No 3 (2012)


Methods of the organization of educational activity on the basis of use of information resources of the portal of higher education institution

Grigoriev S.G., Koloshein A.P.


The article deals with methods of use of information resources hosted on the portal of the higher educational institution.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Model teaching to informatics, integrated with teaching to common technical disciplines on the basis of combining of full-time and remote forms of education

Aldiyarov K.T., Bidaybekov E.Y.


Describes a model for teaching computer science and technical subjects, and proven the effectiveness of this process, which aims to provide educational services, making maximum use of the possibilities provided by the technologies of distance education
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):15-23
pages 15-23 views

Features of information of educational process in innovative technical high school

Grinshkun V.V., Sotnikova O.A.


In article actual problems of informatization of education of students in system of the higher technical education are considered.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):24-30
pages 24-30 views

The strategy of testing of the information governance systems of higher educational institution based on the documents with tagged markup

Sergeeva N.A.


This article discusses the possible organization of the process of automated testing of the information control systems by high school, based on the identified features. The basis of the technical part of the process is working with the documents that have tagged text markup. The proposed method is considered on the example of the automated information system «The Matriculate» at the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):31-37
pages 31-37 views

Principles of selection of the content for teaching students of higher education institutions to technologies of protection of information in the conditions of fundamentalization of education

Grinshkun V.V., Dimov E.D.


In article principles of selection of the maintenance of training of students of high schools to technologies of protection of the information in conditions fundamentalization of education are discussed.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):38-45
pages 38-45 views

Modular approach in teaching higher school students to computer science

Klyuchnikova O.V.


The article is devoted to modular education, and education students in computer science module system.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):46-49
pages 46-49 views

The role of internet technologies in forming communicative competence of future teachers of English

Berkimbayev K.M., Mukhamedzhanov B.K., Akeshova M.M.


In article use of information technologies in education of future English teachers of language and their role formation of communicative competence is discussed.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):50-55
pages 50-55 views

Formation of information culture of personality in the process of teaching mathematics within the discipline «managerial methods of decision making»

Morozova M.V.


This article contains structural elements of the methodology for formation of personal information culture in the study of mathematics for the specialty «State and municipal management» (on the subject «Methods of decision-making»).
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):56-59
pages 56-59 views

Development of specialists' professionally significant qualities in the process of working on the diploma projects

Usenkova E.Y.


The aim of the present publication is to draw University lecturers' attention to the problem of raising competitiveness of the investigate graduates specializing in art. The article contains conclusions and practical recommendations of the scientists concerning professional competitiveness of the graduates, also summarizes practical experiences of the teachers supervising diploma projects of the students. The article deals with cultural requirements, personal and professional capabilities of the graduates.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):60-66
pages 60-66 views

The formation the concept of probability in the math course of secondary school

Fedoseeva Z.R.


The article describes the method of forming the definition of probability in the math course of primary school. Required to methodists and teachers of mathematics.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):67-70
pages 67-70 views

The principle of implementation of hypertext structure - one of the fundamental principles of creation of electronic textbooks

Beljaev M.I.


The article focuses on the design of the hyperlinks in the training text. The principle of the implementation of hypertext structure is one of the basic principles along with a multimedia component for the creation of electronic teaching materials disciplines used in the traditional education system, and in the distance learning system.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):71-82
pages 71-82 views

About need and features of training physics teachers of in the field of informatization of education

Bidaybekov E.Y., Grinshkun V.V., Sharmukhambet S.R.


Need of preparation of teachers of physics locates in article to training of school students with use of virtual physical devices, devices with remote access and other means of informatization of education.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):83-87
pages 83-87 views

The use of computer models in the process of teaching students to physics

Berkimbaev K.M., Ormanova G.K.


The short description of some computer models is provided in article according to the section of magnetism of education course of the physics, developed by authors.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):88-92
pages 88-92 views

Didactic possibilities of the information and communication technologies in teaching mathematics in higher education institution

Rozanova S.A., Sanina E.I., Kuznetsova T.A.


Now active information of mathematical education in technical colleges is observed. In the course of application of mathematical methods at the solution of practical tasks it is expedient to apply applied packages of the type MathCAD, MathLAB, Mathematica, Statistica, etc. Application of applied packages will allow to increase level of competences of students when using the received knowledge, skills and abilities in studying of mathematical disciplines.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):93-98
pages 93-98 views

Readiness of students and teachers of technical vocational education to work with information educational resources

Aldiyarov K.T.


Implementation of information educational technologies and principles of management of education in technical and vocational education system requires a preliminary analysis of the willingness of the professional schools, lyceums and colleges, as well as participants in the educational process.
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):99-103
pages 99-103 views

Use of information technologies in the course of teaching for development of self-consciousness of students

Pavlova A.E.


In the article the influence of students' self-consciousness on effectiveness of their studies and future work is examined, and recommendations on how to use information technologies in order to develop self-consciousness of students are given
RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):104-107
pages 104-107 views

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RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):108-111
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RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education. 2012;(3):112-113
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