No 1 (2012)


Exogenous serotonin potentiates vagal reaction of the colon

Torshin V.I., Smirnov V.M., Sveshnikov D.S., Kuchuk A.V., Myasnikov I.L.


This study is dedicated to serotoninergic structures of the colon. Experiments were performed in 35 Chinchilla rabbits under general anesthesia, mechanical ventilation, bilateral vagotomy. Mechanical and electrical activity of the ascending colon was recorded during electrical stimulation of the peripheral part of the right n. vagi in intact animals and after serotonin adipate injection. It was found that serotonin potentiates vagal effects of the colon, but without effect on duration of reaction. Concluded that the serotoninergic structures of the colon are able to control the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):5-10
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Correlation between cells blood aggregation and peripheral blood cells lymphocyte aberration in brain glioma patients

Frolov V.A., Syatkin S.P., Fedoronchuk T.V., Gridina N.Y., Boltina I.V., Ushenin Y.V.


The correlation between the peripheral blood cells aggregation level measured by surface plasmon resonance method (SPR), and chromosomal abberations of peripheral blood lymphocytes in brain malignant gliomas patients was investigated. It was found, that results of SPR in patients with brain gliomas were significantly lower than in healthy persons and gradually decreased with increasing of the gliomas malignancy grade. It was shown that decreasing of SPR data correlate with the statistically significant increase of chromosomal aberration in peripheral blood lymphocytes in glioma patients.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):11-16
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Adhesive activity of clinical isolates of candida albicans yeast cells during menstrual cycle

Anokhina I.V., Kravtsov E.G., Sachivkina N.P., Yashina N.V., Kleshneva V.O.


The hormonal and immune status of the macroorganism affects adhesive capacity of host's cells. In the present study we managed to confirm this postulate demonstrating that clinical isolates of Candida albicans species are increasing their adhesive activity to vaginal epithelial cells during the highest concentration of estrogen. This property in equal degrees characteristic of both C. albicans cells types, isolated from women with symptomatic or asymptomatic vaginal candidosis.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):17-21
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Influence of pectoinuline and its combinations with taurine on detoxic activity of liver

Vasilenko J.K., Kisieva M.T., Zyablitseva N.S., Kompantsev V.A., Belousova A.L.


Influence of pectoinuline, received by various methods from tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, and its combinations with taurine on liver's detoxic activity according to hepatotoxic and leads-ions egestion (Pb2+) level have been studied It was established, that pectoinuline, received by byaqueous-enzymatic method, in a combination with taurine in a greater degree shows antitoxic action due to activation of microsomal monooxygenase systems of hepatocytes and demonstrates better conjugating action in relation to leads-ions, than pectoinuline, received by byaqueous-acid way.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):22-26
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Why decades-long chronobiologically interpreted blood pressure and heart rate monitoring (C-ABPM) coperiodisms toward a chronousphere?

Halberg F.F., Sothern R.B., Katinas G., Cornélissen G., Watanabe Y., Chibisov S.M., Shastun S.A., Frolov V.A.


Поддержка: США. Национальный Институт Здоровья(GM-13981)(FH), Миннесотский Технологический Институт(GC, FH) На протяжении нескольких десятилетий было проведено хронобиологическое мониторирование сердечно-сосудистых, психофизиологических, эндокринных и других показателей, включая температуру ядра. Полученные показатели обладают широким спектром периодов, некоторые из которых имеют аналогичные показатели с земными, межпланетарными и солнечными ритмами. Было проведено картирование циркасептальных, цирканнуальных ритмов изучаемых параметров. Установлено, что имеется определенная степень синхронизации ритмов, которая затухает при отсутствии или уменьшении активности окружающей среды и возрастает с активацией этой среды. Аналогичная направленность показателей была выявлена для периодичности ритмов террористических атак и крупных землетрясений. Синхронизация(копериодизм) циклов биосферы с циклами гидросферы, атмосферы, ионосферы и т.д. обосновывает создание междисциплинарного термина хроносфера («хронос» - время, «сфера» - земной шар). Изучение хроносферы позволяет избежать последствий природных катаклизмов, а хронобиологическое мониторирование сердечно-сосудистой системы является значительно более эффективным способом предупреждения заболеваний по сравнению с обычной системой медицинского наблюдения.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):27-36
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Erythrocytes' rheological properties in patients with arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia against simvastatin therapy

Medvedev I.N., Skoryatina I.A.


