribing of antacid and anti-ulcer medications for hospital patients and outpatients; 6) preferences and factors that shape the demand of end users for drugs of the given group; and 7) a portrait of the consumer of antacid and anti-ulcer medications.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):41-45
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Ecology, stress and biological rhythms (on materials international congress « health and education in the XXIst century. Concepts of illnesses of the civilization», RPFU, 2007)

Frolov V.A., Chibisov S.M., Halberg F.


Time, in relativistic terms in the context of the speed of light, depends not only on the speed of an observer as a whole. Several different time scales within an observer also relate differently to cycles in the cosmos, all of them assessed by spectral peaks with non-zero amplitudes. Thus, in many physiological, psychological, sociological, epidemiological and physical environmental variables, an inferential statistical transdisciplinary array of spectra unfolds, with reciprocal cycles as components with overlapping 95% confidence intervals in ever broader and diverse chronomes (time structures) that underlie the genetics of an evolving biosphere, representing a phylogenetic memory, and accumulating an as-yet fragile noosphere, to be recognized by its interactions with its cosmos, to be rendered compatible with human survival.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):46-56
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Ecologocal reasons for using speleoclimattherapy as a method of prophylactics of bronchopulmonary diseases

Agadzhanyan N.A., Dorokhov E.V., Zhogoleva O.A., Esaulenko I.E., Yakovlev V.N.


The article concerns some ecological aspects of therapeutic features of speleotherapy. The objective of our study was to investigate the therapeutic activity of speleotherapy for respiratory disorders according to it's ecological aspects. The results of including speleotherapy into the curative and prophylactic complex in the central-chernozyom region showed the decrease of incidence of respiratory pathology in people, who underwent the course of speleotherapy. The obtained data indicated, that speleotherapy was supposed to be used as a component of prophylactics complex in treatment for broncho-respiratory complex.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):57-62
pages 57-62 views

Current aspects of hormone replacement therapy application for cardiac embarrassment correction in women with climacteric syndrome

Popkova A.M., Kaysina O.V., Godulayn A.V., Dudaev V.A., Popkov S.A., Dvornikov V.E.


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been widely used for reliving climacteric disorders. The purpose of present study is to evaluate myocardium function in case of HRT application. Application of hormone replacement therapy has enhanced microcirculation and myocardium metabolism if cardiac embarrassment was induced by pathology in endocrine and central nervous system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):63-67
pages 63-67 views

The screening of the compounds with antiaggregation activity among benzimidazole and xantine

Timirkhanova G.A., Samorodov А.V., Klyen Y.E., Travnikov O.Y., Enikeyev D.A., Katayev V.А.


Antiaggregation activity of first synthesized benzimidazole and xantine derivatives has been studied. Differences in impact of the compounds on blood coagulability have been shown. We have synthesized L-65, on active compound, that suppresses platelet aggregation and has an acetylsalicylate acid-like effect. The results obtained concerning the screening of bioactive substances are promising.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):68-72
pages 68-72 views

A comparative characteristic of the effectivity of using 3-oxipiridin as a complement to microbial eczema standard therapy

Dicova О.V.


77 patients with microbial eczema (male - 58 (75,3%), female - 19 (24,7%)) in aged from 16 to 78 years (average age - 41,33 ± 12,69 years) were observed. The research was provided with forms of information agreement. Derivative of 3-oxipiridin - emoxipine with antioxidant type of activity (20 patients) were used as a complement to standard therapy. It was discovered: reduction of activity of lipid free radical oxidation and endogen intoxication syndrome, simultaneously activity of antioxidant defense increased. Combination of emoxipine made these processes more effective. Clinical effectivity of emoxipine was showed: time of beginning of rash elements regress such as hospital treatment period decreased, simultaneously the percent of clinical recovery become shorter.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):73-77
pages 73-77 views

Fibrose cavitary disease in Russia

Gorochova T.A.


To localize tubercular infection it's necessary to determine tubercular cases before considerable bacterioexcretion and disease processing into chronic forms. Fibrose cavitary disease - is a chronic disease proceeding intermittently during a long period with intervals of remissions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):78-80
pages 78-80 views

Method of surgical treatment of the central hernias of an intervertebral disk on a lumbar level

Sampiev M.T., Zagorodnii N.V., Abakirov M.D., Laka A.A., Dubov A.B., Shishkin Y.V.


