Physical activity off the comorbidity children as integrating index functioning and hygiene activity

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The presence of chronic diseases contributes to the limitation of physical activity in a child patient. The simultaneous presence of several disease causes more complex relationship between diseases and physical activity. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of comorbidity on the physical activity of children. The study involved 652 child 7-15 years, of which divided into 3 groups: 1 - 235 children with two or more chronic diseases; 2 - 119 children with isolated chronic disease and 3 - 298 randomly selected students. The main characteristics of the physical activity of children were studied by interviewing children and parents. Results: The average score of physical activity in group 1 was lower than in children 2 and 3 groups (15.2 compared with 19.0 and 22.2 points; p < 0,05). Children with chronic illnesses have two limitations in physical education by 1.4 times, and had three or more diseases - 1.8 times more likely compared with children with isolated pathology. 28.5% of parents of children 2 group and 74.1% - group 1 did not receive a doctor's specific recommendations for physical activity. 65.5% of the parents group 1 and 42.8% - 2 group supported restrictions physical education of their children. Among children groups 1 and 2, obesity was observed in 28.2% of cases and 32.1 (Group 3 - 22.6%), and recommendations on physical activity obtained only 33.3% of children and 52.9% We had exemption or limitation of physical education. Children 1 group, as compared with children 2 and 3 groups experienced physical inactivity in 1.7-1.9 times more likely to attend sports clubs in 1.5-2.4 times less, while their parents engaged in physical culture and sports in the 1, 4-2,0 times less.

About the authors

R A Gudkov

Ryazan State Medical University

Ryazan, Russia

O E Konovalov

RUDN University

Moscow, Russia


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