Task approach in teaching the section “Logic” school course of Informatics in the conditions of the use of mobile information systems

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The article actualizes the problem of teaching the section of logic in the study of the discipline “Informatics” in the context of the need to improve the educational process. The author considers the solution of this problem from the point of view of development of multilevel mobile computer problem books allowing to optimize the learning process taking into account the requirements of intensification of educational and cognitive activity. The article highlights the levels of assimilation of logical knowledge, examples of tasks for each level, as well as a brief description of the essential content of the level of mastery of knowledge of logic.

About the authors

Sergey Yurievich Kamyanetsky

Moscow City Pedagogical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: i@ksergey.ru

post-graduate student of the department of informatization of education of the Moscow city pedagogical university

29 Sheremetyevskaya St., Moscow, 127521, Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 Kamyanetsky S.Y.

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