No 3 (2010)


The influence of chemical polyamines analogs, decarboxylated ornithine and s-(adenosyl)-methionine on the polyamine synthsis velocity in test-systems from tissues with high proliferation

Siatkin S.P., Berezov Т.Т., Fedoronchuk T.V., Gridina N.Y., Neborakh E.A., Shevkhun N.A., Sokueva N.A., Ustinova E.V., Sokuev R.I.


The aliphatic (amino)- and (oxy)-derivatives of polyamines effect on the rate of polyamines (Putrescine, Spermidine and Spermine) synthesis in cell-free test-systems from rat's regenerating liver and Hepatoma tissues was examined. The common known inhibitors of polyamines synthesis were also used for the analysis. The research data confirm that cell-free model systems function adequately to applied tests. The effectiveness of anti-proliferate action of chemical compounds was valued by the inhibition degree of Putrescine and polyamines synthesis. In addition, the coefficient of ratio Spermidine (moles)/ Spermine (moles) and the value of total Polyamines pool after 1 h of test-systems incubation with chemical compound were calculated. From the tested compounds 1-aminooxy-3-aminopropan (I), S-(5'-desoxyadenosile)-S-methyl-β-thioethyl-hydroxylamine (IV) and ethylenediamine (V) did satisfied the requirements to a considerable degree.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):9-14
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Monitoring microalternations the ECG-signal and the analysis the characteristic of flicker-noise

Ivanov G.G., Dvornicov V.E., Maha M.A., Ahmed E.A., Elgaily A., Soula A.S., Prilutzkii D.A.


In the present message preliminary results of the data of monitoring of parameters ECG dispersion map with the subsequent analysis of the characteristic of flicker-noise (1/f) are submitted. The given inspections of 47 patients have been included in research with a acuter coronary syndrom, surveyed in 1-3 day of disease (middle age - 54,5 ± 8,6 years) which are executed 91 monitoring by duration from 20 up to 90 minutes. At the visual analysis are revealed periodic low amplitude oscillations of values of an index of microalternations from a long wave from 2-5 till 6-15 minutes. Character and a degree of change of microalternations is new diagnostic area of attributes of ECG-diagnostics reflecting the electrophysiological status and «stock» compensatores resources of a myocardium It is shown, that there is a certain dependence of the characteristic 1/f from weight of current of disease, and flicker-noise - has prospect of use as a method possibiliti forecasting.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):15-24
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«Provisional-t» stenting: possible risk factors

Shugushev Z.K., Movsesyants M.Y., Maksimkin D.A., Baranovich V.Y., Veretnik G.I., Faybushevich A.G., Tarichko U.V.


Presented by the study, which included 68 patients suffering from coronary artery disease and having a true bifurcation stenosis of the coronary arteries. Which. All patients correction of bifurcation lesions was carried out using the technique «provisional T» stenting. Analysis of clinical histories and angiographic characteristics of patients allowed to identify possible risk factors in the performance of «provisional T» stenting, the most significant of which is the angle of bifurcation of < 70°, the length of the side branch lesion > 2,1 mm, calcification of both branches of the bifurcation, the diameter of the lateral branch > 2,3 mm, presence of diabetes and the degree of risk on a scale of SYNTAX.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):25-30
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Endoscopic surgery of large intestine's polypoid neoplasms

Mizaushev B.A., Bottayev H.B., Bazhdugov K.A.


In this work the data of results of 259 patients observation with large intestine's polyps who had been treated in the Municipal clinical hospital № 2 in Nalchik during last 5 years are given. All mentioned patients underwent to endoscopic polypectomy. The patients were from 5 to 82 years old. All in all 535 neoplasms were removed. All removed neoplasms were extracted and sent for histological analysis except for 83 small neoplasms with the diameter less then 0,4 cm. These polyps are removed by electrocoagulation. The largest numbers of 452 extracted polyps were different types of adenomas. 28 of them were malignant. 12 patients with invasion of cancer cells into the submucosal layer were sent for surgical treatment. The other 16 patients had no invasion of cancer cells into the submucosal layer. Endoscopic polypectomy was evaluated as radical operation. There were no complications. All patients were discharged from the hospital in 2-7 days after operation. There were no recidives during 3-5 years.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):31-36
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The experience of endoscopes treatment of large intestine's submucosal neoplasm's

Mizaushev B.A., Bottayev H.B., Bazhdugov K.A.


