No 2 (2008)


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RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):5-6
pages 5-6 views

Historical Psychology: the Subject and Structure (Experienceof the Scientific Reflection)

Korolyov А.А.


Through the prism of the interdisciplinary approach the author examines a number of the methodological and theoretical matters connected with the definition of the subject, structure and methods of historical psychology as integral branch of social science. In the article the detailed historiographic review of the problem is presented, rather a successful attempt to reveal the contents of the concept «historical psychology» is undertaken, an original view of the problem field and the methodological bases is stated, the categorial apparatus of the arising branch of social science is characterized.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):7-19
pages 7-19 views

Categorial Featuresof Perception of Facial Expressions

Ananyeva K.I., Barabanschikov В.А., Zhegallo A.V.


The article gives a review of the modern condition of researching categorial features of perception of facial expressions. On the material of the experiments made by the authors the factors influencing the display of the categorial effect are considered: the type of the discriminatory task, the basic level of the efficiency of the image distinction, the time of the exposition, the specifics of the concrete incentive material.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):20-28
pages 20-28 views

The Structure of the Subjective Economic Well-being Depending on Its Level

Hashchenko V.A.


The article contains the new approach to studying the psychology of the economic well-being, i.e. structural-level. From its position the subjective economic well-being is revealed as polyphenomenological formation, the contents and specificity of which are defined by the natural organization of the system of its structural formations. The new data are submitted, allowing to establish and explain a number of features and laws of the organization of SEW.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):29-45
pages 29-45 views

Trust and Mistrust - Common and Specific Psychological Characteristics

Kupreychenko A.B.


The article considers the problem of studying trust and mistrust as relatively independent phenomena, which is rather a new point of view in psychology.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):46-53
pages 46-53 views

Psychological Elitology as a Direction of PsychologicalThought

Кarabuschenko N.B.


The article proves the urgency of the development of a new direction in psychology - «psychological elitology», and also perspective ways of the research in the given field are submitted in the article.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):54-63
pages 54-63 views

Dynamics of Conceptions of Health and Illness Among Young People

Bovina I.B.


In the course of the theory of social studies of the conceptions of health and illness among young people these conceptions undergo a research analysis. The comparison of the actual results with the results of the similar study conducted in 2002 allows us to talk about the dynamics of these conceptions.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):64-70
pages 64-70 views

Gender Specificity of Structure of Aggression of Students

Nechepurenko T.V.


In the article the results of the gender research of the structure of aggression within the limits of the systemic-functional model suggested by Professor A.I. Krupnov are considered. The generality and specificity of the connections of variables in the structures of female and male aggression is shown.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):71-78
pages 71-78 views

The Aggression of a Child in the System of Child-Parental Relations: the specificity and forms of the display, features of correction

Tarasova Y.V.


In the article some results of the theoretical analysis and empirical studying of the problem of the aggression of a child are given, the attention is drawn to the specificity and forms of its display in the system of child-parental relations, to the peculiarities of the correction of aggression of a child.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):79-84
pages 79-84 views

The Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Confidence of Students from China and Ecuador

Boyko Z.V.


The article is dedicated to the analysis of the results of the cross-cultural research of the students' confidence. The article considers the ethnopsychological features of the confidence structure within the framework of the system-functional approach to studying confidence.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):85-89
pages 85-89 views

To the Question of the Strategy of Stable Development as the Theoretically-Methodological Basis of Ecological Education

Stepanov S.А.


The article considers the essence and features of ecologically-oriented education for the formation of the ecological culture taking into account the basic provisions of «The Strategy of the European economic commission of the United Nations for the education in the interests of the steady development».
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):90-95
pages 90-95 views

The Retrospective View on the Intersubject Connections in Training and Their Role in the Preparation of Students in Higher School

Minur Nasser -.


In the article the retrospective view on the problem of the intersubject connections in the training is submitted, their role in the preparation of the students in higher schools is disclosed.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):96-102
pages 96-102 views

The Factors Providing the Effective formation of the Interest of the Students in Studying General Educational Disciplines

Ilyina М.S.


The results of the survey carried out among the teachers of higher educational institutions are analyzed in the article; the interpretation of the statistical data on the problem of the formation of the students' interest in studying general educational disciplines is given.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):103-107
pages 103-107 views

Formation of Pupils' Ecological Competency in the Process of the Environmental Problems Solving Training

Yermakov D.S.


The theoretical basis of ecological competency formation in the process of environmental problems solving training is revealed. The goals, tasks and basic methods of secondary school pupils' ecological competency formation are substantiated.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):108-113
pages 108-113 views

The Technique of Application of Informative and Communicative Technologies for the Formation of Key Competence in Physics

Timakina E.S.


The peculiarities of open modules on physics are described in the article. The created electronic control modules «K» are directed towards the formation of the estimation component of the competence.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):114-117
pages 114-117 views

New Generation Electronic Educational Resources for Primary and Secondary School

Gomulina N.N.


The matters of the creation of new generation open electronic resources on physics are considered in this article. One of the unique features of EEM is the parametrization of educational modules.
RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):118-121
pages 118-121 views


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RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics. 2008;(2):122-123
pages 122-123 views

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