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The article deals with the history of the conceptualization of "cultural" or "kulturnichesky" populism.In the literature it is the name of the right wing reformist populism. In the 80-90s of the nineteenth century the intelligentsia. The author focuses on the periodization of the history of "cultural" populism. Previously, researchers paid little attention to this issue. The ideology and practice of the later ideas of populists I.I. Kablitz, Y.V. Abramov, S.N. Krivenko had a great impact on the advanced Russian populists embodied the process of liberalization of populism, its reconciliation with the autocracy and emerging capitalism. The periodization proposed by the author includes four stages: the origin of “kulturnichesky” ideas (1869-1874), the development of the theory and practice of "kulturnichestvo" (1875-1884), the evolution of "cultural" populism (1885-1894) and finally, the ideological and organizational crisis of the cultural-populist trend (1895-1904). At the heart of the author's periodization is the idea of the progressive development of populist ideas: from “kulturnichesky” trend towards the theory of "small deeds " and then, under the influence of the general crisis of populism in the early 1890s, towards the development of the concept of broad "cultural work" (with social and political implications, which the theory of "small deeds" lacked). This approach seeks to emphasize the role of the cultural ideas in the evolution of populism in the 1880-1890s, in the turning of yesterday's rebels and revolutionary propagandists into a constructive social force. According to the author, its application to the history of the Russian populism may change the image of the populist in the modern scientific and educational literature.

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Gennady Nikolaevich Mokshin

Voronezh State University

Department of Russian History


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