The analysis of work dedicated to endoscopic removal of submucosal neoplasms of large intestine is presented. The work had been done in the Municipal clinical hospital № 2 in Nalchik. 7 of 449 removed neoplasms of large intestine, were submucosal ones. 5 lipomas and 2 leiomyomas among them. The size of neoplasms varied from 0,7 to 3,7 cm. There were no complications during the operation and after it. All patients were discharged from the hospital in 3-7 days after operation in satisfactory condition.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):37-40
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Synthetic somatostatin analogues in cures of bleeding from esophageal varices

Schyogolev A.A., Alsabunchi O.A., Valetov S.A., Mudarisov R.R.


The study of clinical effectiveness of synthetic somatostatin analogues in prophylaxis of bleeding from esophageal varices was conducted. There were 129 patients (mean age 45,2 ± 16,3) with previous or continuous bleeding from oesophageal varices included in the study, 65 of whom received synthetic somatostatin analogues (sandostatin and octreotide) therapy. Synthetic somatostatin analogues were administered as intravenous bolus injection in 100 μg dose, followed by continuous intravenous infusion at a rate of 25 μg/h for 2 days. From day 3, medication was given subcutaneously, 300 μg per day for another 3 days. The pressure in the portal system was measured with endoscopic tensometry in order to assess the effectiveness of somatostatin analogues. There was a tendency for portal pressure to decrease with a mean value being 33%. Synthetic somatostatin analogues are effective means of therapeutic haemostasis, preventing the recurrence of bleeding from oesophageal varices with haemostatic effect being above 85%.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):41-45
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Тhe influence of etoxidol upon the indications of functional activity and lipid erythrocytes exchange at endotoxicosis

Vlasov A.P., Drozdova G.A., Mustyatsa V.F., Tarasova T.V., Nachkina E.I., Leschankina N.U.


The chronical experiments on stray dogs at the peritonitis modeling showed the etoxidol application at a complex therapy is conducive to the improvement of erythrocytes functional activity and to the correction of lipid distress syndrome. The etoxidol lipid regulating effect is shown to take place at the expense of a decrease in the process of lipid peroxidation, as well as at the phospholipasae activity, the lipid regulating effect being evident since the first days of etoxidol application.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):46-52
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Effect of degree of differentiation of prostate cancer in long-term results of treatment

Ivanov S.A., Kaprin A.D., Fastovets S.V., Sosnovskiy V.V.


The degree of tumor differentiation was a strong prognostic indicator for evaluation of disease-free survival of patients and to evaluate tumor-specific survival and mortality. In this 5-year disease-free survival in patients with highly differentiated (2-5 points) and poorly differentiated (7 points and 8-10 points) tumors differed in 1,5 times. Tumor-specific survival in patients with the IG > 8 was 66%, whereas with the IG < 8, this figure was 90%.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):53-56
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Of antiagregational activity of the vessel wall in patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome, who suffered from occlusion of eye vessels

Medvedev I.N., Danilenko O.A.


The aim of this work is to investigate the possibilities of correction of a vessel wall antiaggregational activity in patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome, who suffered from occlusion of eye vessels by using complex therapy including Valsartan, Pioglytason and non-medic therapy. It's found out that in such patients this kind of therapy is able to correct a vessel wall antiagregational activity after 4 months of therapy. The achieved results were observed even during not full non-medical correction.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):57-63
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Impact of intravitreous injection of additional volume of liquid on intraocular pressure

Ermolaev A.P., Pershin B.S., Surguch V.K., Mustyats V.F.


