No 1 (2009)


Research studies of probiotic acilact versions using animal models

Pospelova V.V., Cherepanova Y.V., Lahtin V.M., Krivoruchko E.V., Ulianova L.P., Gvozdik T.E., Arshba I.M.


The effectiveness of different probiotic Acilact versions was investigated using animal models. The high protective activity of heat treated Acilact version was demonstrated in the experiments on mice which had suffered the combined radiation and thermic injuries. The effectiveness of medicinal cosmetic cream prepared from the Acilact supernatant was tested on rabbits and monkeys. The experiments on rabbits showed that the inflammatory foci caused by the intracutaneous injection of Staphylococcus culture were repaired more rapidly than in the control group. The cream had a positive impact on the burn and wound healing after traumatic injuries in monkeys.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):5-10
pages 5-10 views

Changes of the maintenance of some microcells in the fabric of kidneys and the bladder

Zaitsev I.V., Zaitsev V.F.


The experimental medicine and clinical oncology already for a long time has the data on participation of some microcells in processes tumoral transformation of fabrics. Taking into account above-stated, the purpose of the present research was studying and comparison of levels of the maintenance of some microcells in a fabric of a kidney and a bladder in norm and at a various pathology. A number of absolute sizes of elements is revealed in process of their decrease: Zn > Ca > Mn > Cr > Hg. Zn, Ca, Cr tend to increase of concentration in a tumoral fabric, and are reduced at an inflammatory pathology. Mn, Hg in a tumoral fabric contains in smaller concentration, level Hg increases at an inflammation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):11-17
pages 11-17 views

Heart valve replacement and necessity in intraoperative ultrasonic monitoring of operations

Tarichko Y.V., Faibushevich A.G., Dandarova Z.B., Rodionova L.V., Veretnik G.I.


This article focuses on the necessity of use Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography (IOTEE) in valve replacement surgery. The authors present comparative estimation of IOTEE and the method of visual surgical revision in the intraoperative detection of paravalvular leaks.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Treatment of fournier's disease

Dobrovolskiy S.R., Chinikov M.A., Dedenkov O.A., Ramazanova A.R.


In this article we are presenting the etiological and pathological aspects of Fournier's Disease. Incidence rate of this disease in our clinic for the last 10 years is 0,09%, lethality is 16,7%. We analyzed our patients according to their pathological process, severity and outcome of our treatment.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):23-27
pages 23-27 views

Not indenturing ami on clinic was course intraoperative left ventricular rupture

Tarichko Y.V., Veretnik G.I., Faibushevich A.G., Stephanov S.A., Baranovich V.U., Maximkin D.A.


In task present 2 case intraoperative left ventricular rupture, an AMI, not indeterminate on clinic. This case was present of new pathogenic mechanism of left ventricular rupture.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):28-30
pages 28-30 views

Right ventricular perforation, as complication of pacemaker implantation

Baranovich V.U., Stefanov S.A., Maximkin D.A., Illarionova E.V., Hiyrutdinov E.R.


In task present one case of right ventricular perforation by an electrode pacemaker. In case of not complicated perforating of chambers of heart, the is active-waiting tactics of treatment consisting in implantation of an additional electrode without remove the previous is offered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):31-33
pages 31-33 views

Results of lung volume reduction surgery as palliative treatment of patients with severe diffuse emphysema

Parshin V.D., Dobrovolsky S.R., Bazarov D.V.


25 patients with advanced diffuse pulmonary emphysema underwent 27 operations from 2000 to 2008. Our data show that for some patients with homogenous emphysema unilateral lung volume reduction surgery can improve spirometric and symptomatic signs, life quality and therapy effectiveness.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):34-38
pages 34-38 views

The acute gastroduodenal ulcer, complicated by hemorrhage

Klimov A.E., Lebedev N.V., Persov M.J., Abuladze I.O.


The article is based on the results of the 723 autopsy protocols and the results of treatment of 468 ulcer hemorrhage patients. The article is dedicated to the problems of treatment and prophylactic the gastroduodenal ulcer hemorrhage.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):39-44
pages 39-44 views

Endoscopic hemostasis in gastroduodenal ulcer hemorrhage

Lebedev N.V., Klimov A.E., Aleshina V.S., Persov M.J.


In this article the analyses of different ways of endoscopic hemostasis is given. The most perspective variant to the authors weuw is the combined one, what is proved by the large clinical material.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):45-48
pages 45-48 views

The evaluation of immunological state of patient with stage II-III non-small cell cancer of the lung treated by immunomodulator galavit

Velsher L.Z., Gabunia Z.R., Korobkova L.I., Platonov D.A., Gens G.P., Grishina T.I., Germanov A.B., Bjahov M.U., Argun V.M., Bubnenkov A.G.


