Social metaphors and the human “construction” in the scientific publicism on the body. Books review: Nudelman R. Neizvestnoe nashe telo. O poleznyh parazitah, origami iz DNK i suete vokrug gomeopatii... [Our Unknown Body. On Beneficial Parasites, DNA Origami, and the Bustle around Homeopathy...]. M.: Lomonosov, 2014. 240 s.; Knight R. Smotri, chto u tebja vnutri. Kak mikroby, zhivushhie v nashem tele, opredeljajut nashe zdorove i nashu lichnost [Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes] / Per. s angl. E. Valkina. M.: Izd-vo AST: CORPUS, 2015. 160 s

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Irina Vladimirovna Trotsuk





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