This work is about investigation of condition of intraocular pressure (IOP) after intravitreous injection of medicine avastine into eyeball with normal hydrodynamic. Injections were made for treatment of neovascular chorioretinal membrane plainly. The medicine was injected intravitreously in volume 0,05 ml with a special needle 30 gauge. IOP was measured by special surgical ophthalmotonometer of own construction. Measuring of IOP were made before injection, and also 30 seconds, 3 and 5 minutes after injection. Just after injection we discovered that IOP rose to 65 mm of hydrargerum. 5 minutes after IOP dropped down to 27 mm. Patients didn't have any pains or other unpleasant feelings in the eyeball although the IOP was very high at the moment.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):64-67
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External and middle ear vascular tumors treatment features

Chernolev A.I., Popaduk V.I., Efimochkina K.V.


Main problems, witch ENT-doctors usually are faced with during external ear vascular tumor and middle ear chemoectoma surgical treatment (inta- and postoperative hemorrhage, tumor relapse and others) are considered in this article. Different methods of hemangioma and chemodectoma treatment and combinations of treatment are analyzed. Indications and methods of «TahoComb» and «Fibro-Vein» application are devised and learned. Different methods combination in therapeutic modality decreases intraoperative bleeding, further much more complete tumor removal, earlier tampon elimination from postoperative cavity, fast epitelisation of postoperative cavity\wound (surgical method of treatment in combination with fibrinocollagen complex «TahoComb» application), tumor rests regression, and also suppress tmurs peripheral segments growth (surgical method of treatment in combination with fibrinocollagen complex «TahoComb» application and sclerotherapy with «Fibro-Vein».
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):68-74
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Postoperative diprospan application is case of polyposis rhinosinusitis

Zadaeva L.F., Aksenov V.M., Popaduk V.I., Balalaeva E.A.


Diprospan (betametason disodium phosphate plus betametason dipropionat) endonasal injection efficiency rating was carried out. Diprospan postoperative endonasal injection methodolody is described. In this research we compared nasal mucosa renewal in two patient groups. At first group (25 patients) we used endonasal Diprospan injection after operation, in second group (25 patients) - we didn't. Postoperative Diprospan endonasal injection makes mucosa recovery process faster.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):75-78
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The assessment of efficiency of the method for determining nuclear disorders in epithelial cells for early diagnostics of oral mucosal diseases

Golub А.A., Chemikosova T.S., Gulyaeva O.A.


Clinical dental examination and cytologic analysis of the oral mucosal smears taken from students with somatic pathology and without it as well as those of non smoking students and smokers with various duration of smoking were performed to assess efficiency of the method for determining nuclear abnormalities in epithelial cells for early diagnostics of oral mucosal diseases. Direct correlation between frequency and intensity of nuclear disorders occurrence in oral mucosal epithelium, factor and duration of smoking as well as the presence of somatic pathology was revealed. The results obtained showed that the method for assessing nuclear disorders in buccal epithelial cells for preclinical diagnostics of oral pathology was highly informative and non-invasive.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):79-81
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Use of plasmapheresis in women with placenta insufficiency after IVF

Buranova F.B.


