Krasina, E.A. (2020). Review on the Book: Kryukova O.P. Verbal-intellectual Activity in linguistic theory and teaching practice (Experimental study of cognitive structures of language acquisition in English and Russian): [Electronic resource]: monography. Text electronic data (3.3 Mb). Moscow: IIU MGOU, 2019. CD-ROM opt. disk. Systemic requirements: Intel Pentium or the analogues, 1 GGH; 512 Mb short term memory; CD-ROM drive; Microsoft Windows XP SL 2 or the next ones; Adobe Reader 7.0 (or the analogues to read pdf files)

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About the authors

Elena A. Krasina

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

Author for correspondence.

Dr in Philology, Professor, Professor of the General and Russian Linguistics Department

6, Miklukho-Maklay str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 117198


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