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Nowadays different conditions of the functioning of higher school have influence on the quality of higher education (the content of the courses, the technology of the education, the organization of educational process have changed). One of the main criteria of the activity of the modern university is the level of satisfaction of the requirements that the employers set for the graduates. Institutions of higher education rely on state educational standards, which, according to the assessment of the employers, do not match the requirements of modern manufacture. This refers primarily to the practical skills of the graduates starting to work in the real economy. To meet the requirements of the employers and to guarantee the employment for the graduates, it is necessary to generalize these requirements and introduce them into the educational process taking into account the capacity of the university.For the quality of the working force training at different levels of the vocational education system, not only the knowledge about the competencies required from the workers, but also the ideas of the students both about the requirements of the employers and the possibility of their implementation within the existing system of vocational education are important. It is advisable, in our opinion, to involve employers in participating in the development of the system of continuous professional education.Also it is necessary to have a universal algorithm of actions to define the requirements of the employer and a system of analysis, to determine on what points the requirements of the employer do not comply with Federal State Educational Standards and how to implement them in the learning process without coming into conflict with the existing FSES. The author suggests one of the possible variants of the system of work, tried and tested in working conditions and proved its effectiveness at Bunin Yelets State University

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B P Zolotaryev

Bunin Yelets State University

Department of agroengineering


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