In given article the new method of treatment of the central hernias of a lumbar level of a backbone in comparison with other methods forward and back decompression spinal canal is described. Indications and contrindications to the specified method, advantages and lacks of existing methods of treatment of stenoses vertebral channel.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):81-86
pages 81-86 views

Technology of examination of quality of a medical care at hepar cirrhoses

Bereznikov А.V., Konev V.P.


Diagnostics and treatment of cirrhoses of a hepar are standardized, however in the expert plan at carrying out departmental, non-departmental and forensic medical examinations for the decision of questions on quality and character of the medical care, this is nosology represents the big complexities. It is difficult enough to define positive consequences from rendering assistance, to connect consequences with defects of treatment, whether to define are negative consequences result of treatment or a natural current of process. In work the technology of examination of quality and character of medical aid on the basis of allocation of the defects leading to negative consequences from rendering of medical care is offered. The defects defining negative consequences, are allocated by means of statistical criteria of Kraskel-Uolles and the Mann-Whithney, the importance of each defect was defined on methods of Vald and Kulbak. Set of defects has allowed to allocate such indicator as saved up informative a case, as the arithmetic sum informative the revealed defects. The method of binary logistical regress reveals dependence between indicators saved up informative and consequences of rendering of medical care. The offered technology provides objectivity of an expert estimation and repeatability of examination with experts of other establishments.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):87-93
pages 87-93 views

New methods of immunohistochemical diagnostic of tumor grows

Babichenko I.I.


Complex imunohistochemical investigation of ectocervix, endometrium, prostate and urothelial tumors allows to indicate the beginning of the neoplastic changes in epithelial cells and to suppose the prognosis for patients. This research has performed in according to innovative program of People's Friendship University of Russia national project «Education».
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):94-99
pages 94-99 views

Abilities of the correction of the adaptive process at chronic cerebral ischemia

Antipenko E.A., Gustov A.V., Mokina T.V.


The management abilities of the adaptive process at chronic cerebral ischemia is the object of this study. The influence to a level of adaptive abilities at the different stages of chronic cerebral ischemia of complex natural adaptogen and modulate peptide. Natural adaptogen stimulates stress-action systems and realizes the mechanisms of the longtime adaptation. Modulate peptide stimulates stress-limited system, that protects human from exhaustion of the adaptive reserve. The using of stressmodulate therapy is advisable way of therapy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):100-105
pages 100-105 views

Haemoglobinopathies among students of the peoples' friendship university of russia (RPFU) and observation of a unique case of sickle-cell anaemia (patient from tanzania)

Ushkova N.M., Sallah Abdoulwahab -.


For a period of thirty years, the Department of Internal Medicine (PFUR), in collaboration with the Institute of Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Polyclinic № 25 (RPFU), carried out case studies of up to ten thousand students; 500 cases of HbAS were isolated and many more with different forms of sickle-cell pathologies were found. However, only one case of homozygous sickle-cell (HbSS) pathology was discovered in a thirty-year old student from Tanzania. The uniqueness of this case is the relatively mild course of the disease (normally patients die at childhood) and the reduced levels of HbF which allows for the assumption of a combination of HbSS with the heterozygosis form of a-thalassaemia (it has been proven that a combination of the two takes a milder course). Confirmation of this assumption will require biochemical studies of the hemoglobin-fractions of case's parents, which was not carried out, understandably due to geographical barriers (parents are residing in Tanzania).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):106-109
pages 106-109 views

Quality of preventive outpatient measures for cardiovascular disease in patients with type ii diabetes mellitus

Fitilev S.B., Tsiruleva Y.Y.


The retrospective medical charts review of 1146 patients with type II diabetes mellitus was done in outpatients clinics. The minimal attention was observed towards main risk factors, as well of the frequency of diagnostic procedures was insufficient for adequate control of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The prognosis of diabetes mellitus could be improved by the aggressive treatment and correction of cardiovascular risk factors implemented by doctors of different specialties.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2008;(4):110-112
pages 110-112 views

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