No 2 (2015)


Study of the composition and content of fatty acids in herbal remedies

Lobaeva T.A.


For comprehensive assessment of composition and physical-chemical characteristics of extraction and extraction of herbs on the basis of fatty oils method was used glc - gas-liquid chromatography, giving a complete picture of the composition and content of the most important components of lipids - fatty acids.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):9-18
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Of target programmes on women's health and child evaluation welfare

Mustafina G.T., Kul’mukhametova N.G.


We studied performance indicators target program of the Republic of Bashkortostan “Mother and child” for 2007-2011. Established a reduction of infant and maternal mortality, neonatal morbidity. Social efficiency was expressed in the reduction in the number of child deaths (462 cases in 5 years), a decrease of abortions (60 222 cases for 5 years). Defined the probability of production gross domestic product by reducing infant mortality in the amount of 12 286 313 thousand roubles.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):19-24
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Current status and prospects of reforming of the system primary medical care to the adult population of Moscow city

Serov D.S., Chirkov V.A.


Perspective directions of reforming the system of outpatient care to the adult population of the city Moscow on the principle of three-level by dint of creating outpatient medical centers in order to enhance the accessibility and quality of medical care, more efficient and effective use of medical equipment, material and human resources considered in detail in the article on specific example.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):25-31
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Organization of medical and rehabilitative care for persons with mental disorders (the Ryazan’ region)

Landishev M.A., Petrov M.S., Konovalov O.E.


The paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the psychiatric service of Ryazan region for 2003-2013 years. Estimated the trends of changes in the statistics of the region in comparison with the information in the Russian Federation. The analysis of dynamics of readmissions has been made. Draw attention to the problem of long-stay patients in psychiatric hospitals, the lack of specialized rehabilitation units.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):32-38
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Medico-social characteristics of families and quality of life of teenagers

Nagai R.Y., Akhmerova S.G., Chicherin L.P., Abilova D.H.


Studied the social portrait of families and the quality of life of 2240 adolescents aged 10 to 17 years. More than 20% of families of surveyed adolescents can be attributed to the families of medico-demographic risk. Quality of life of adolescents is characterized by high levels of social and physical functioning at a relatively low level of school functioning. Total index of the quality of life of adolescents aged 10-14 years is higher than among adolescents aged 15-17 years.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):39-44
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Analysis of the stuffing of outpatient clinics in the north-eastern administrative district of Moscow

Gridnev O.V., Belostotskiy A.V.


One of the main problems of the Russian health care is the provision of staffing of medical facilities, especially outpatient services. The article reflects the assessment of the dynamics of staffing situation in outpatient institutions of one of the administrative districts of Moscow for 2009-2013 years.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):45-49
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Magnetocardiography in the diagnosis of lesions fibrillation in patients with COPD and ACA

Ivanov G.G., Bulanova N.A., Vostrikov V.A., Dvornikov V.E., Chuiko N.A., Halabi G., Maslennikov Y.V., Prinin M.A., Nedaivoda I.V., Kuznetsova S.Y., Gunaeva V.N.


Paper is devoted to the study of MCG in the diagnosis of lesions of the Atria. Studied indicators in the group of healthy individuals ( n = 19) using functional tests (Shtange, Valsalva and tensor), the 2 nd group of patients ( n = 55) - with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at the age of 54 ± 8 yrs (32 of them with berodual or symbicort test) and the 3 rd group - with ACA on the background of coronary artery disease and hypertension at the age of 58 ± 6 yrs ( n = 30) time Analysis of intra- and interatrial conduction with ACA and COPD showed similar violations of MCG in these groups, which can be induction and maintenance factors of atrial fibrillation. MCG method can be used to assess the electrophysiological status of the myocardium of the Atria.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):50-61
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Automatic classification of patient groups using magnetocardiography in the diagnosis of the atria lesions in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and coronary heart disease

Ivanov G.G., Bulanova N.A., Vostrikov V.A., Dvornikov V.E., Chuiko N.A., Halabi G., Maslennikov Y.V., Prinin M.A., Nedaivoda I.V., Kuznetsova S.Y., Gunaeva V.N.


The work is devoted to study the possibilities of automatic classification of patient groups using magnetocardiography (MCG) in the diagnosis of lesions of the atria. Analyzed magnetocardiographic data for the three groups of patients. The first group included 31 ΜCG record healthy volunteers. The second group - 45 MCG records of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The third group - 58 ΜG records of patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). Statistical analysis showed that the decision rule for classification of patients with COPD and IHD can have four information parameter: 1 - the rate of variation of the magnetic field (RVMF), which characterizes the percentage of exceeding a given level of magnetic field in the whole time interval (104 msec), points on the plane dimensions of each magnetic card. 2 - parameter inversion (PI), which is defined on the interval 2-40 msec. 3 - parameter changes integrated map currents (ICT) characterizing changes in the structure (the values of vectors; directions of vectors; spatial distribution within the boundaries of the field measurements) distribution maps of vector current density during msec (on P wave in this case). 4 - parameter integral of the minimum magnetic field (PIMF).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):62-72
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The total hip arthroplasty in the elderly with coxarthrosis

Zagorodnii N.V., Kanaev A.S., Akimov N.P., Aliyev T.M., Abdulhabirov M.A.