The purpose - to investigate the influence of an inhibitor hydroxymetilglutaril A-reductase - Simvastatin on rheological properties of erythrocytes in patients with arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia. Administration of Simvastatin for 1 year normalizes the lipid profile and the levels of lipid peroxidation of plasma and erythrocytes. As a result of 52 weeks' of treatment with Simvastatin in patients with hypertension and dyslipidemia, cytoarchitectonics of erythrocytes and their aggregation activity were improved, reaching a level of standards.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):37-42
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β-adrenoreception in the aged patients with recurrence of chronic obstructive bronchitis

Malykhin F.T.


The work is devoted to investigation of functional characteristics of β-adrenoreceptors in the aged patients with exacerbation of chronic obstructive bronchitis. On the base of obtained data the administration of m-cholinolytics for bronchodilatation is proved.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):43-45
pages 43-45 views

Drug induced skin reactions characteristics in multifield emergency hospital

Rudyk M.Y., Ezhova L.G., Mirilashvili T.S., Kotovskaya Y.V., Kobalava Z.D.


This prospective study was carried out in a period of 1 year on the basis of the multifield emergency hospital in the departments of therapy, urology and purulent surgery. On the basis of data of the screening method and the method of spontaneous messages a group of 347 patients with skin reactions, which potentially associated with the intake of medicines was highlighted in. Among them, there were 179 patients with non drug associated skin reactions and 168 patients with drug-induced skin reactions. The most common cutaneous drug reactions (CDR) were: acute urticaria, angioedema; drug toxidermia; allergic dermatitis; hemorrhagic vasculitis. Mostly СDR were caused by the following groups of drugs: b-lactam antibiotics; fluoroquinolones; drugs, improving cerebral blood flow; rentgencontrasting substances.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):46-50
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Blood circulation energy supply description of influenza in elder age patients

Roganova I.V.


The state of haemodynamics and blood circulation energy supply was investigated in patients with uncomplicated moderate flu in 44 patients aged from 51 to 60 years by tetrapolar thoracic rheography The emergence of a small release syndrome, decreased contractility and mechanical activity of the heart, the transition to the energetically more economical type of blood circulation regulation were identified, what can be considered as compensatory adaptive reaction in hypocirculation. However, developing compensation is imperfect, as accompanied by an increased energy cost of performed work. These violations persist for a long time, and can serve as risk factors for complications and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):51-55
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Dynamics of electroneuromyographic parameters in patients with painful distal symmetrical diabetic polyneuropathy under intraosseus blockades

Kornilova L.E., Arsyuhin N.A., Sokov E.L.


This article presents the dynamics of electroneuromyographic parameters in the treatment of distal symmetrical diabetic polyneuropathy under intraosseous blockades.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):56-58
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Central haemodynamics parameters аnd neonatal acid-base status for cesarean section of pregnant patients with hypertension

Kinzhalova S.V., Makarov R.A., Davydova N.S.


The comparative analysis of the influence of various methods of anaesthesiological assistance on some parameters of mother's haemodynamics for patients with hypertension has been performed. The parameters of central haemodynamics by noninvasive bioimpedance technology have been assessed in 40 patients. They were divide into two groups: 20 - group with sevofluran anaesthesia, 20 - group with spinal anaesthesia. Our results indicate that spinal anaesthesia gives more favorable changes of haemodynamics parameters versus sevoflurane anaesthesia. There were significant difference in Apgar scores at 1 min and no differences at 5 min in general and spinal groups.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):59-64
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Results of endovascular treatment of multivessel coronary artery disease in patients with the different stent types

Khairutdinov Y.R., Shugushev Z.K., Maximkin D.A., Faibushevich A.G., Baranovich V.Y., Tarichko Y.V.