The effect of plasmapheresis is studied at placentary insufficiency at 60 women after IVF with placenta isufficiency. The age of investigated women was from 26 to 42 years, average 34,6 ± 4,2 years. Among which 30 pregnant treated traditionally, 30 pregnant were treated by plasmapheresis and in combination with traditionally. Plasmapheresis (PA) performed discontinuous way. Eksfuziyu blood produced by cubital vein puncture into plastic bags «Gemafon 500» with anticoagulant-preservative glyugitsir. The amount of disposable eksfuzii of 450-500 ml of blood. In general, conducted 3 courses of treatment, at intervals of 3-4 days, under the dynamic performance of clinical and laboratory data. The result of our investigation showed that plasmapheresis and in combination with traditionally, permits to improve the indications of fetoplacental system and promotes favorable perinatal outcome and pregnancy, labors complication reduced. Researches have shown that plasmapheresis, considerably improves a fetus condition to what the, of USI, Doppler ultrasound and perinatal effects testifies. Improvement of maternal and perinatal outcomes is noted. Plasmapheresis is a prospective method of treatment allowing to, decrease medicinal loading on maternal and fetal organisms, to improve uterine- and feto-placental circulation, to lower an incidence of complications of pregnancy and delivery.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):82-87
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Biochemical indices of endotoxicosis

Peshev S.L., Chudaykin A.N., Peshev L.P., Fomina O.A., Pesheva O.N.


We have studied the significance of biochemical indices of metabolic homeostasis: general (GAC) and efficient concentration of albumins, malonic aldegide (MDA), catalase, SH-groups in blood to determine and diagiose endogenic intoxication degree in pregnant women with chronic tonsillitis, in imminent abortion women with colpitis; in patients with cervical uterine ectopia (CUE) and in dysfunctional uterine bleedinq (DUB).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):88-93
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Claudin-1 and Ki-67 expression in oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma

Katushkina A.A., Koviazin V.A., Babichenko I.I., Grigorian A.S.


The correlation was investigated between the level of cell proliferation and the intensity of claudin-1 expression in oral Leukoplakia with different grade of cell neoplastic transformation (according to WHO classification 2005, - SIN - Squamous Intraepithelial Neoplasia) and in oral Squamous cell carcinoma. Claudin-1 expression and cell proliferation were assessed using immunohistochemistry in different epithelial layers of oral mucosa. The inverse correlation was revealed between the level of cell proliferation and the intensity of claudin-1 expression in oral Leukoplakia and oral Squamous cell carcinoma.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):94-97
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The significance of trait anxiety for successful leaning of students

Degtyarev V.P., Torshin V.I.


The relationship between learning efficacy and different personality traits was investigated in 366 students. By factor analysis and other statistical methods it was established what students with low level of trait anxiety and extraversion had best result of examination, and this relation was independent of sex and motivational component determined learning behavior strategy. In other students learning efficacy was connected with complex combination of trait anxiety and other personality characteristics in dependency on sex dimorphism and learning behavior motivation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):98-102
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Typological groups of metropolitan areas of Republic Bashkortostan on level of disease of adult population illnesses of urinogenital system

Sharafutdinov M.A.


The cluster analysis of 12 metropolitan areas of Republic Bashkortostan by illnesses of urinogenital system (Ministry of Railways) is conducted. It is allocated three typological groups on the general disease of adult population of illnesses of Ministry of Railways.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):103-105
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The relation of the female population to methods of genetic researches and forms of genetic education

Sultanaeva Z.M., Sharafutdinova N.K., Khusnutdinova E.K.


In republic Bashkortostan sociological interrogation of 698 women in the age of from 18 till 49 years is carried out. Results have shown, that 70,5% of respondents consider necessary knowledge of diseases which are handed down. However insufficient knowledge of modern methods of genetic researches is marked their. More than 20% interrogated are ready to make the responsible at decision-making by results of genetic testing for medical workers.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):106-108
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Biomedical justification and mathematical methods of tooth axis construction

Shemonaev V.I., Mashkov A.V., Chernishev V.V., Veber V.V.


The complex method of biomedical, clinical and mathematical techniques and calculations helped to work out an algorithm of functional tooth axis construction. The obtained data and mathematical models contribute to effective artificial occlusal tooth surface construction in such a way that the occlusal load vector was directed along the abutment tooth axis. These methods improve quality of orthopaedic treatment and ameliorate dental prostheses adaptation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):109-112
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Some aspects of knowledges young women about the human papilloma virus

Sharafutdinova L.A.