From 2001 to 2015 yrs 179 patients with hip joint pathology aged 65 years and older were treated in the Scientific Clinical Center of Gerontology, in the departments of orthopedics and traumatology of Moscow clinical hospitals № 12 and 31. Clinical data show that total hip arthroplasty can be successfully used in the treatment of degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the hip in the elderly. Objective assessments of somatic status, correction of comorbidities, preoperative planning, precise surgery technique, as well as early activation of the patient minimize the risks of surgery. The results of this treatment in a period of 6 months up to 3 years were excellent in 58.6% of cases, good - in 34.6%, satisfactory - in 3.9%, unsatisfactory - in 2.9%.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):73-80
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Peculiarities of the course of bronchopulmonary dysplasia associated with microaspiration of gastric contents

Bryksina E.Y.


Tracheobronchial aspirate (TBA) was tested for marker of micro-aspiration of gastric contents - pepsin followed by analysis of the incidence and clinical picture of the developed bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) in patients with and without microaspiration. Found that in children with micro-aspiration the frequency and the severity of BPD in all degrees of gestational maturity was higher and increased in proportion to the activity of pepsin in the TBA and lower gestational age.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):81-87
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Age-sex related prevalence of orthodontic disorders among children of primary school age of large industrial centre (according to the Nizhny Novgorod region)

Kosyuga S.Y., Argutina A.S.


The prevalence of anomalies of dentition among the child population is extremely high today. Reducing the increase in the prevalence of dento-alveolar anomalies can be achieved only on the basis of their prevention and treatment, since childhood. The study took into account the 8 key orthodontic indications on the formation or presence of dental and facial anomalies. It It was found that as they get older the prevalence of the studied parameters increased, among them, the highest prevalence was of the speech formation violation and harmful habits that makes professionals to pay special attention to strengthening their work on prevention, with the obligatory participation of parents, teachers, speech therapists and pediatric dentists.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):88-92
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At helminthic invasion complex use synthetic anthelmintic and herbal preparations

Babaeva E.Y., Chernyishova E.S., Nikolaeva S.A.


Justified the necessity of a combination of synthetic anthelmintic and herbal drugs during deworming to reduce side effects.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):93-99
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Socio-economic and regional aspects of pharmaceutical care to patients with rare diseases in the Omsk region

Atavin V.E., Loskutova E.E., Kurashov M.M., Shukil’ L.V.


This article investigates characteristics of the providing pharmaceutical care to patients with rare diseases in Russia, including at the regional level. To improve this system it is useful to study foreign experience in the development, production and registration of orphan drugs.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):100-106
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Complex assessment of the main characteristics of scientific information and methods of its obtaining for pharmaceutical workers

Lobuteva A.V., Arkova E.S., Zakharova O.V., Lobuteva L.A.


An algorithm for identification and assessment of the most important characteristics of scientific information for pharmaceutical workers has been developed in order to optimize information support and methods of obtaining it. Using the methods of qualitative marketing research: focus group discussions and in-depth interviews identified eight main criteria for evaluating the properties of pharmaceutical information, as well as quantitative assessment carried out to identify the most significant characteristics.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):107-112
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The choice of method of surgical treatment of a giant inguinal scrotal hernia

Protasov A.V., Kaitova Z.S.


Paper describe clinical case of surgical treatment of giant inguinal-scrotal hernia. Recommendations are given to the surgeons on modern methods of hernioplasty, as well as medical advice to patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):113-118
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Crohn's disease with extraintestinal manifestations

Martynov A.Y., Mikheeva Y.V.


Paper resents the case of real clinical practice, which is interesting by atypical localization of Crohn's disease with the presence of extraintestinal manifestations, namely: lesions of the mucous membrane not only of the intestine, but also of oral cavity and esophagus, as well as of joints. Marked aggravation of inflammatory bowel disease in the patients receiving NSAIDs (meloxicam) for the treatment of arthropathy. The difficulties of diagnosis of Crohn's disease are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):119-127
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Moral lessons from Nikolai Pirogov or questions of life

Abdulhabirov M.A.


The article presents the activity of the great Russian surgeon and scientist N.I. Pirogov as a Russian teacher, educator and organizer of public education, creative heritage of which entered the Treasury of national pedagogy and remains highly relevant today.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2015;(2):128-137
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