Urban text in V.R. Tsoy’s creations (intermedial aspect)

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In this article deals with the position of the concept “supertext” urban text is investigated in the works of rock-poet V.R. Tsoy taking into account specificity of intermedial art, as in rock-poetry verbal and musical art medium interact. The image of the city is considered in the framework of artistic evolution from primitive style to mythologeme structure. The article outlines the periods of V.R. Tsoy’s creativity. During transition the poet uses the opportunities of the gender shift in the definition of the urban text. In view of the presented analysis some peculiarities of Tsoy’s author’s identity is revealed, he is combining neoromantic elements with realistic in his songs.

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S A Petrova

Pushkin Leningrad State University

Email: siversl@yandex.ru


Copyright (c) 2014 Петрова С.А.

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