Diptych as a Genre Modification of the Modern Drama (based on A. Zenzinov and V. Zabaluev’ play “Cherries have ripened in uncle Vanya’s garden”)

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The article considers diptych, a genre modification of the contemporary drama, which may be read as an integral work as well as two interrelated but independent works. Based on A. Zenzinov and B. Zabaluev’ play a scholar describes the structure of diptych which determines a reader’s reception. V. Shunikov specifies different interpretive strategies of drama. He also draws attention to the system of motives which ensures the unity of the play. The scholar believes that diptych demonstrates a relevant problem of correlation of fictive and authentic in the imaginative world in the contemporary literature. The analyzing phenomenon and methodological approach to the genre determine the scientific novelty of the research and its place among the works on the modern drama poetics.

About the authors

V L Shunikov

Russian state university for the Humanities

Email: vlshunikov@mail.ru


Copyright (c) 2016 Theory of Language. Semiotics. Semantics

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