No 3 (2012)


The Édouard Dujardin's novel Les lauriers sont coupés as a first experience of the stream of consciousness' prose

Soboleva Y.


This article is devoted to the analysis of the stream of consciousness technique in the Dujardin's novel Les lauriers sont coupés. On the material of the selected fragments the author shows the variability of this literary device in the novel and proves that the experiments of Dujardin anticipated Joyce's stream of consciousness' prose.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):5-12
pages 5-12 views

The mythologeme of place desert in the work of the arab writer Ibrahim Al-Koni

Zolotukhina O.I.


The article shows the mythologeme of place desert in the works of the Tuareg writer Ibrahim al-Koni. It defines the role and place of the myths in the range of individual works and the whole creative process, as the creation of an integrated space-mythological worldview inherent creative method I. al-Koni. Myth is analyzed as a universal category, which connects the secular and the sacred space.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):13-16
pages 13-16 views

Victorian drama in Gothic setting (Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon)

Razumovskaya O.V.


The article analyses thematic and figurative connection between early Gothic novels by English writers and Mary Braddon's Victorian best-seller Lady Audley's Secret, especially in terms of chronotope. Braddon's literary creation follows the main principles of sensational fiction, featuring a thrilling plot and magnetic characters, but the problem set behind the family drama is closely interwoven with the topical issues of Victorian society - stereotyped view of female depravity, social and gender inequality, connections between mental illness and moral corruption. Combining Gothic and sensational elements, Braddon makes her novel more complicated and controversial, than the plot and subgenre suggest.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):17-23
pages 17-23 views

The specific features of comics in the prose of V. Pelevin

Smirnova O.O.


This article includes an examination of appearance of comical at the level of phonetic, lexical, word-formative, syntactic in Victor Pelevin's compositions; it also derives the hypothesis of the main features and functions of comical in this writer's books.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):24-29
pages 24-29 views

Vladimir Vysotsky as Philological Phenomenon, or from the work experience in the Hungarian audience

Viczai Péter Tamás -.


Works of the famous poet and the singer Vladimir Vysotsky got a new actuality in the new multicultural context of the 21st century. Vysotsky's poetry has received public recognition in Hungary, as well as in many other countries of the world. The article analyzes from philological point of view the experience of using Vladimir Vysotsky's songs at the Russian language lessons for foreigners.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):30-37
pages 30-37 views

The typological proximity of lyrics motives of S. Esenin and A. Rimbaud

Wu Dandan -.


The article is devoted to the typological proximity of motifs in the lyrics of Sergei Alexandrovich Esenin and Arthur Rimbaud. Particular attention is paid to the peculiarities of the creative ways of S. Esenin and A. Rimbaud. Poetry of Esenin is presented in the context of such motifs of A. Rimbaud, such as a duality, rebelliousness, attitude towards the Church, love for nature, etc.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):38-43
pages 38-43 views

Some unknown short stories of V.M. Shukshin

Maryin D.V.


In thе article, the author turns to one of the episodes of V.M. Shukshin's creative career, associated with the collaboration of the writer with the literary magazine «Znamya». Relying on archival materials, the author presents the history of relations of Shukshin with the editors of the journal, as well as trying to recreate the content of his early stories, pre-designated for publication in the «Znamya», but unknown today. The author comes to the conclusion, that correspondence of Shukshin with the editors of «Znamya» played important role in the literary career of the famous Russian writer. The young writer has acquired the necessary experience in dealing with editors and critics, felt the specifics of literary magazines. This experience proved to be for V. Shukshin extremely valuable: most of his literary works he published in periodicals.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):44-48
pages 44-48 views

New times - new methods (modern society reflected in journalism)

Berezin V.M.


The article studies the problems of application of new scientific methods in mass media's reflection of modern socio political processes. These methods are associated primarily with epistemological ways of cognition such as sensualism, rationalism, agnosticism, irrationalism, scientific ways of knowing. Each of these ways can be applied in the current TV communications' research. However the basis of a research should be laid on scientific methods of cognition including observation, experiment, comparative analysis, supported by scientific theories.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):49-55
pages 49-55 views

The Role of Social media

Algavi L.O., Al-Hanaki D.A.


In this article we discuss the distinction of the social media functions from industrial media's, and how grass-root users inspire the mainstream media using social media to change the main functions of traditional journalism.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):56-62
pages 56-62 views

Restoration of military censorship and other outcomes of the July 1917 uprising in Petrograd

Antonov-Ovseenko A.A.


On July 3-5, 1917 the Bolshevik propaganda triggered an armed uprising of the Petrograd garrison units. It led to forming a new Provisional Government which launched a campaign against the Bolsheviks and their press organs ending with imposing restrictions on the freedom of the press in general and restoring of military pre-censorship. Other results of the uprising were the loss of the Provisional Government authority, the rising popularity and number of Bolsheviks in the Council, which played a crucial role in the success of the coup on October 25.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):63-70
pages 63-70 views

The problems of establishing Internet communications in modern Iran

Parwan Pishnamazi -.


The article identified the problem of becoming Irneta - Internet in Iran, slowing down the rate of entry into the world Irneta communication space.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):71-78
pages 71-78 views

Rhetorical analysis orations speakers on the example of modern teleproekta Name of Russia

Il'icheva V.V.


This article discusses the history of television project Name of Russia, explores its features, goals, objectives, conducted a rhetorical analysis of the orations of the project participants, who took three in the ranking of the leading places.
RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism. 2012;(3):79-85
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