Long-term results of endovascular treatment of multivessel coronary artery disease by using different revascularization strategies were analyzed in 171 patients. Duration of follow up ranged from 12 to 18 months. Complete revascularization of the myocardium was performed in 63, culprit vessel revascularization - in 86 and incomplete revascularization - in 22 patients. Patients received different types of stents: bare metal stents and drug eluting stents. The results of this study showed that drug eluting stents has low incidence of repeat PCI procedures and major adverse cardiac events in the long term follow up period regardless the strategy of revascularization had been used.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Gastric polyps. Comparison of electrosurgical and radio-wave polypectomies

Klimov A.Е., Fedorov A.G., Babayan S.A.


The work is based on the analysis of treatment of 162 patients with gastric polyps. A comparative analysis of electrosurgical and radio-wave methods of polypectomy was performed. The both methods of excision of gastric polyps were equally effective, and radio-wave polypectomy was accompanied by less number of complications. The results of long-term follow up propose a lower rate of recurrent polyps after radio-wave polypectomy.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):72-77
pages 72-77 views

Radiofrequency ablation - an alternative treatment method of renal cell carcinoma

Klimenko A.A., Momdgan B.K.


In this article a brief review of world literature on the application of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for renal cell carcinoma, possible complications, efficacy of treatment and the results of own investigation are made. 26 patients with kidney cancer were treated: 11 females and 11males, whose average age was 62 yrs. Tumor size ranged from 0.8 to 6 cm (av. - 3.2 cm). Ablation was performed by bipolar electrodes under ultrasound control. No complications during the procedure were observed. Follow up ultrasound monitoring was performed every 3 months and no recurrence of the nodes was detected in all cases. Obtained data allow to recommend RFA as an alternative treatment for renal cell carcinoma in case of contraindications for surgical treatment.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):78-82
pages 78-82 views

Influence of gender on objectivization of pain syndrome

Kastyro I.V.


In this study, efficacy of a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), of a Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) and of a Lightning Scale (LS) proposed by authors in measurement of pain of ENT patients were compared. Following correlation coefficients were obtained: R = 0.8011 (VAS vs. LS), R = 0.8317 (NRS vs. LS), R = 0.8395 (VAS vs. NRS). Lightning Scale can be suggested for urgent ENT for diagnosing and selection of analgesic.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):83-87
pages 83-87 views

Peculiarities of proliferative processes in inverted papilloma, carcinoma of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses

Korshunova I.A., Popaduk V.I., Babichenko I.I., Rogov K.A.


The article presents the results of investigation on detection of criterions of cell changing in inverted papilloma and carcinoma of the nasal cavity mucose and paranasal sinuses. Proliferative process in different layers of nasal cavity mucose and paranasal sinuses was examined by immunohistochemical method. It was established that the most important for diagnosis of inverted papilloma is proportion of cells in basal and parabasall layers. Carcinoma is characterized by distribution of positive painted cells from the basal membrane to the central zone of tumors.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):88-92
pages 88-92 views

Improvement of efficiency in diagnostics and management/treatment in patients with purulent diseases on the basis of application of laser fluorescent diagnostics

Gun'ko V.I., Popov S.N., Alexandrov M.T., Pashkov E.P., Bikov A.S., Ivanchenko O.N., Gizatullin R.M., Rodionov A.D.


In this article the results of using laser-fluorescent diagnostics (LFD) method in patients with purulent diseases are demonstrated. LFD allows making an adequate assessment of the patient's rehabilitation process on the amplitude-spectral objective characteristics; to define dates of convalescence, to reveal complications and to correct an option of drug therapy in time. Such technology permits to prevent complications and reduce the time of treatment for 2-15 days (depends on severity of disease).
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):93-97
pages 93-97 views

New approach to connection of abutment and implant. pecularities of prosthetic procedure using LEONE IMPLANT system

Kaplan M.Z., Romanova O.V., Bikovskiy A.V., Prokop'ev V.V.


The article is described to advantages and disadvantages of cone- or screw-retained abutments. A new method of abutment fixation to implant is introduced. Due to self-locking properties of the Morse cone and to the internal hexagon's resistance to torsion movements, quality of treatment improves.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):98-100
pages 98-100 views

Airway managment in neurocritical care

Baishev S.N., Kondratyev A.N.


