No 1 (2014)


Physiological substantiation of system for individual prenosological control

Isaeva O.N., Chernikova A.G., Baevsky R.M.


The article presents the physiological justification of individual prenosological control, which aims to assess the dynamic adaptation risks to predict adaptation disorders. Disease development is preceded at first by the prenosological and then by premorbid conditions. Definitely, these states in healthy people are the object of prenosological control. The heart rate variability analysis was used, which allows using mathematical models and probabilistic approach to estimate the probabilities of different functional states: physiological norm, prenosological and premorbid conditions and adaptation breakdowns. Four groups of individuals with low, medium, high and very high risk of disadaptation were classified at investigation of 120 healthy subjects under long-term medical and environmental research project “Mars-500”. Representative examples of the functional state of annual dynamics show that at very high risk of adaptation of practically healthy people in autumn and spring there are signs of premorbid state. Results of individual prenosological control in a group of volunteers - scientific workers, have shown that even normal daily loads cause a transition to prenosological state. Presented data confirm the viability of the further development of individual prenosological control systems.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):5-10
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The mechanism of immunosuppression in patients with brain glioma

Frolov V.A., Syatkin S.P., Gridina N.Y., Draguntsova N.G., Veselova O.I., Chunikhin V.P., Maslov A.Y., Ushenin Y.V.


The activity of diamineoxydase and polyamineoxydase which were synthesized by blood cells in the culture medium during the transformation of lymphocytes in the blasts when exposed to various dilutions of phytohemagglutinin have been determined in patients with cerebral gliomas of different degree of malignancy. Under these conditions, the degree of aggregation of blood cells was determined by new highly sensitive method of surface plasmon resonance. Increased activity of diamineoxydase and polyamineoxydase in spinal hernias and decreased activity of these enzymes in malignant gliomas has been found. The regulatory role of these enzymes in the processes of lymphocyte proliferative activity in neurosurgical pathology, including brain gliomas of different degree of malignancy, is suggested.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):11-17
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Experience of combination antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis c in HIV-infected patients in the Novgorod region

Azovtzeva O.V., Buzunova S.A., Arkhipov G.S., Arkhipova E.I., Trofimova T.S.


The paper presents an analysis of effectiveness of antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C in HIV-infected patients, factors affecting the achievement of sustained virologic response are revealed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):18-24
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Psychogenic pruritus: the features of clinic and therapy

Ataian N.K., Marilov V.V., Artemieva M.S.


This paper describes the clinical features and treatment of psychogenic pruritus in three groups of patients. In the diagnosis of pruritus assessed personal characteristics of patients, and the relationship of itching with trauma. In the treatment of this condition have shown high efficiency of antidepressants and antipsychotics, which was confirmed by the clinic disease.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):25-28
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Dayly profile microalternations of ECG-signals according to dispersion mapping

Ivanov G.G., Bersenev E.Y., Dvornikov V.E., Asaraksh H.K., Chuiko N.A., Eihenvald L.A., Pecherskikh A.A., Halabi G.


This report presents preliminary results of the analysis of the circadian monitoring factors of dispersion mapping (DM). Analyzed daily ECG monitoring in healthy individuals in a free life activity (I group), the data obtained during the research program "Mars-500" in 6 healthy men (2 group), in patients with hypertension (3 group) and IHD with episode of ventricular arrhythmia I-II class on Launu (4 group). For analysis areas by duration in 15-20 minutes from each hour «were cut". Study of the circadian factors of ECG-signal microalternations is a new diagnostic approach to the analysis of electrophisiological status and diagnostic test of the revealing of the myocardium lesions. DM method can be used to obtain new data on electrophysiological features of the myocardium during the day and the diagnosis of myocardium electrical heterogenicity.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):29-38
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Haemodynamic indexes and structural changes in man’s testis at oblique inguinal hernia

Polyvkan M.I.


In 25 patients with oblique inguinal hernia haemodynamic indexes and their influence on the histoultrastructure of man’s testis by the ultrasonic angiography, histological, electronic microscopic methods in the bioptic samples of testes were investigated. It has been established that oblique inguinal hernia of the second type causes considerable haemodynamic changes in testis and violation of spermatogenesis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):39-45
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Nonspecific prevention methods of postoperative complications after treatment of hip and tibial fractures in elderly patients

Verkhovod A.Y., Mel’cer R.I.


The article describes nonspecific prevention methods of postoperative complications after treatment of hip and tibial fractures at the patients of old age, associated with development of fat embolism, thromboembolism and pulmonary disorders. The most effective of them are early and strong fixation of fragments of the broken bone, activization of the patient and early prevention of pathological changes in blood circulation and breath systems. A number of the devices providing qualitative preventive measures and giving differently directed effect is offered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):46-50
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Ultrasound semiotics of kidney and upper urinary tract with internal drainage and after stent removal in the experiment

Shkodkin S.V., Kogan M.I., Ivanov S.V., Idashkin Y.B., Stepchenko O.I.


