No 1 (2015)


Role and perspective of medical information-analytic centre in the organization of information support of the health care system (in Nizhny Novgorod region)

Pozdnyakova M.A., Konovalov A.A.


The article presents a historical analysis of the medical information-analytical center as a key element of health information support system of the RF subjects, provides analysis of the dynamics of activity of the institutions, including financial and personnel resources. Settle the improvement of the normative-legal basis, organizational structure, operations centre-based logistics concept and the implementation of new computer technologies.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):5-11
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New effective approaches in compensation of health workers

Borisova E.A., Savina N.V., Lutskan I.P., Timofeev L.F.


Main goals of the introduction of new payment systems in healthcare institutions considered mainly the strengthening of motivation of health workers to provide quality medical care, and only then - to create conditions for the inflow of skilled young professionals. Thus, in the article the question of implementation of the employment contract in the form of an effective contract in the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) «The medical center of Yakutsk» is presented. Developed new job descriptions, performance criteria, evaluation of functions of the medical staff. Mechanisms accounting and implementation of social guarantees for health care workers are offered. Based on the study formulated recommendations will enable efficient use of labor resources and consequently pay wages higher than the average in the health care system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):12-21
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Characteristic of medical and social component of the satisfaction of mothers in outpatient pediatric care

Shmelev I.A.


The article on the materials of Samara city given detailed medical and social characteristics for ensuring availability, duration of expectation of medical reception, possibility of receiving paid medical services at an affordable price and satisfaction of mothers in the pediatric clinic with provided information on interesting questions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):22-26
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Organizational and functional model of the center of breastfeeding in system of prevention of noninfectious diseases of children of the first year of life

Pozdnyakova M.A., Lukuchkina E.F., Burova O.N.


The paper deals with the creation of new organizational and functional model of the Center for breastfeeding on the principles of public-private partnership. The model includes an internal boundary of the Center, which provides coordination of structural subdivisions of territorial children's clinics, including local network, as well as the external boundary integrating the clinic with the relevant departments of the State budget institution of higher professional education “Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, female consultation, maternity hospital and Russian Orthodox Church. It provides a systematic approach to the organization of infant breastfeeding. The Center is a school of nursing mothers, pregnant women and the medical personnel. The efficiency of the Centre is shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):27-33
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Social and hygienic aspects and consequences of violence against women and children

Rudnev A.O., Petrov D.S., Filimonov A.P.


The article analyzes data on crimes of violence against women and children victims in the territory of the Russian Federation, Central Federal District, in the regions of Ryazan’ and Tver’. Among the causes of death of women special consideration was given to the medical and social problem of violent deaths, including murders and suicides.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):34-38
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Comorbidity, multimorbidity, polypathy - three views on the combined pathology

Gudkov R.A., Konovalov O.E.


History of the development of terminology and concepts of comorbidity has traced. Terms as comorbidity, multimorbidity, syntropy and polypathy was analyzed in the historical and etymological aspects. These terms are often used as synonyms, but each of them represents different looking on a single phenomenon. Usage of different terminology gives us versatile look at such a complex and multifaceted problem, as combined pathology.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):39-45
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Determination of quality of life of patients with morbid obesity with simultaneous analysis of three questionnaires - SF-36, GIQLI and QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX QUESTIONNAIRE

Egiev V.N., Mayorova Y.B., Meleshko A.V., Zorin E.A.


Nowadays a great number of different questionnaires and forms for to assessment of quality of life (QL) of patients, including patients with morbid obesity, have been developed and used. To estimate the QL, we used three questionnaires: SF-36, GIQLI and the original one assessing the quality of life index (QLI), developed by us specifically for patients with morbid obesity. The main group consisted of 26 patients with morbid obesity, the av. age of which was 36,7 ± 0,3 years, the av. weight - 125,1 ± 24,5 kg (from 93 to 160 kg) and the av. BMI - 42,8 ± 8,1 kg/m 2. The control group consisted of 26 healthy persons without any comorbidities and morbid obesity. All indicators in all groups are higher than in healthy persons (the difference is statistically significant (р £ 0,05). From these data it follows that, as in the case of SF-36 questionnaire, there are significant differences between the two groups in all blocks of questions indicating a lower level of QL in patients with morbid obesity compared with healthy. Similar results were obtained in the analysis of QLI. Analysis of the three questionnaires revealed that all demonstrated a significant difference between the QL in patients with morbid obesity from that of healthy persons. These figures differ both in total points and in individual clusters of questions. A study of the correlation between BMI and levels of QL showed that, according to the GIQLI questionnaire has not represented. According to the questionnaire SF-36 there is inverse dependence between indicators of physical well-being and body weight of the patient. The same relationship exists in the QLI questionnaire in the block of disease-specific questions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):46-54
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The hygienic characteristics of patients with chronic dermatosis with various states of the course of the disease

Piven E.A., Piven N.P.


