No 1 (2013)


The grammatical category of case as an hierarchical system

Novikov A.L., Rybakov M.A.


The problem of an hierarchical structure of the category of case is being raised in the article, which also deals with the criteria and goals of its study. The review of different attitudes to semantic organization of the category of case is also given in the paper, the principles of structuring the category are considered.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Determining parameters of Speech Etiquette Units

Nikashina N.V., Batalov A.A.


The article is based on Weigand’s findings in the field of discourse, conversation and the dialogue itself.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):12-20
pages 12-20 views

Peculiarity of the idiomatic constructions with lost lexical meanings of components

Puzov N.A.


The article deals with structural, semantic and functional features of one of the idiomatic constructions types — sentences with lost lexical meanings of components.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):21-27
pages 21-27 views

Contemporary poetry in the world of advetising: deictic organization of poetical and advertising texts

Sokolova O.V.


The article is devoted to the comparison of poetical and advertising discourses and to the exposure of the communicative strategies specific of these types of texts (the category of ‘addressness’, the grammatical and semantic manner of a deictic expression, etc.).
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):28-36
pages 28-36 views

Aspects of Islamic words translation and usage in Russian and English news stories

Aleksandrova O.I., Zakharova E.V.


The article deals with the problem of arabic Islamic words usage in Russian and English news stories in the context of their actualization and linguacultural aspects of their translation.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):37-42
pages 37-42 views

Bemonym (gentilic) formation mechanisms in the Spanish and the Russian languages

Zhuravleva N.Y.


The article deals with the basic mechanisms of demonym formation in the Spanish language, their character and correlations analysis; their equivalents in Russian and problems that arise in the process of translation.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):43-51
pages 43-51 views

Common Czech vs colloquial Russian

Izotov A.I.


In this paper, a phenomenon of Common Czech in respect to Standard Czech is regarded. Main features of Common Czech are described. Linguistic situation in Czech Republic is compared to the classical diglossia situation.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):52-60
pages 52-60 views

Difficulties in translation of socio-political texts

Mamedov A.N.


Belonging of Russian socio-political texts to publicistic style assumes being guided by functional approach in order to find most adequate linguistic means by transfer of pragmatic meaning of the source text. Intralinguistic meaning can slightly remain by the interpretation of German texts. Lexical and grammatical transformations help preserving semantic-syntactic structure of the target text which means achievement of the same communicative effect by the translate which is being achieved by the source text.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):61-68
pages 61-68 views

The Structure and Contents of the English Written Entry Examination as a Major Subject at the Department of Linguistics

Bobrova S.E.


The author of the article has been writing English entry examinations for PFUR for over a decade. In this article she analyses the structure and contents of the English language entry examination for prospective students of Linguistics at the Faculty of Philology. The requirements for the entry written test are set by the State standards of complete secondary education for foreign languages at the level of a major subject. The PFUR entry examination has always been written in accordance with recommendations of the Education and Science Ministry and the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Assessment.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):69-77
pages 69-77 views

Elements of artistic expression in English journalistic texts

Savosin A.Y.


The article describes some peculiarities of journalistic texts related to the use of the means of artistic impression. General text description is based on the dicteme theory. Metaphor is highlighted as the main means. The means of artistic impression have an aesthetic function and a convincing one depending on the subject of speech influence.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):78-86
pages 78-86 views

Phraseological units with component-somatism in objectification of process of drinking in the French culture

Kurguzenkova Z.V.


In this paper, by analyzing the French phraseological units with components-somatism revealed information about national and cultural peculiarities of objectification of certain organs of the human body involved in the process of drinking in the French culture.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):87-90
pages 87-90 views

Pecularities of Vladimir Nabokov’s bilingual linguistic and cultural worlveiw

Krivoshlykova L.V.


The article treats specific features of Vladimir Nabokov’s bilingual linguistic and cultural picture of the world in the autobiographic memoirs «Другие берега / Conclusive evidence».
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):91-95
pages 91-95 views

To the problem of Song discourse: lingvocultural aspect

Naydenova N.S., Muradyan A.A.


The article deals with the problem of song discourse in lingvocultural aspect.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):96-101
pages 96-101 views

Picture of the world of the Russian person against others lingvocultures military concept-sphere amd concept “Sword” in the language

Tretyakova L.N.


This article is devoted to the sphere of military concepts and the concept “sword”. The entity of this concept and symbol and its features are being defined in the article. We are also investigating the evolution of the concept.
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):102-107
pages 102-107 views

To the problem of feminization of professional denominations in Quebec national variant of French (on the basis of modern periodicals)

Borissova A.S., Rubinshtein K.E.


The article deals with some peculiarities of feminization of professional denominations in Quebec national variant of French (on the basis of modern periodicals)
Russian Journal of Linguistics. 2013;(1):108-114
pages 108-114 views

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