The frequency of surgical complications when using the ureteral stent is large enough. Using bioinert materials and coatings will reduce the frequency of complications. Ultrasound examination of stented kidney of 15 male rabbits breed “Gray giant” was carried out. All test animals both stent istalled. Stents are removed in a month, ultrasonic testing was continued for another month. Ultrasound of the kidney and upper urinary tract was performed by Aloka 3500 scanner with 8 MHz linear transducer. In the control group the urinary stasis and violation of renal blood flow were recorded throughout the term drainage and two weeks after stent removal, such complications were not observed in the study group.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):51-59
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The role of matrix metalloproteinases and vascular grouth facrors in differentional diagnostic of prostate’s diseases

Avdoshin V.P., Pulbere S.A., Loktev A.V., Glukhov A.I.


The aim of this study was to determine of TRF1, MMP-7, FLT-1, KDR and VEGF mRNA expression levels obtained from prostate biopsies samples of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer and healthy men without prostate pathology. It was demonstrated that detection of TRF1, FLT-1, KDR and MMP-7 expression levels correlations and TRF1/MMP-7 index was criteria of different way for different prostate neoplasm diagnostics.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):60-65
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New approaches to prevention of excessive weight gain during pregnancy

Pokusaeva V.N.


Objective: to find out the effectiveness of individual counseling aimed to prevent a pathological gestational weight gain (GWG). A prospective cohort study of 361 pregnant women: 77 had repeated detailed talks on nutrition, 284 - receiving traditional prenatal doctor's advice. The analysis showed that the individual repeated consultations can significantly change the diet and nutrition, bringing them to the recommended during pregnancy and reduce the risk of insufficient gestational weight gain. Individual advice contributes to the normalization of increases weight gain in the second trimester in patients with excessive increase GWG.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):66-72
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Assessment of quality outpatient care of patients with diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses (according to a sociological survey)

Bitsaeva A.V., Popadyuk V.I., Fomina A.V.


By analyzing survey data, found that in the subjective assessment of the quality and effectiveness of specialized ENT care to patients with diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, the majority of respondents fully satisfied with assistance provided. Revealed that the most highly they estimate medical staff and less - organizing medical care.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):73-78
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Malignant tumors morbidity (in Orel region)

Kicha D.I., Maksimenko L.V., Saurina O.S., Vasil’ev A.A.


This article is a fragment of a study of prevalence of cancer in the Orel region. It demonstrates the dynamics of the disease in the region and comparison with the situation in Russia in general. The value of the index of accumulation and contingent at dispensary observation in connection with cancer are estimated.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):79-84
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Haemorrhagic dengue fever: a case report from Brazil

R Micelle F.N., Leal S.P., Serpa J.S., Sachivkina N.P.


Dengue fever (DF) is a common cause of arboviral infections in South America, belonging to the genus Flavivirus. Only in Fortaleza, the 5 th most populated city in Brazil, in the year of 2011 over 110 cases of dengue fever by day were being registered [3]. DF is only rarely considered as a cause of acute liver failure [4], while this particular case involves three different systems, being the reason why it called our attention. 50 year old, male, conscious, presents to São José Hospital of Infectious Diseases with classic dengue fever symptoms, being the day of his admission the 9 th since the first symptoms erupted. Other causes for acute hepatic failure like acute viral hepatitis, leptospirosis, malaria, Reyes syndrome were ruled out, had the patient already been tested for dengue IgM in a local hospital. Complained of a pain in his abdomen, simple thorax radiography showed an enlarged cardiac area. His ECG reinforced the cardiac enzymes’ results, showing a clear alteration in ventricular repolarization. Patient progressed with shock, cardiac insufficiency and ischemic hepatitis. With treatment for the multiple conditions he made a significant clinical and biochemical improvement. He was discharged after 33 days of hospital stay.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):85-91
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Review of the monographi S.M. Chibisov, G.S. Katinas, M.V. Ragulskaya. “Biorhythms and cosmos: monitoring cosmobiospheric connections”

Shastun S.A., Rapoport S.I.


The book presents the results, long-term monitoring of physiological parameters of the human body and heliophysical factors. The authors examine the history of the development of chronobiology from the antique times to our time, in more detail stopping in the period of the formation of domestic science. Proposed the version of the terminological dictionary on chronobiology, in which is used the general principle: terms must not be ambiguous and as far as possible not to allow ambiguous interpretation. The basic ways of the analysis of time series are examined. The data, obtained in studies, testify that the geomagnetic storms cause desynchronosis of the biorhythms of heart. It is shown that a change in the chronostructure of biorhythms is the indicator of the functional state of organism, one of the most important criteria of the physiological adaptation of man. The criticized monograph is the scientific labor, which contributes the weighty contribution to the study of chronobiology and chronomedicine and cosmobiospheric connections, and also to natural-science disciplines as a whole.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2014;(1):92-96
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