The Trifonov’s code in prose by V.S. Makanin

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The article is devoted to the origins of V.S. Makanin’s prose, which the author finds in the works of Y.V. Trifonov. In order to identify the presence and influence of Y.V. Trifonov the author considered those components Makanin’s artistic world as the “Moscow text”, poetics of everyday life and the concept of “self-flowing life”, the system of characters, the essence of the conflict between the characters (“lucky man”/”unlucky fellow”), the motif of “runaway”. The study brings to light the general artistic creativity code that reveals the genesis of Trifonov’s ideas and images in Makanin’s prose: the elegiac tone of the descriptions of the old Moscow replaced dispassionate sketching stages of capital’s urbanization, the intelligent person was rethinking as the “middle man”, a situation of moral compromise tapered to embarrassing situations, the motif of “runaway” is deprived of positive content and becomes a kind of escapism.

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M V Selemeneva

Moscow Metropolitan Governance University



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