The analysis of the social and hygienic characteristics of patients with chronic dermatosis, such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis suggests that the severity of the disease is influenced by a number of factors. Showed the relationship between the nature of the disease and living conditions, the nature of work and mode of work, especially of great influence of the patient’s diet. Found that the most severe course of chronic dermatoses seen with poor housing conditions, shift work and nighttime. The percentage of patients with severe chronic dermatoses among patients who did not follow the prescribed diet is 31,4-35,6%, which is significantly more than in the mild course (5.9 to 18,4%).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):55-61
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Scientific basis of priorities health care of residents of working age in closed administrative-territorial formation

Fomin E.P.


The article presents a system of measures aimed at preserving and improving the health of the working age population living in the closed administrative-territorial formation - Ozyorsk city. The priority areas of medical and organizational, preventive and informational nature are highlighted.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):62-68
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Prediction of the risk of severe pre-eclampsia in multiple pregnancies and ways of its prevention

Barinov S.V., Rogova E.V., Kadtsyna T.V., Novikov D.G., Rasdobedina I.N.


Based on the study of indicators of oxidative and antioxidative activity of blood, acute phase protein - lactoferrin, placental growth factor (P1GF)) in the first trimester of pregnancy 6-10 weeks in serum of 226 pregnant women with preeclampsia and multiple pregnancy is developed and implemented a complex of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, which helped to reduce the risk of severe preeclampsia in 2 times, massive bleeding in 1.2 times and to improve perinatal outcomes due to prolongation of pregnancy ( r = 0,78, p < 0,01).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):69-76
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Informative analysis of quality of life after various technologies of treatment of uterine myoma

Bashirov E.V., Kutsenko I.I., Polina M.L.


This study was performed to evaluate symptoms of uterine fibroid and their impact on the quality of life after treatment using a validated questionnaire. It is shown that the assessment of quality of life not only a predictor of the complicated postoperative period and the remote recurrence of a disease, as well as the criterion of full course of rehabilitation. Preference of UAE leads to sustained improvement in the quality of life and to a significant relief of symptoms with the greatest recovery after comprehensive rehabilitation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):77-84
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Capabilities of the ecg dispersion mapping in evaluation of myocardial lesions in pratient with cardiovascular diseases and alcohol consumption

Varekha L.A., Dvornikov V.E., Ogurtsov P.P., Halaby G.V., Mikheeva Y.V., Ivanov G.G.


Diseases of the cardiovascular system continues to be the leading cause of mortality in the Russian Federation. It is known that alcohol contributes a role in the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In this study the affect of different doses of alcohol on the course of cardiovascular disease was evaluated using the method of ECG dispersion mapping. The study found the more pronounced changes in the electrophysiological properties of the myocardium in patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, consuming 5 and more doses of alcohol per day compared with moderate drinking or denies the use of alcohol by patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):85-93
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New medical devices for phototherapy of corneal diseases

Drozdova G.A., Bikbov M.M., Khalimov A.R., Kazakbaeva G.M., Kharitono S.V., Halimov T.A.


Results of clinical trial and information about new developed medical devices for UV corneal collagen cross-linking at Ufa eye research institute are given.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):94-101
pages 94-101 views

Bridging therapy in maxillofacial and dental surgery

Velichko E.V., Sturov N.V.


The article discusses approaches to temporary transition from oral anticoagulants to parenteral heparins (so called bridge therapy) which are often used to provide maxillofacial and dental surgery, and decreases the risk of bleeding in patients receiving warfarin. Features of bridge therapy in dental surgery have been described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):102-106
pages 102-106 views

Relationship between pepsin activity in the tracheobronchial aspirate and duration of respiratory therapy in newborns

Bryksina E.Y.


The 276 children on mechanical ventilation in the neonatal period the study was conducted tracheobronchial aspirate (TBA) with the release of pepsin and the determination of its extinction activity value. It was found that the increase of pepsin activity was accompanied by increased duration of mechanical ventilation and subsequent oxygen therapy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):107-112
pages 107-112 views

About the quality of great burdock roots ( arctium lappa l.) depending on the drying mode

Babaeva E.Y., Burova A.E., Voroshilov A.I.


The results of studies on drying of Arctium lappa L. roots have represented. Technological parameters of the aboveground and underground parts of plants and temperature conditions influencing on quality of raw materials have studied. The optimum conditions of drying have chosen (70-80 °C). Convection chamber dryers have used.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):113-119
pages 113-119 views

Influence isotopic composition of water on combined biological activity adjuvants na2edta and essential trace elements. Message 2

Titorovich O.V., Pleteneva T.V., Uspenskaya E.V., Maksimova T.V., Lukashova M.S., Khodorovich N.A., Syroeshkin A.V., Burdeinaya T.N.


Physico-chemical and biopharmaceutical analysis excipients and drug indicates the absence of the previously announced their inertia. Excipients can exhibit biological activity by themselves, and influence the activity of the active compound. Previously, we have shown that the water depleted in deuterium reduces the toxic effect of disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate (Na 2EDTA). Disodium edetate is used as a stabilizer in liquid dosage forms including ointments, suppositories and tablets, is known as E386 preservative in the food industry. Zinc is as essential trace elements involved in many vital processes and is a part of the multi-component drugs. We have studied the combined toxicity of adjuvant Na 2EDTA and zinc salts in solutions with different ratios of isotopes of hydrogen (D/H) on biological models Spirotox.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(1):120-125
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