Cases of 120 patients were analyzed retrospectively. Early (to 4 days) and late (after 5 days) tracheostomy were compared. No differences in occurrence of ventilator-associated pneumonia, in duration of mechanical ventilation and length of hospital stay between the groups were revealed. Length of intensive care unit stay was less and there was a higher rate of good recovery in the early tracheostomy group.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):101-104
pages 101-104 views

Clinical trial of fibrinselective thrombolytic pharmaceutical agent «FORTELYZIN®» (III Phase)

Markin S.S., Semenov A.M., Markov V.A., Nizov A.A., Ponomarev E.A., Lebedev P.A.


The clinical trial of fibrinselective thrombolytic agent Fortelyzin® (III phase) showed the comparative efficacy and safety with Actilyse® in patients with acute myocardial infarction and obtained data permitted to recommend it for clinical usage.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):105-110
pages 105-110 views

Theorethical aspects of morphological virtual laboratory development

Gordon K.B., Luk'yanova E.A., Protsenko V.D., Igumnova O.M., Shimkevich E.M.


The theoretical analysis of issues related to designing a virtual morphological workshop, showed the necessity to set some principles for its development. In this work the structural organization of the virtual laboratory and five principles of software development are described.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):111-113
pages 111-113 views

Modelling of inguinal ligament in the surgical treatment of recurrent inguinal hernias

Mizaushev B.A., Kumishev A.N.


In work the analysis of results of surgical treatment of 2958 patients with the inguinal hernias by which tension and not tension methods of hernioplastic were made is spent. Relapse of a hernia at tension methods of hernioplastic has made 17,4%, not tension - 2,6%. At primarily and repeatedly relapsing inguinal hernias when after numerous interventions and various methods plastic, at patients comes thinning of inguinal ligament, aponeurosis, muscles, even performance not tension of hernioplastic is accompanied by relapse at 11,7% of patients. With the purpose of improvement of results of surgical treatment recurrent of inguinal hernias authors develop a technique of modelling inguinal ligament polypropylene endoprosthetic, allowing to receive good results, both in the nearest, and in remote postoperative the periods.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):114-116
pages 114-116 views

Natural nonspecific resistance in patients with primary syphilis

Minasyan M.M.


Role of the immune system in patients with primary syphilis continues to be relevant according to high incidence of disease in Russia and poorly studied this question. Comprehensive study of all indicators of phagocytosis in the immune status in case of primary syphilis in available scientific literature was not found. Thereby, the study of immune reactivity of the macroorganism with different variants of syphilis is an important problem which solution may contribute to the development of prognostic criteria of this disease.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):117-118
pages 117-118 views

Genetic factors for development thrombophilia in pregnant

Bondar T.P., Muratova A.Y.


The results of studying the frequency of genetic polymorphism of receptor subunits platelet GP IIb/IIIa in 408 pregnant women. It was found that in women with thrombophilia normal variant of the gene occurred in 63.6%, heterozygous mutation - in 21%, homozygous mutation - in 15,2% of cases. In healthy women heterozygous mutation was revealed in 15,7%, normal genotype - in 84,3% and homozygous mutations was not detected at all. The connection between the occurrence of clinical manifestations of thrombophilia and the presence of hetero- and homozygous mutations of the subunits of platelet receptor GP IIb/IIIa was shown.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):119-120
pages 119-120 views

Cytotoxic action of copper nanoparticles on tumour cells in vitrо

Babushkina I.V., Borodulin V.B., Chebotareva E.G., Bel'skaya N.A., Goroshinskaya I.A., Zlatnik E.J.


Action of copper nanoparticles on the properties of the cell cultures: HеLа, Х563 (myeloma of mice) and newly released bone-marrow cells from the patients with multiple myeloma was studied. The percentage of the lost cells of the cultures, dystrophic changes in cells were estimated. The results of investigation showed the opportunity of induction of cytotoxic and antiproliferative processes by copper nanoparticles in vitro.
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2012;(1):121-123
pages 121-123 views

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