No 2 (2009)


Features of demographic processes of Khanty-Mansiysk

Beljavsky A.R., Kicha D.I.


In clause from analytical positions approaches to a demographical analysis of interrelation of peoples resource and forecasts of development of the population of the large social and economic centre.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):5-11
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Analysis of disability and premature mortality by respiratory organs disease

Manakov L.G., Serova A.A., Mkhoyan A.S.


It has been carried statistic analysis standardized of disability and premature mortality by respiratory organs diseases on the territory of Far Eastern region as compared with Russian Federation. This analysis showed that diseases cause damage to the region economics. In the general structure of diseases substantial part belongs to acute diseases of upper respiratory pathes and also the diseases of respiratory organs are one of the cause of premature mortality. The results of analysis of diseases and mortality indicate about depending on climate, geography and professional factors.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):12-14
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The postgraduate education of the family doctor in the field of computer science in medicine

Zalilov R.Y., Veber V.R., Lebedeva N.A.


Highlighted questions are: postgraduate education of the family doctor in the computer science field; the model of the specialist from the point of view of the IT-competence. The author's system technique which is supposing formation of the educational multipolar environment and taking into account psychophysiological components necessary for achievement of positive results in training is described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):15-20
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Medical aspects of rehabilitation of pupils-orphans in conditions of correctional schools-boarding schools VIII type

Bichkov V.A., Krasny V.I.


The article is devoted to the description of medical aspects of experience of creation of the rehabilitation environment in a correctional boarding school № 4 of Moscow. Complex diagnostics of condition of health of pupils is presented as a basis of rehabilitation work.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):21-25
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Fractional flow reserve in definition for futher endovascular intervention in «false» bifurcation coronary lesions

Movsesyants M.U., Ivanov V.A., Trunin I.V., Ivanov A.V., Bobkov U.A., Terekhin S.A., Mayskov V.V.


Main vessel stenting in the «false» bifurcation coronary lesions compromises side branch vessel ostium often. Functional significance of the side vessel ostium narrowing after main vessel stenting was defined in 40 patients with II-III classes of stable angina pectoris with isolated «false» bifurcation coronary lesions by means of a fractional flow reserve (FFR). Average side branch vessel ostium narrowing was 69,8 ± 8,7%, average value of FFR was detected 0,83 ± 0,06. It was noted, that the visual estimation and the quantitative coronary angiography are unreliable methods in assessment of the severity of side branch vessel ostium narrowing. The results of our study demonstrate, that if FFR > 0,75 it is out of any benefit to conduct additional kissing balloon angioplasty of side brahch vessel ostium. Moreover, it was associated with high risk of side branch vessel dissection and ischemic myocardium injury.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):26-31
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Analysis early results of implantation small diamter free stents valved conduits in radical correctuion of complex congenital heart defects as conotruncus anomalies

Deigheidy E.M.


Homografts are the conduits of choice for reconstruction of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) in the correction of complex forms of congenital heart diseases (CHD). However, the fact that they are difficult of access and that there is no possibilities of choosing a conduit of suitable diameter (small sizes in particular) force many cardiac surgeons to continue searches for an optimal conduit. Small-diameter combined conduits made from porcine xenografts are noted for poor hemodynamic characteristics, prompt biodegeneration, high cost, and difficulties in implantation. The development of methods for correction of complex forms of neonatal CHD make these operations more dependent upon the presence of small-diameter valved conduits in their interposition in fragile tissues. Early results of implantations of small diameter (< 15 mm) freestents tricusps xeno-conduits made from the bovine pericardium and its valve from Glisson's capsule of liver (GCL) for RVOT reconstruction in the correction of complex forms of CHD.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):32-37
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Radical correction of double outlet of right ventricle with conduits

Yurlov I.A., Dekhanov O.H., Deigheidy E.M., Kovalov D.V.


