French winged units in the international block of slogans of modern Europe and Russia

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French winged units which are in the international block of the slogans of modern Europe and Russia are in the center of the attention of the authors article. 90 % of the krylatology - discipline formed in 1990-2000 based on lexicography description of the words and phrases noticed by “authority mark” and development of phraseology as a science of overword language units are winged units. The language status of the winged units accomplishing predicative function in the speech stream is one of the most important problems of the krylatology. The analysis of the functional potential of the winged units and their transformative modifications in the communicative space of modern Europe and Russia promotes the solution of this problem. Gallicisms of the slogan character which are very widely used in the Old World’s publicism and in the Russian political discourse are beneficial material for such research. After stepping over the French border in transliterated and trace form these winged units keep traits of the French culture, “remind” of the events caused them to life. However varying with their structure, playing with different borders of their semantics they witness not only about their national language status as winged units but also about belonging to the international winged units-slogans.

About the authors

S G Shulezkova

Nosov’s Маgnitogorsk State Technic University

38, Lenin’s av., Маgnitogorsk, 455000, Russia

A S Makarova

St. Tikhon's Orthodox University

23/Б, Novokuznetskaya st., Моscow, 115184, Russia




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