Structural-and-Semantic Analysis of Oronyms of Chile

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Timeliness of the article refers to the lack of scientific studies of oronyms of Chile. The investigation of oronyms is conducted at the intersection of disciplines: history, geography, linguistics. The names of mountains provide useful linguistic, geographical, ethnic, historic information. The article provides structural-semantic analysis of oronyms of Chile. The author gives the classification of oronims, their semantic peculiarities. They can be divided into several semantic groups: the coour of rocks; height; size; characteristics; form; oronyms named after saints; oronyms derived from anthroponyms ; commemporative oronyms; oronyms that represent flora and fauna of the area; oronyms that indicate rocks, soils, minerals; the locations of oronyms. A whole range of oronyms has Indian backgrounds. Some mountains reveal the absence of hill names.

E S Bobylyova

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia



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