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About Construction of No Autonomous System of DifferentialEquations on Given Particular Integrals

Ibusheva O.V.


The present paper recommends method of construction of no autonomous system of differential equations with given properties of particular solutions. The conditions of stability of the set of systems solutions are defined. The problem of construction of two-order system of differential equations on given particular solution is considered.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):5-11
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To the Problem of Closure ofDifferential Systems with Degenerating Diffusion

Ibraeva G.T., Tleubergenov M.I.


Necessary and sufficient conditions of inverse problem of closure in the class of Ito stochastic first order differential systems with random disturbances are received.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):12-19
pages 12-19 views

A MathematicalModel of Call Center with Interactive Requests

Basharin G.P., Klapouschak S.N., Khurtin D.V.


Now in Russia call centers market is growing roughly. All large companies have chosen call centers as main way to contact their clients. Modern call centers allow to process both voice requests and so-called internet-requests that not demand immediate reaction from an operator: received by e-mail, fax, chat, etc. According market researches a share of internetrequests makes 30% from the general number of client inquiries. The traffic this type of requests produce have quite different characteristics from voice calls traffic. Nevertheless majority of call centers performance evaluation techniques make no distinctions between voice and internet-requests and use common Erlang-C model for calculations. This work presents a model of call center with both types of requests as a priority queuing system with bunker and two types of incoming traffic. An algorithm for calculation of stationary probabilities for number of requests in service is proposed and comparative analysis with Erlang-C model is given
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):20-27
pages 20-27 views

Calculation of Newton Potential of the Gravitating Configurationswith the Surface Close to the Spheroid by Symbolic andNumerical Methods

Bespalko E.V., Mikheev C.A., Tsvetkov V.P., Tsyrulev A.N., Puzynin I.V.


An exact analytical representation of the heterogeneous perturbed ellipsoidal configuration of the Newton gravitational potential to the inner point in is obtained. An expression for the potential in is obtained in the form of a polynomial of the coordinates by the program prepared in the system of symbolic mathematics MAPLE, and by numerical calculations based on the regularized analogue of the Newton method. A formula for the potential to the outer point out is found by the quadrupole approximation.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):28-42
pages 28-42 views

Multi-Layer Schemes for Solving the Time-Dependent Shr.odinger Equation

Chuluunbaatar O.


The algorithm based on unitary evolution operator decomposition to generate in a MAPLE and REDUCE packages multi-layer implicit schemes for numerical solving the time-dependent Shroedinger equation is presented. The optimal methods for construction of additional gauge transformations to extract symmetric operators needed for generation economical algebraic evolution schemes with respect to spatial variables by the finite element method are studied. The efficiency of the developed computational schemes till sixth order with respect to the time step and till seven order with respect to the spatial step, are demonstrated on the integrable model of oscillator in a time-dependent external field.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):43-53
pages 43-53 views

Elaboration of THz Surface Plasmon Spectroscopy Method

Zhizhin G.N., Nikitin A.K., Loginov A.P., Golovtsov N.I., Ryjova T.A.


Development of surface plasmon (SP) spectroscopy method in teraHertz (THz) spectral range (30-100 сm 1 or 0.1-10 THz) utilizing free-electron laser (FEL) radiation is described in the paper. The following issues are considered in it: 1) methods for THz SP excitation by bulk radiation, as well as the ways of measuring their characteristics; 2) experimental results on THz SP excitation on aluminum and copper surfaces by FEL radiation with wavelength of 110 and 150 m; 3) the procedure for the sample material THz dielectric constant calculation using the measured SP complex refractive index; 4) a number of methods implementing THz SP spectroscopy technique.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):54-65
pages 54-65 views

On the Structure of an Oscillating Neutrino. The StationaryTheory of Neutrino Oscillations

Kopysov Y.S.


The structure of the oscillating neutrino wave function is discussed in the context of the stationary theory of neutrino oscillations. If one requires the superposition of neutrino states with differing masses to be a solution of a single Dirac equation, then one can obtain the equation for the oscillating neutrino mass. The problem of the fragmentation decay of an oscillating neutrino to the incoherent mixture of neutrino mass states as well as the problem of interaction of the incoherent neutrino mixture with neutrino detectors are also discussed.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):66-70
pages 66-70 views

The Palladium Phase Diagramin the Region of Liquid-Vapour Phase Transition

Martynyuk M.M., Aaron Mugemana -.


On the basis of generalized Van-der-Waals equation, parameters of critical point of palladium, for the first time were determinate. The new method of determination of thermodynamic similarity parameter was developed. The binodal of palladium was calculated from normal boiling point up to critical point. The spinodal of liquid phase in the region of positive pressures and negative pressures was calculated. It is shown, that frequency homogeneous nucleation of vapour bubbles in a vicinity of spinodal achieves values near 1028 cm 3s 1.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):71-75
pages 71-75 views

Standard Model in Hamiltonian Approachand Higgs Effect

Pervushin V.N., Shuvalov S.A.


The vector bosons models including Standard Model (SM) are investigated in the framework of the Dirac Hamiltonian method with explicit resolving the Gauss constraints in order to eliminate variables with zero momenta and negative energy contribution in accordance with the spectral postulate of operator quantization. This elimination leads to static interactions in a frame of reference of the Hamiltonian formulation. We list a set of observational and theoretical arguments in favor of these static interactions in SM. We show that the Dirac Hamiltonian method admits the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry breaking in SM by the initial data of the zeroth Fourier harmonic of the Higgs field that provokes masses of vector and spinor fields without the Higgs potential of this zeroth harmonic. In this case, the extremum of the quantum Coleman-Weinberg effective potential obtained from the unit vacuum-vacuum transition amplitude leads to a new sum-rule for masses of fermions and bosons and predicts a mass of the Higgs field 250 GeV.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):76-91
pages 76-91 views

On Physical Interpretation of Stationary Vacuum Axially SymmetricSolutions to the Einstein Equations

Gutsunaev T.I., Shaideman A.A., Wael Z.A., Elsgolts S.L.


In this article we make an attempt of physical examination of stationary solutions of the Einstein equations. This problems pursued with the use of relativistic non-inertial frames of reference.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):92-95
pages 92-95 views

Mass Spectrum ofScalar Particles in External Gravitational Field of Charged Black Holewith One Horizon

Abdel-Sattar W., Popov Y.A., Shikin G.N.


In an external gravitational field of the charged black hole with one horizon the complex scalar field is considered. By means of appropriate selection of the coefficients in the initial equation of a scalar field it is led to the generalized equation of hyper geometrical type, then to a canonical form of this equation, representing degeneration of the hyper geometrical equation. Solving this equation which satisfies the requirements of limitation, is Laguerres polynomial with a corresponding spectrum of special values. On the basis of this spectrum expression for masses of the charged and neutral scalar particles is received. As the charged astrophysical object will usually quickly be neutralized by surrounding plasma it is considered, that the charged black holes do not represent the big interest from the astrophysical point of view [1]. However, as it is marked by Chandrasekhar [2], the studying of Reisner-Nordstrom solution describing charged black holes, allows understanding more deeply properties of space-time in extreme conditions.
Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science. 2008;(1):96-99
pages 96-99 views

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