In the article results of questioning of 650 young women aged till 25 years (basically students of the maximum and average educational institutions), their mediko-social characteristic, knowledge about humen papilloma virus, of risk factors of infection and preventive maintenance measures are stated. Know about existence of human papilloma virus only 35,6%, knowledge depends on an educational level and age. During too time of 62,0% interrogated lead a sexual life, among 57,6% not married those. About 60,0% leading a sexual life have erosion uterus necks.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):113-115
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The estimation of risk factors of repeating myicardial infarction at patients with metabolic syndrome

Mikashinowich Z.I., Gridasova R.A., Olempieva E.V.


The task of our investigation was estimation the risk criterias for repeating myocardial infarction at patients with metabolic syndrome. Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism was affected at patients with repeating myocardial infarction and characterized by II b type on Fridricson dys lipidemia formation. The main diagnostically important parameter is both estimation of cholesterol in LDLP and oxidative modification of lipoproteins.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):116-118
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The system of personal training at pharmaceutical company

Orlova E.V.


In clause questions of training of the personnel to rules GMP, construction of system of training at the enterprise are considered, aspects of formation of a personnel reserve, and also system of improvement of professional skill of experts and heads are mentioned.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):119-122
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The validation of method HPLC-determination of zolpidem in biological liquids

Khomov Y.A., Egorova E.I., Dayeh M.


The present study is devoted to validation of method HPLC determination of zolpidem in biological liquids.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):123-125
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Condition of system of the hemostasis at complications after kidney transplantation

Seleznev A.V., Davydkin I.L., Zhuikova M.V., Kozlova N.S.


Article is devoted a condition of hemostasis system at patients after kidney transplantation, before receiving substitutive nephritic therapy by means of a program hemodialysis. The great number of complications after operation is caused by disorders in hemostasis system and shown by thromboses, bleedings and the DIC-syndrome.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):126-128
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Thrombocytopenia in HIV-infection

Chairetdinov R.K., Davydkin I.L., Kurtov I.V., Selikhova M.A., Zorina E.V., Vekhova E.V., Liseeva N.V., Kuvaev V.S., Tsareva E.V.


Determination of the number of platelets in HIV-infected people who applied in the Samara Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and infectious diseases. Thrombocytopenia was detected in 79%, severe in 23,1%. It was recorded at any stage of HIV infection and correlated with the level of CD4 lymphocytes. 45 patients was performed sternal puncture. Morphological evaluation of bone marrow showed changes in 87% of HIV-infected The most common violation was the low content or absence of megakaryocytes in bone marrow (72,5%).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):129-132
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The blood-groove and the biomechanics of the pulmonary artery at patients with COLD I and II stages

Davydkin I.L., Fatenkova E.S.


The blood-groove in the pulmonary artery was studied by the method of the Echocardiography in the impulse doppler mode and the biomechanic by the method of the automated analysis rheogramma of the pulmonary artery at 23 patient with COLD l stage (GOLD, 2006) and at 35 patient with COLD ll stage. The violation of haemodynamics were realised by increase in high-speed parametres at patients with COLD l stage and lowering at patients COLD ll stage. The average pressure in the pulmonary artery authentically exceeded the normal amounts at patient both groups. The biomechanics violations were characterised hypodynamy in the systole of the pulmonary artery.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):133-138
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Disbalance of the hemostasis patient with chronic hepatitis and hepatocirrhosis by viral aetiology complicates thrombocytopenia

Kurtov I.V., Davydkin I.L., Chairetdinov R.K., Kosyakova Y.A., Nizyamova A.R., Berman Y.O., Nikulina N.A.


Thrombocytopenia is a serious complication of HCV infection and often the first sign of this disease. The main role in the development of thrombocytopenia in HCV belongs to hypersplenism and activity of inflammatory process in the liver. Complex treatment of patients with secondary thrombocytopenia can, in some measure, to improve prognosis, reduce bleeding in patients with HCV.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):139-142
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Seasonal change of the psychical and emotional state of students in the conditions of northern region

Chesnokova V.N.


