Review of the monographi S.M. Chibisov, G.S. Katinas, M.V. Ragulskaya. “Biorhythms and cosmos: monitoring cosmobiospheric connections”

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The book presents the results, long-term monitoring of physiological parameters of the human body and heliophysical factors. The authors examine the history of the development of chronobiology from the antique times to our time, in more detail stopping in the period of the formation of domestic science. Proposed the version of the terminological dictionary on chronobiology, in which is used the general principle: terms must not be ambiguous and as far as possible not to allow ambiguous interpretation. The basic ways of the analysis of time series are examined. The data, obtained in studies, testify that the geomagnetic storms cause desynchronosis of the biorhythms of heart. It is shown that a change in the chronostructure of biorhythms is the indicator of the functional state of organism, one of the most important criteria of the physiological adaptation of man. The criticized monograph is the scientific labor, which contributes the weighty contribution to the study of chronobiology and chronomedicine and cosmobiospheric connections, and also to natural-science disciplines as a whole.

About the authors

S A Shastun

People’s Friendship University of Russia

Department of Normal Physiology

S I Rapoport

Medical University SEE HPE (State Educational Establishment Higher Professional Education) 1st MSMU. by name I.M. Sechenov

Research association Metabolic Syndrome


Copyright (c) 2014 Шастун С.А., Рапопорт С.И.

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