The use of an artificial pulmonary arterial trunk in the radical correction of complicated congenital heart disease (CHD), such as double origin of the great vessels (DOGV) from the right ventricle (RV) concurrent with pulmonary stenosis is the operation of choice in the presence of anomalous origin of coronary arteries. In 1990 to 2000, the Department of Surgical Treatment of CHD in Old Children, A.N. Bakulev Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, repaired the RV outflow tract in 10 patients during radical correction by using an extrac-ardiac conduit. The patients' age ranged from 5 to years (mean, 9,2 ± 2,4 years). Two dacron prostheses were implanted, one of them had a xenoaortic valve. Teflon, vitaflon, and Gore-Tex conduits were used in 2,2, and 2 patients, respectively. A xenopericardial two-flap monoleaflet conduit was employed in 2 cases. In most cases, there was a significant RV pressure reduction that averaged 55,2 ± 14,7 mm Hg. If transannular plasty of the RV outflow tract and the pulmonary artery cannot be performed by means of a flap, the use of conduits provides an adequate repair of the RV outflow tract and considerably enhances life quality in patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):38-43
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The role of same factors of development furuncule of oral-facial regio in inhabitants of Transbaikalian Region

Borodulina I.I., Klimova I.S.


The aim of our research was to detect epidemiological aspects of development furuncles of oral-facial regio. We carried out retrospective analysis of 1415 histories taking of the patients with that disease. We carried out clinical investigation of 110 patients with different forms of furuncles also. We have found, that ones furuncles are develops in the men at the age of 19-35. Localization of furuncles was corresponding to the place growth of follicles and fat glandules.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):44-48
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Clinical epidemiological aspects of cancer of thick of the gut in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (technique ranging)

Pshukov Z.S.


Lacks of the standard technique of an estimation of statistics of diseases and death rate of the Kabardino-Balkarian republic at sick by a cancer ободочной guts are revealed. The analysis of the reasons of excess of parameters of death rate in a Nalchik is lead; the all-Russian parameters per 1993-1994 opportunities of definition of dynamics (changes) of growth of diseases and death rate in the Kabardino-Balkarian republic Are studied (investigated) at the standard approach and at use of a technique of ranging.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):49-54
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Influence of ecological factors on dynamics of parameters of the hormonal status at an estimation of ways of deenergizing of function of ovaries at the patients, suffering a cancer of a mammary gland

Dzhubalieva S.K., Kozlov J.P., Pugachev K.K., Hamann T.L.


In the given work the effective utilization zoladex as active hormonal preparation is shown at treatment of a cancer of a mammary gland. This pharmacological preparation slows down body height of a neoplasm via a lot of the endocrine mechanisms bound to depression of a level of peripheric sexual hormones, ovaries produced by a tissue, due to inhibition of synthesis and secretion of hormones of a pituitary body; by means of systemic change of mechanisms of a steroidogenesis at a level hypothalamusial-hypophysial-adrenalic systems; due to depression of prolactinum - a hormone, capable to stimulate a proliferation of cells of a cancer of a mammary gland.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):55-60
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Use of new technologies in surgery

Aslanov A.D., Logvina O.E., Bapinayev M.K., Khashkhozsheva K.I., Kalibatov R.M.


The paper is devoted to surgical care of the patients with ventral hernia by different non-intention hernia plastic techniques. A medical treatment of 103 patients divided by two groups are described. A new medical polymeric latex glue has been used for one experimental group. A comparative analysis of different treatment results is presented and related conclusions are made.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):61-65
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. The aim of the research is to evaluate intravenosus laser irradiation of blood and low intеnsive laser irradiation in treatmеnt of patients with acute pielonephritis

Avdoshin V.P., Konstantinova I.M.


Results showed that patients who received intravenosus laser irradiation of blood and low intensive laser irradiation in addition to tradicional treatment showed reduction of inflammatory process. It occurs due to influence on patogenetic steps of acute pyelonephritisd and confirmed by data ortained at laboratory, мicrobiological, instrumental rentaenological and VS-methods of examination.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):66-72
pages 66-72 views

Interrelation of infringements of microflorae of vaginae and features of change of mechanisms of immunoreactiviti at women with adiposity

Kan N.I., Ivandeyeva О.I., Vanina L.N.