The article presents the results of a clinicoimmunological examination of 61 patients with stage II-III non-small cell cancer of the lung. It has been shown that in the presence of immunomodulating therapy all links of the immunity are being recovered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):49-54
pages 49-54 views

The aim of the research is to evaluate intravenosus laser irradiation of blood and low intеnsive laser irradiation in treatment of patients with acute pielonephritis

Avdoshin V.P., Konstantinova M.M.


Results showed that patients who received intravenosus laser irradiation of blood and low intensive laser irradiation in addition to tradicional treatment showed reduction of inflammatory process. It occurs due to influence on patogenetic steps of acute pyelonephritisd and confirmed by data ortained at laboratory, мicrobiological, instrumental rentaenological and VS-methods of examination.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):55-62
pages 55-62 views

The analysis of influence Q10 on electrophysiological properties of a myocardium according to dispersive mapping

Dvornikov V.Е., Strelni J.N., Zenova N.А., Ivanov G.G., Gribanov A.N., Kurua H.V.


Work is devoted to complex studying of parameters of alternation of electrophysiological parameters of a myocardium according to a method dispersive mapping an electrocardiogram in group of healthy persons at carrying out of loading testing. The analysis of the received data used in research of device HeartVueTM 6S (RF) is lead. The received given researches have shown, that by the end of 1 month of reception Coaensim Q10 positive dynamics of parameters dispersive mapping is marked.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):63-68
pages 63-68 views

Estimation of weight current and the remote forecast acuter coronary syndrome at use of methods of an EKG of High resolution, dispersive mapping and the intensity of free radical oxidation of processes

Ivanov G.G., Аsisova О.А., Bulgakova Е.J., Sbeitan S., Vostricov V.А.


Work is devoted to complex studying of electrophysiological parameters of a myocardium according to new methods of an electrocardiogram of diagnostics and intensity of free radical oxidation processes at patients with acuter coronary syndrome. The analysis of the remote results (lethal and repeated hospitalization) and their communication with parameters of an electrocardiogram of the high resolution and dispersive mapping in the period of aggravation IHD, comparable with the clinical data of speed of displays of disease before hospitalization is carried out. It is investigated prognostics value of a parameter free radical oxidations.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):69-74
pages 69-74 views

Ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia - base position and diagnostic criteria

Ivanov G.G., Vostricow V.А.


In the submitted short work questions of validity formulations of ECG the conclusions are discussed at tachisistolics forms of ventricular tachicardia and distinguish different to diagnostics with ventricular fibrillation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):75-80
pages 75-80 views

New views of mildronate use for the prevention and correction of impairment of adaptive processes

Logunova L.V.


Protective and normalizing mildronate action on the level of non enzyme kation proteins in the neurophils and contents of kateholamins in erythrocytes were revealed on the experimental model of the emotional-pain stress. The findings of numerous investigations demonstrate that positive effects of mildronate were connected not only with its metabolism-modifying action but with accumulated holinolike metabolites of karnitine and normalizing influence on the central parts of neuro-endocrine systems, which ensure its use with the aim of increasing of adaptation to the outer environmental factors as well at to the prolonged phycho-emotional overstrain.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):81-88
pages 81-88 views

Сhronic fatigue syndrome in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia

Mokina T.V., Antipenko E.A., Gustov A.V.


Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by polymorphism of symptoms, including the following syndromes: cognitive disorders, vegetative dysfunction, insomnia, anxiety and depression. The frequency and the structure of chronic fatigue syndrome in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia were the object of this study. 130 patients with chronic cerebral ischemia were estimated to determine the frequency and the structure of chronic fatigue syndrome. The following scales and questionnaires were applied: Visual Analog Scale of fatigue syndrome, Fatigue Score, Mini-Mental State Examination, A.M. Vayne's questionnaire to determine vegetative dysfunction, HADS, the Questionnaire of Dream Estimation, and Vegetative Index Cerdo. High frequencies of chronic fatigue syndrome in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (75%) with prevalence of physical fatigue (85%) upon mental fatigue (65%) were revealed. High frequency of all syndromes that was studied in this research revealed: cognitive disorders (86,92 - light cognitive disorders, 13.08 - absence or moderate cognitive disorders), vegetative dysfunction (95%), insomnia (86%), anxiety (57%) and depression (42%). The revealed peculiarities of structure of chronic fatigue syndrome must be reviewed in treatment of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):89-94
pages 89-94 views

Correction of neuropsychological disturbances at patients of polycythemia vera by hirudotherapy

Zubarkina M.M., Zhernov V.A.