Seasonal features of the change of the psychical and emotional state of students in dynamics of a year were investigated. The received data testify, that during seasons with sharply expressed photoperiodism (winter, summer) young people are marked to have a rise of a level of uneasiness, decrease in state of health, reduction of activity on a background of the expressed growth of aggressive displays that demands the organization of the special actions directed on optimization psychical and emotional sphere.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):143-146
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Clinical features of the adaptation of regional gemodinamic during pregnancy

Cherkasov S.N., Bolaykina U.V., &lt;mailto:Cherkasovsn@mailru&gt;Barchenko A.E.


It is proved that in the course of normal pregnancy parameters of regional gemodinamic have changed. We cannot use tipical of parameters of regional gemodinamic for state value condition during pregnancy. Parameters of regional gemodinamic were determined for normal pregnancy. The obtained data of an objective estimation of prognostic and diagnostic characteristics which is necessary for taking into account in planning of complex actions at all stages of medical observation.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):147-149
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The study of anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of humic acid salts, derived from leonardit

Buzlama A.V.


In the experimental preclinical studies on 4 different models using laboratory animals, it was demonstrated that humic acid salts preparation from leonardit reveals anti-inflammatory, anti-fiber and analgesic activity, especially in the dose 1,0 mg/kg. Leonardit's humate is low toxic and non-ulcerogenic.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):150-152
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Atrial flutter in neonates

Piksaikina О.А., Balykova L.А., Kornilova Т.I., Naumenko Е.I., Tumaeva Т.S., Kostkina N.P., Potanina J.V.


The clinical observation of cases of atrial flutter in the newborn. Ineffective drug therapy (kordaron a saturation dose of 15 mg/kg/day and digoxin 0,03 mg/kg/day) has identified the need for electric pulse cardioversion.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):153-156
pages 153-156 views

The experience of lowlimb salvage treatment of pyonecrotic lesions in the neuroischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome

Mitish V.A., Paskhalova I.S., Sokov S.L., Ermilin I.V., Garyaeva V.V., Doronina L.P., Sitkin I.I.


В сообщении описан случай сохранения стопы, пораженной гнойно-некротическим процессом, у пациентки 63 лет, страдающей сахарным диабетом 2-го типа тяжелого течения и нейроишемической формой синдрома диабетической стопы. Данное клиническое наблюдение демонстрирует возможность снижения количества больших ампутаций нижних конечностей у этой категории больных при использовании современных методов диагностики и выборе правильной стратегии комплексного хирургического лечения.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):157-162
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Rare reasons small intestines lesions

Dobrovolskiy S.R., Badretdinov I.A., Popovich V.K., Sushko A.N.


Presentation of very rare clinical observation - perforation of the small intestines resulting to peritonitis as result of usage of focused ultrasound ablation method in the treatment of uterine myoma.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):163-165
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Study of polychromatic visible and of infrared polarized light (PVIP) influence on water

Bitsoev V.D.


The conducted studies have shown that the best changes occur in water irradiated with PVIP light during 4 and 15 minutes as compared to the absorption spectra of a control specimen of tap water. Significant changes in the water structure occurred if water was irradiated with PVIP light from a 10 cm height above the water surface during 15 minutes. The most significant changes in the water structure have been observed if water was irradiated with PVIP light during 4 minutes and was concurrently saturated during the same time period with CO2 cooled to 0 °C. The data of the spectral analysis of water after the effect of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 5,6 mm and frequency belonging to a 50-52 GHz range virtually coincide with those of the water irradiated with PVIP light, i.e., with a 4 and 15-minute exposure.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):166-170
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Mathematical modeling of the kidney function in children with tubulointerstitial lesions

Borisova O.V.


