No 3 (2013)


The biological factors influence alcoholic liver disease progression

Ogurtsov P.P., Garmash I.V., Guschin A.E., Tarasenko E.V., Myandina G.I., Arisheva O.S., Polikarpova T.S.


The aim of study was to detect the genetic factors which cause the predisposition for alcoholic liver damage. The main candidate genes of high risk are isoforms of adh and aldh genes which are responsible for different rate of alcohol metabolism and oxidation of ethanol and acetaldehyde. Our results demonstrated that allelic variant adh 2-2 is in a higher frequency in patients with alcoholic liver damage than in a population (16% vs. 7%; p < 0,05). The polymorphism t 174 m of angiotensinogen gene AGT was studied as risk factor of alcoholic liver damage. The allelic variant т of angiotensinogen gene AGT is more frequent (15,8%) in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis and alcohol abuse without cirrhosis (n = 98) than in a population (6,7%, n = 52; p = 0,04). the greater frequency of allele m was in a group with alcoholic liver cirrhosis (17,3%; p = 0,058). Our. data provides the evidence that polymorphism t 174 m of AGT gene does not influence the progression (clinical picture) of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, except the level of GGT, which is increased in patients with homozygous genotype tt.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):5-10
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Use of physical factors in the medical rehabilitation in patients with atopic dermatitis

Zhukova O.V., Malayrenko E.N., Kruglova L.S., Ponich E.S.


Article presents data about the efficacy of physical factors for rehabilitation and prophylaxis of atopic dermatitis. Curative application of physical factors is aimed at the most effective recovery of the human’s systems dysfunctions, prolongation of the remission, at improvement of quality of life and at social adaptation of patients with atopic dermatitis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):11-16
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Microstructure of the inner wall of retinal arteries change with age in anamnesticly healthy persons

Kotliar K.E., Mücke B., Lanzl I.M., Drozdova G.A., Kastyro I.V., Vilser W.


Arteriosclerosis involves the whole human vascular system with a somewhat patchy appearance. Although typical arteriosclerotic lesions are confined to major arteries, vessels of microcirculation are affected as well. Retinal vessels are part of the microvascular bed. They can be assessed in non invasive ways by rather simple optical methods and are similar to cerebral vessels in their structure and function. Retinal vessels are not straight tubes with a constant lumen, but rather possess narrower and wider diameters in different segments. The aim of the present work was to study functional and morphological age-related alterations in retinal vasculature as well as to determine quantitative parameters which could characterize these changes. Changes in longitudinal vessel section of retinal arterial segments were examined clinically by Retinal Vessel Analyzer (IMEDOS, Germany) in 35 anamnesticaly healthy persons at the age of 21—27 years, 40—60 years and 60—85. A monochromatic flicker of 12.5 Hz was applied for 60 s. Arterial diameters were measured in vessel segments of 1 mm in length in order to obtain the longitudinal arterial profiles. Differences in amplitude and frequency of arterial widths change were characterized by the parameter ‘spectral edge frequency’ (SEF). The rate of microirregularity of retinal arterial inner walls along a vessel increased significantly in anamnesticaly healthy volunteers with increasing age. SEF was significantly different between the young and senior age groups in each phase of the arterial reaction to flicker ( p < 0,05, Mann-Whitney-Test). No significant difference within any age group was found in each phase of the arterial reaction. No significant difference between the middle age and either young or old volunteers was found at baseline. However following stimulation the middle age group displayed a significant difference to the young group with values resembling the old age group. It is concluded, that retinal arteries in the elderly sustain significant microstructural changes of their longitudinal profiles, which might be of either functional or irreversible nature and might be an expression of endothelial damage, the instability of vessel wall or partial degradation of smooth musculature of vessel wall.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):17-28
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Clinical and radiological evaluation of patients with degenerative and dystrophic hip joint diseases at long-term period after revascularization of the femur neck and head

Nazarov E.A., Kolesov V.Y., Ryabova M.N., Musaeva R.F.


41 patients after revascularization of neck and head of the femur were examined in the long term postoperative period (7—26 years). The deterioration of radiographic have 18 people who had surgery in the later stages of the process, not accompanied by clinical deterioration. Hip radiogramms in the anteroposterior in intertrochanteric region determined the hole through which the vascular complex was implanted. The so called ‘foramina nutricia’ is visualized in patients for the entire follow-up period (up to 26 years). X-ray computed tomography in these patients defined a canal inside the neck and head of the femur where the vascular complex was implanted. Part of the canal coming from a subtrochanteric intertrochanteric region formed during the operation is filled with the bone tissue due to lack of complex vascular transplant. The same situation is observed after tunneling operations. Due to revascularization of necrotized areas in the neck and head of the femur a new bone tissue develop which is accompanied by an increase of its mineral density.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):29-41
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Analysis of complications arising from treatment of advanced kidney cancer by sunitinib and their correction

Klimenko A.A., Ivanov S.A.


The own observation of treatment of patients with advanced kidney cancer by sunitinib — the angiogenesis blocker and tyrosine kinases inhibitor medication — is presented. 44 patients having distant metastases of renal cancer underwent therapy. In the course of treatment in the group of favorable and intermediate prognosis ( n = 44), disease-free survival was 13 months, the overall survival rate — 22 months. Analyzed all complications associated with the use of sunitinib. Data obtained allow to recommend sunitinib for the treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma with the timely prevention of complications of this treatment.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):42-48
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Quality assessment outpatient care of patients with diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses (according to a sociological survey)

Bitsaeva A.V., Fomina A.V., Popadyuk V.I.


