The category of time in the poetry of O. Mandelstam

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This article reveals the meaning of the category of time, which is cultural history and philosophical category in poetry of O. Mandelshtam. Ancient cultures exist in culture and the arts always. According to the artist’s will, they resurrect in the eternity. It’s an understanding of time in the context of history. But there is a philosophical understanding of time. The author of the article concludes that Osip Mandelstam understands the value of time as a special condition, catalyst, a way of being human in the world, which promotes the development, change and growth of a person. Time as «flesh active», is in the poems of O. Mandelshtam.

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A V Khlystova

Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship

Subdepartment of Russian and Foreign Literature Philological Department


Copyright (c) 2014 Хлыстова А.В.

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