We have examined 166 women in the age of 17 to 44 years old. 2 clinical groups were formed: the basic one was 96 women (IMB > 28 kg/ m2) and the control group of 70 women (IМB < 28 kg/m2). Bacteriological and immunological methods were applied while research. It is stated that women with IMB more than 28 kg/ml actually more often had nonspecific vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, and ureaplasmas, representatives of intestinal group of microorganisms (Enterococcus, E. coli, Klebsiellа, Proteus). Also, women with IMB more than 28 kg/ml actually had higher level of C-peptid; and while making the correlation analysis high positive correlation dependence between a degree of adiposity and antibodies (IgM and IgА) and a degree of adiposity was revealed. Women with IMB more than 28 kg/ml and infringement of vaginas microflorae had 3 times more markers of system inflammatory reaction: C-peptid, IL-8, INF-γ.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):73-77
pages 73-77 views

Antioxidant activity of inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme in kidney

Belous Y.A., Komarevtseva I.A., Komarevtseva K.V.


The influence of inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme on free-radical processes in kidney cell is investigated at different models of acute renal failure. It is established antioxidant effect of captopril in kidneys of rats.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):78-82
pages 78-82 views

The role of opiates and K+ATP-channels of plasma and cell membranes mitohondrial kidneys in the development of apoptosis

Komarevtseva I.A., Komarevtseva K.V., Belous Y.A.


The study of researching is to examine the role of opiates and channels of plasma and mitochondrial membrane of kidney cells in the development of apoptosis. In this experiment rats were used white-male mice of sixteen-eighteen weeks of age. Animals were formed renal tubular injury with help of two models - ischemic and «glitserolnoy» (intramuscular introduction of 50% solution of glitserol). Dalargin was injected 20 minutes before the renal tubular injury. As a result of our established mechanism of action of opioids in the kidney cells.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):83-88
pages 83-88 views

Influence of opioids on activity of enzymes in kidneys at no-induced apoptosis

Komarevtseva I.A., Komarevtseva K.V., Belous Y.A.


The influence of dalarginum on activity of enzymes SOD and LDG in cells of a kidney is investigated at the production of nitric oxide. In experiment the infringement of enzymes activity is installed: the activation of anaerobic glycolysis and oppression of the antioxident system. Positivly action of dalarginum - antihypoxiq and antiradical - on the activity LDG and SOD in cells of a kidney at the production of nitric oxide is received.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):89-92
pages 89-92 views

New approaches to diagnosis intestinal dysbiosis of patients who have psoriatic disease

Gumayunova N.G., Potaturkina-Nesterova N.I., Nesterov A.S., Magomedov M.A.


Performed: the research of small intestine microflora of patients who suffer from psoriatic diseases. Determined: the clinical severity of psoriatic disease. Found out: syndrome of excessive bacterial growth in the small intestine of the surveyed patients. Established: the correlation between the severity of psoriatic disease flow and expression of the bacterial growth syndrome excessiveness.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):93-97
pages 93-97 views

Mental changes at carrying out of operation interlaminar ring keratoplasty

Marilov V.V., Shorihina O.M., Frolov M.A.


The purpose of the present research - a clinical estimation of mental changes at carrying out of operations interlaminar ring keratoplasty. 21 patient (7 males and 14 females) were studied. Their middle age was 36,4±9,4 years. All patients have been operated by a method interlaminar ring keratoplasty. On a current of the preoperative period all patients have been divided into 4 subgroups: without psychopathological semiology (11-52,4%), with asteno-depressive semiology (5-23,8%), with disturbing semiology (2-9,5%), with disturbing-depressive semiology (3-14,3 %). With psychopathological displays in the preoperative period (with asteno-depressive, it is disturbing-phobical, disturbing-depressive semiology) we have united patients in one group, at them neurotism level was statistically significantly above, than at patients without the psychopathological phenomena (10,7 ± 2,1 vs 14,2 ± 1,3, р ≤ 0,05). The highest neurotism level was found out in patients with disturbing-depressive reactions. Level of alarm at surveyed at the moment of inspection has made 13,2 ± 1,1 that corresponds to an average (with the tendency to low) to alarm level. Level of depression at the surveyed has made 5,7 ± 1,2, only at 3 patients it was above normal (10,1 ± 2,3). At patients with myopia high degree before operation interlaminar keratoplasty the asteno-depressive and disturbing reactions connected with personal features of patients were observed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):98-100
pages 98-100 views

Pravila oformleniya i podgotovki stateyv Vestnik RUDN, seriya «Meditsina»

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RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2009;(2):101-103
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