Among 224 examined children with tubulointerstitial nephritis (TIN). Mathematical modeling of the kidney function condition was carried out by the method of a SMA. The impairment of the kidney function in all patients occurred due to its tubular component that manifested itself in the impaired function of proximal and distal tubule. The SMA has confirmed the primary impairment of tubular functions. The designed weight factors and integral parameters reflected the tubular dysfunction.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):171-173
pages 171-173 views

Optimization of the method of diagnosis dorsopaty using the principle factorometry

Barulin A.E.


Although numerous methods of evaluation of pain syndromes of various localizations are available this problem is still far from being solved. The paper presents a new diagnostic approaches to identifying the adverse effects of the specific characteristics of employment and training activities of the individual.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):174-175
pages 174-175 views

Possibility intraoperative photodynamic therapy in treatment of nоn-smoll lung cancer

Aminodov S.A., Gelfond M.L.


This work is devoted possibilities to use the intraoperative photodynamic therapy in treatment of nоn-small lung cancer. Studied the problem of calculate light-doses necessary for inactivation tumor-cells in pleural cavities.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):176-179
pages 176-179 views

Evaluation of exposure to ethanol of various kinds of alcoholic beverage of the Rostov region population

Aydinov G.T., Svechnikov V.S., Alekseenko S.P., Gulivets A.N.


Evaluation of exposure to ethanol of alcoholic beverage, consumed by the population of the Rostov region, is a primary stage of the risk evaluation. Examination of the population at the age of 18-75 years in 11 cities and 26 rural districts of the Rostov region was conducted by a form method by casual selection using questionnaire for studying behavioristic factors of risk in Russian regions. The ethanol exposure number on the basis of consumption median of ethanol made up 0,009 g/kg of body weight / 24 hours. The ethanol exposure number on the basis of 90th percentile of ethanol consumption made up 0,4 g/kg of body weight /24 hour. Groups of alcohol beverage with the biggest contribution into exposure (by diminishing) - beer, strong alcohol beverage, non-fortified wine. Danger coefficient at the level of median HQ med made up 0,03 at the level of 90th percentile of ethanol consumption made up HQ 90% - 1,46. The received results of examination are confirmed by the data of Federal Service of State Statistics on volumes of sales of various kinds of alcoholic beverage and beer.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):180-183
pages 180-183 views

Professional liability insurance of dentists as the form of social-legal defense

Afanaseva O.U., Malukov A.V., Maksutin I.A., Sidoruk A.V., Yarygina E.N., Tkachenko I.G., Tkachenko E.N.


The article is devoted to the problems of the Medical professional liability insurance in Russia. Medical organizations or government are responsible for medical professional liability insurance.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):184-185
pages 184-185 views

Level and dynamics of primary and general disease of illnesses of digestive organs of the population of Ufa for 2000-2007

Abdullin U.M.


Disease of the population of Ufa of illnesses of digestive organs is studied. It is established that in dynamics for 2000-2007. Primary disease of the population has decreased on 17,1%, the general disease on 49,8%. «Illnesses of digestive organs» which take only to 50,0% in structure of primary disease are included In reports of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments only 6 nosologys, belonging to the class.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):186-188
pages 186-188 views

Indices of myopia incidence in Novgorod region in age aspect

Antropova G.A., Okonenko T.I., Veber V.R.


The evaluation of ophthalmic diseases incidence and ocular appendicular apparatus, refraction impairment in urban population of the Novgorod region has been carried out. The tendencies of high ocular diseases incidence as well as spreading of myopia in the region, especially in children and teenagers have been considered.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):189-193
pages 189-193 views

Individual features of restoration of intracellular changes in CNS after audiogenic of convulsive seizures

Mamalyga M.L., Mamalyga L.M.


It is established, that rats bad adaptive to a hypoxia show audiogenic convulsive seizures , however process of adaptation to a hypoxia strengthens reparative intracellular processes after cramps.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):194-196
pages 194-196 views

The study of pharmaceutical chemistry with the use of service Web 2.0

Sattarova O.E., Yarygina T.I., Korkodinova L.M.