Analysis of survey data found that in the subjective assessment of the quality and efficacy of specialized care to patients with diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, the majority of respondents completely satisfied with medical care. Revealed that most highly they estimate qualification of the medical personnel and less — the organization of medical care.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):49-54
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Air cysts of the larynx (features of clinics, diagnosis and treatment)

Antoniv T.V., Antoniv V.F., Grinchyuk V.I., Aksenov V.M.


Air cyst of the larynx (laryngocele) is relatively rare lesion. Publications about the diseases are based on description of clinical cases and there is no universal classification. Treatment of the disease is usually surgical, but the methods of surgery are varied and mainly based on the choice of approach to the tumor. The authors observed and treated 16 patients with laryngocele. Internal laryngeal air cysts were removed by endolaryngeal approach under intravenous anesthesia with mechanical ventilation of lungs and plastics of postoperative wound. External and combined cysts were removed according to the authors’ method without opening the lumen of the hypopharynx and larynx. This method was developed by the authors of the work.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):55-59
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Dynamics of the hemostatic system in pregnant with preeclampsia during delivery under general anesthesia

Muzychenko V.P., Prokhorova I.N., Sin’kov S.V., Magomedov M.A.


In article evaluated the dynamics of hemostasis system changes in pregnant women with preeclampsia during delivery under general anesthesia. Main violation of the hemostasis system in preeclampsia is haemodilutional coagulopathy due to hypervolemia increasing with the development of preeclampsia. After delivery, the coagulopathy frequency was significantly reduced by the third postpartum day. The severity and duration of the correction of the protein and the water balance depended on the availability of patients hemostatic disturbances. Fresh frozen plasma and albumin were used significantly more often in patients with severe preeclampsia who have hemostasis disorders.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):60-67
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The effects of antiseptics miramistin and chlorhexidine on oral cavity of patients with chronic generalized catarrhal gingivitis

Avanesov A.M., Kalantarov G.K.


The immunological studies were carried out and the evaluation of immunological effectiveness of antiseptic agents in the treatment of patients with chronic generalized catarrhal gingivitis is given. The results showed different nature of miramistin’s and chlorhexidine’s impact on local immunity of an oral cavity.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):68-72
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Biologically active substance on the basis of beebread

Ahmetova L.T., Garmonov S.Y., Zevakov I.V., Maksimova T.V., Sibgatullin Z.Z.


The chemical composition of biologically active substance in a beebread is established. The possibility of using drugs on the basis of its therapeutic and preventive agents to compensate lack of biologically active compounds in the human organism, is shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):73-77
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Pharmacognostic study and morphometric parameters of arnica foliosa and arnica chamissonis herb

Babaeva H.Y., Bondarenko O.V., Voroshilov A.I., Semkina O.A.


Morphometric parameters and productivity of Arnica foliosa and Arnica Chamissonis in a comparative perspective were studied. The identification of their materials by external features and qualitative reactions was established.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):78-83
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Therapeutic and prophylactic gel for external use adainst candidiasis based on probiotic balis

Krivtsova D.D., Suslina S.N., Vasil’ev A.S., Vasil’eva E.A.


Aim: to develop a gel product based on filtrates of live cultures Bacillus subtilis , Bacillus licheniformis and lectinlinking component from Lactobacillus fermentum for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis, in particular caused by Candida. Proposed sanitary products for women based on extracellular products of probiotic strains of bioproduct Balis, increases antibacterial protection. Balis restores normal human microflora. Preventive action is provided by high antagonistic activity of probiotic components, suppression of adhesion of fungi and bacteria on the mucosal epithelium in the competitive type, increasing of anti-infective resistance.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):84-88
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Formation of competence-based model of pharmacist in the teaching of discipline “management and economics of pharmacy”

Loskutova E.E., Kosova I.V., Lagutkina T.P., Dorofeeva V.V.


On the basis of the analysis of the Federal State General Education Standard of higher education (FGO VPO) in “Pharmacy” identified the professional competence formed in teaching discipline “Management and economics of pharmacy”. Two competence-based models of the pharmacist are proposed: based on professional and content-based programs of relevant departments. The list of subcompetences for each professional competence is made; defined the list of competences and subcompetences for pharmacists positions in a pharmacy; analyzed the frequency of execution of the competences standard in process of official functions of the drugstore’s director, the deputy, a pharmacist.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):89-93
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Laser techniques in the analysis of solutions synthetic peptides

Uspenskaya E.V., Pleteneva T.V., Golubtsova T.A., Skripnikov A.Y., Syroeshkin A.V.


The search for new drugs based on protein/peptide compounds is associated with the development of methods for quality control and standardization of pharmaceutical preparations. The physicochemical properties of solutions of peptides synthesized by the method of dynamic light scattering (DLS) are discussed. The dispersion distribution of peptide molecules in size and the number are described. The results can be used for qualitative evaluation of peptide drug solutions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):94-99
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Fast dissolving films — innovative method of drug dilivery

Egorova A.S., Sapozhkova M.B., Obidchenko Y.A., Abramovich R.A., Semkina O.A., Dzhavakhyan M.A.


The review of world market of medical dosage forms like fast dissolving films, adjuvants, which can be use for manufacture of films, and methods of film manufacture are described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):100-105
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Infectious endocarditis in patients with injection drug use

Radzinskaya E.V., Alexandrova M.R., Politidis R.R., Zavalishina A.I., Alexandrova S.G.


In the article two clinical examples of infectious endocarditis (IE) in patients with diagnosis of “fever of unknown origin” admitted to the heart disease department from the surgical one are described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2013;(3):106-112
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