In article results of scientific researches of employees of a course of restorative medicine are presented possibilities hirudotherapy in correcting of neuropsychological frustration at patients of polycythemia vera without use of medicaments.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):95-97
pages 95-97 views

Role of epidural anesthesia in the complex of the perioperational therapy with conducting of laparoskopic studies in patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis

Yakovleva J.V., Butrov A.V.


The article deals with the problem of negative influence of pneumoperitoneum upon the central and organ hemodynamics. Here is shown the possibility of compensating this influence with conducting of epidural anesthesia in the perioperational period in the patients with acute destructive pancreatitis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):98-102
pages 98-102 views

Inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2-dependent modulation of functional characteristics of leukocytes

Pasechnik A.V., Semochkina O.N., Moiseeva E.G.


Cyclooxygenase (COX), the primary enzyme responsible for the synthesis of prostanoids, exists in at least 2 isoforms. COX-2 has been suggested to be the isoform primarily responsible for synthesis of prostaglandins (PGs) in the context of inflammation. Thus, selective inhibitors of COX-2 were developed with the aim that they would be as effective as traditional nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) but would not be as damaging to the gastrointestinal tract by virtue of not inhibiting the primarily COX-1-dependent PG synthesis in those tissues. To investigate whether selective COX 2 inhibitors would play a role in a model of inflammation. The received results testify to ability of COX 2 inhibitors to increase adhesion and modulation of apoptosis and PMN free oxygen radicals production. The drugs' effect on PMN free oxygen radicals production, apoptosis and adhesion may constitute an additional mechanism of their activity. These data characterize the potential mechanism to explain effects immunomodulatory agents of pathway and therapy for inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and bronchial asthma; beta-adrenergic receptors are functionally coupled to signalling cascades in human neutrophils These results clearly confirmed that COX-2 plays a critical role in the development of the inflammatory response by altering key components of the inflammatory cascade. Therefore, selective inhibitor of COX-2 such as celecoxib, offers a therapeutic approach for the management of various inflammatory diseases.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):103-105
pages 103-105 views

Relationships of cause and effect between a state of health of children and экзогенными factors in the Central region of Russia

Sokov S.L., Pljaskina I.V.


In article are considered possibilities carrying out of a comparative estimation of comparable indicators for the disease analysis, such as indicators of disease of one object during the different time periods, indicators of disease of different objects during one period of time. On the basis of results of research the databank of the mediko-ecological information intended for carrying out of modelling calculations and computer experiments on forecasting of variants of development of mediko-ecological conditions in region, and also for revealing of groups of the greatest risk of development of ecologically caused diseases can be created.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):106-108
pages 106-108 views

Some aspects of a state of health of the moscow schoolboys

Sokov S.L., Pljaskina I.V.


In article are considered questions of a state of health of the pupils trained at schools of new type. The data of complex researches of same children has shown that for five years at schools with profound studying of foreign languages the tendency to reduction of percent of pupils with the first group of health is marked. Creation of system of health protection of schoolboys in educational institutions; working out of new technologies of carrying out of preventive maintenance taking into account differentiation of medical monitoring depending on degree of risk of formation of infringements of health will allow to keep health of pupils.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):109-111
pages 109-111 views

The Central region of Russia: the state of health of children and teenagers

Sokov S.L., Pljaskina I.V.


In article is considered one of directions in researches on ecology of the person - studying of a state of health of children and teenagers since this part of population is most sensitive to changes of factors of an environment and is reflexion of processes occurring in a society. Researches in the field of ecological эпидемиологии and the analysis of risk for population health have proved that the polluted environment is one of the important factors defining changes of a state of health of the population.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):112-114
pages 112-114 views

The ekologo-hygienic characteristic and health of the children's population of the Central region of Russia

Sokov S.L., Pljaskina I.V.


In article are given the ekologo-hygienic characteristic of subjects of the Central federal district of the Russian Federation and the disease analysis on the basic classes of illnesses of children living in territories with various degree of pollution. The consumer approach to the natural resources, unreasoned development of manufactures without ecological consequences have led to occurrence of dangerous regions of the country and separate zones with intense ecological conditions, and, hence, to deterioration of health of people and that is the most dangerous, - children.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(1):115-117
pages 115-117 views

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