There was investigated the possibility of using the service Web 2.0 while carrying out a distance course on pharmaceutical chemistry. The methodology of holding Internet seminar was described, the results were analysed.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):197-200
pages 197-200 views

Chronobiological investigation of hemostasis criterions, lipid peroxidation in the Far North

Fateeva N.M., Аbubakirova O.Y.


In this studies complex chronobiological investigation of hemostasis reactions, indexes of lipid peroxidation system and antioxidant protection of trombocyte membranes have been introduced and individual-typological reactions of the human organism have been found out; so all of these indexes determine the strategy of organism adaptive behavior during expeditional-watch work in the Far North conditions.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):201-203
pages 201-203 views

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist valsartan in treatment of patients with arterial hypertension and chronic kidney diseases. Hypotensive and nephroprotective efficacy

Maximov M.L., Dralova O.V.


Angiotensin II receptor blockers are highly effective and safe drugs that reduce the activity of RAAS. Valsartan is a quality, efficient antihypertensive drug with good tolerability. The effectiveness of valsartan is a combination of hemodynamic, neurohumoral, and metabolic effects, providing a positive outlook and steadfast nephroprotective. Combining a good tolerability, ease of use and lack of significant side effects, valsartan can rightly be considered the drug of first choice for treating such patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):204-206
pages 204-206 views

The clinical course of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in children

Kazantseva I.A.


Data about the features of the clinical course of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in children are cited according as the recurrence rate. This is important for the diagnostics of a disease's form.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):207-209
pages 207-209 views

Influence of adaptogens on hemodynamic disturbances in meteosensivity of patients with arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease

Zaslavskaya R.M., Shcherban E.A., Logvinenko S.I.


62 patients with arterial hypertension, stage II and III and ischemic heart disease, stenocardia II-III functional classes were divided into 4 groups. The 1st group received traditional therapy (TT): nitrates, β-adrenoblockers, ACE inhibitors, antiagregants, diuretics. The 2nd group obtained melaxen, the 3rd group - mebicar, the 4th group - eltacin on the background of TT. All patients registered arterial blood pressure and HR in the morning and evening. Correlation analysis was done between hemodynamic data and weather factors. These factors were obtained from server «Weather Russia» ( In TT there were revealed 64 correlations. Influence of temperature of air, atmosphere pressure, dew point on patients hemodynamics was statistically significant, especially on pulse in TT. Including melaxen decreased number of correlations till 35. Influence of temperature reduced. Dew points, direction and velocity of wind did not influence on hemodynamics. Mebicar produced 62 correlations between weather factors and hemodynamics. But influence of weather factors decreased on pulse substantionaly. Eltacin reduced number of correlations till 44. Relative numidity, cloudly were not influenced on hemodynamics.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):210-212
pages 210-212 views

Metabolic disorders in liver at pancreas' experмеnтаl damage

Letounovski А.V., Мiкаshinowich Z.I., Antipov P.E., Pan'kina N.S., Кulакоvsкаja N.S.


Both acute and chronic pancreas' damages by Triton X-100 and alcohol lead to malfunction of lactate and pyruvate aerobic metabolism and antioxidant defence system imbalance. Combination of modelling factors provides more severe metabolic disturbances.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):213-215
pages 213-215 views

Discussion points nonmedicamental metods activitation therapy in rehabilitation

Polyakova A.G., Suslov A.G., Drubich T.V.


The paper analyzes the controversial issue of electromagnetic radiation is extremely high frequency range in clinical practice. The authors draw on their fifteen years of experience with this type of radiation, emphasize the outstanding issues concerning the parameters and dosage effects of EHF EMR, which are determined by the capabilities of adaptive-compensatory reactions of the organism.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):216-219
pages 216-219 views

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RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2010;(3):220-227
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